Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

In old times people used to believe in many things related to the stars and moon. They used to notice omens and signs all around them. There were many magicians, healers and other wise people who had to interpret all these signs. In this article we will talk about Native Americans and their zodiac signs and astrology.

Native Americans had symbols for all animals, so each animal had its own symbolic meaning. Also, it was believed that each person had a zodiac animal. A zodiac animal or a birth animal is an animal that each person gets after the birth. It means that the Native American astrology is based on your birth animal totem. It actually means that you are born under that certain animal spirit.

You should know that your birth totem can tell you a lot of things about your own personality, your abilities and also about your negative traits. Of course, you should know that your birth totem is not the same as your spiritual animal totem or your spirit guide.

There is a lot to learn about the Native American zodiac signs and astrology, but we will try to tell you some most important things about that. Actually, you will see what are the Native American zodiac signs and what they represent. You should know that each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, which are typical for people who were born in that certain period.

If you are interested in zodiac signs and astrology, this article will be certainly useful and interesting for you. So, let’s see something more about the Native American zodiac and astrology.

Native American Zodiac and Astrology

Birth totems are also called solar totems because they are related to the solar system. Native American astrology is based on the position of the sun, moon and stars at the moment when you were born. It is very important to determine your birth animal totem because it will represent your unique nature on the spiritual level.

All of us are connected with the stars and the Earth, so Native American astrology may help us understand better these connections. Also, Native American astrology will help us trust more to our intuition and our instincts. If you know what Native American astrology is, it can help you accept yourself as a spiritual being. You will understand better your own purpose on this planet and you will live in harmony with the nature.

It is believed that Native American zodiac will determine your responsability on this planet. It will help you know what is your purpose in this life and it will prepare you for some other phases in your life as well. Actually, Native Americans believe that life never ends. It is like a wheel and all of us are travelling on it.

As we have already said, each person on this planet has his/her zodiac sign. Now you may be wondering how much your zodiac sign may influence your life. Well, it depends on many factors. Most important is to determine the moon phase. It is believed that the new moon will bring you inspiration, while the full moon is energetic in spiritual sense. Also, it is believed that the waxing moon will reveal your emotions, etc.

When you learn some things about the Native American zodiac and astrology it will certainly help you change many things in your life. In the first place you will change the relationship that you have with yourself and with your own personality.

Also, you may change the relationship that you have with other people. Your opinions and beliefs about the Earth and the universe in general will also be changed.

It is important to know that the Native American system has a lot of details, so it is not possible to learn it for a day or so. You will need time and you will also need strong will if you want to learn as much as you can about the Native American zodiac and astrology.

Of course, it is important to make difference between the Native American astrology and the Western astrology which is familiar to most people.

Now when you know the most important things about the Native American zodiac and astrology, you will see what animals are used as birth totem animals. You will see the explanation for each of these animals and you will also have the opportunity to find out what is your zodiac sign according to the Native American astrology. Of course, you should know that the period of domination of any of these zodiac signs will be different on the Northern and on the Southern hemisphere of our planet.

However, we will tell you the crucial periods of the Native American zodiac signs on both hemispheres.

Native American Zodiac Signs

Otter (Northern Hemisphere: Jan 20 – Feb 18, Southern Hemisphere: Jul 22 – Aug 22). Otter is one of the air zodiac signs and it is very powerful.

One of the most common traits of otter people is their generosity. They are very kind and helpful, so they are trying to do something good for this world. Otter people are loyal in love and they are very independent.

Another trait of the people whose birth totem is otter is that they are very intelligent and imaginative. Sometimes they may be a little weird, but they usually have success in reaching their goals. Otter people are considered very good friends. They are honest and sensitive, but sometimes they may also be rebellious and very stubborn. If the otter is your zodiac sign, then you should try to be more tolerant and courageous in your life.

People born with the otter zodiac sign get on very well with deer, falcon and raven people.

Wolf (Northern Hemisphere: Febr 19 – Mar 20, Southern Hemisphere: Aug 23 – Sept 22). Wolf is one of the most powerful zodiac signs. It belongs to the group of the water signs. Wolf people are very emotional and passionate. They are very dedicated to their families and their loved ones.

A person whose birth totem is wolf is ready to give and to receive love at any time, because love is the key of everything. The wolf is someone who has deep feelings towards his/her loved one. Another thing that we can associate with wolf zodiac sign is freedom. Wolf people have the need to feel free and independent. Feeling free is one of the most important things in the wolf’s life.

If your zodiac sign is wolf, then you have best relations with snake, bear and woodpecker people. Also, you should work more on your creativity and you should use more your own intuition.

Falcon/Hawk (Northern Hemisphere: Mar 21 – Apr 19, Southern Hemisphere: Sept 23 – Oct 22). Falcon is a fire zodiac sign. The most common trait of falcon people is their wisdom. These people are born leaders and they love to have control over the situation.

Falcon people are usually impatient, so they cannot wait for something to happen. They don’t like wasting their time, so it is best to do something immediately. Sometimes they may be intolerant and rude as well. Negative traits of falcon people are their impatience and egoism.

If falcon is your birth sign, you will be able to give love and to be very passionate in your relationship. However, you may be instable sometimes, so your emotions may change easily.

It is believed that people with the falcon animal totem get on well with owl and salmon people. If deer is also your zodiac sign, then you should try to be more patient and you should avoid being arrogant and intolerant towards other people.

Beaver (Northern Hemisphere: Apr 20 – May 20, Southern Hemisphere: Oct 24 – Nov 21). Beaver is the earth zodiac sign and it has also many symbolic meanings. It is considered that beaver people are very persistent and they never give up. They have their own strategies and they always reach their goals. Beaver people are highly intelligent and very successful at their job.

Beaver people believe in true love, but sometimes they may be too possessive. Their motto is to adapt to any situation and to overcome all obstacles and difficulties that may appear on their way. However, a beaver may be also over-demanding and arrogant sometimes. Other negative traits of beaver people are their intolerance and possessiveness.

It is believed that beaver people get on well with woodepeckers, gooses and bears. If the beaver is your zodiac sign, then you should work more on your flexibility, so you should try to adapt to many different situations that may appear in your life.

Deer/Elk (Northern Hemisphere: May 21 – June 20, Southern Hemisphere: Nov 22 – Dec 21). Deer has been considered the zodiac muse among Native Americans. Deer is one of the most powerful air zodiac signs. For people whose birth sign is deer most important is to have peace in their life. They are trying to stay calm in every situation.

Deer people are also very humorous and people love them. They are friendly and self-confident. They are very communicative and they have a lot of friends. Their most common positive traits are their intellect and friendliness.

If deer is your birth sign, then you are probably aware of your appearance and also of your own abilities. When you are in love, you are very passionate and completely focused on your loved one. But, sometimes you may also be lazy, impatient and selfish.

You should avoid being superficial and you should look more deeply into the things. Also, you should work more on your perseverance and concentration. There is a belief that deer people get on well with otter and raven people.

Woodpecker (Northern Hemisphere: June 21 – July 21, Southern Hemisphere: Dec 22 – Jan 19). Woodpecker is one of the water zodiac signs. People who were born during this zodiac sign are very kind and dedicated to their families. They are usually great parents and great friends.

They know how to listen to other people and how to understand them. If you have a woodepecker person by yourself, then you will always have support of that person.

In love woodpecker people are faithful and very romantic, but sometimes they may be a bit possessive and jealous as well. If the woodepecker is your zodiac sign, then you should not be so possessive and envious. You should work more on your forgiveness and use more your intuitive abilities.

It is believed that woodpecker people have best relations with people born with the snake, beaver or wolf zodiac signs.

Salmon (Northern Hemisphere: Jully 22 – Aug 21, Southern Hemisphere: Jan 20 – Feb 18). Salmon is another fire zodiac sign and it has many symbolic meanings. Salmon people are usually very intuitive, intelligent and creative, so they are usually very successful at their job. They are always focused on their goals and they don’t like wasting their time.

Salmon people are very self-confident and they are proud of themselves. They are always full of energy and enthusiastic, but sometimes they may be also intolerant and even vulgar towards other people. Intolerance and arrogance are the most common negative traits of salmon people.

When they are in relationship, they are ready to give their heart completely. They are passionate and they have usually very strong feelings towards their emotional partners.

Salmon people get on well with falcon and owl people. If your zodiac sign according to the Native American astrology is the salmon, then you should work more on your tolerance, as well as on your emotional stability. You should try to avoid being arrogant and indifferent to something that is happening around you.

Bear (Northern Hemisphere: Aug 22 – Sept 21, Southern Hemisphere: Feb 19 – Mar 20). Bear is the earth zodiac sign. Bear people are very methodical and practical in everything they do. They are great business partners and they have good strategies.

Bear people are good, kind and they have a big heart. In relationship a bear is ready to give you all his love and to do anything to make you pleased. Sometimes they may also be too shy.

If bear is your zodiac sign, then you are probably very patient and calm. Bear people are great teachers. They are very tolerant and optimistic. Bear people get on well with goose and beaver people.

Raven (Northern Hemisphere: Sept 22 – Oct 22, Southern Hemisphere: Mar 21 – Apr 19). Raven is an air zodiac sign and it is usually associated with magic. Raven people are able to see magic in many things that are around them.

If a raven is your birth sign, then you are probably very charming and your charm is coming from the inside of your personality. Raven people are tolerant and friendly, so people love them.

When we talk about love, raven people may be very indecisive, but when they decide to be with someone, they are very faithful. Also, raven people are romantic, patient and easy-going in their relationships. However, raven people may sometimes be very demanding and intolerant.

Raven people get on well with people whose zodiac signs are otter or deer. If you were born with the raven zodiac sign, you should work more on your determination and persistence. Also, you should believe more in yourself and your own abilities.

Snake (Northern Hemisphere: Oct 23 – Nov 22, Southern Hemisphere: Apr 20 – May 20). Snake is a very powerful animal totem and it is one of the water zodiac signs. It is believed that snake people have healing powers. There is an interesting fact that many shamans were born under this animal symbol. People who have a snake as their animal totem, are usually deducated to medical professions. The snake as a birth animal is known as a powerful spiritual leader.

Snake people are often very mysterious and sometimes people may be afraid of them. But, snake people may also be very caring and sensitive.

When they are in relationships, snakes are very passionate and humorous, but they are also known for their mood swings. If you are in relationship with someone who has a snake birth totem, you may have noticed that your partner is very secretive. But, you should know that the love he/she gives you comes from the deepest part of the heart.

If you were born during the snake zodiac sign, then you should work more on your tolerance and creativity. You should not be envious and jealous of other people. It is believed that snake people have best relations with wolves and woodpeckers.

Owl (Northern Hemisphere: Nov 23 – Dec 21, Southern Hemisphere: May 21 – Jun 20). Owl is one of the fire zodiac signs and it is considered the messenger od the Great Spirit.

People whose birth sign is an owl are usually very kind and friendly. They are also very intelligent and creative, so they can be good teachers or artists. They are always ready to listen to other people and to give them advice. They may be also very adventurous and independent. However, owl people have also their negative traits, such as greed, exaggeration and restlessness. If an owl is your Native American zodiac sign, then you should be more optimistic and you should concentrate more on your goals.

Owl people are honest and faithful in relationship and they are completely devoted to their partners. They get on well with falcon and salmon people.

Goose (Northern Hemisphere: Dec 22 – Jan 19, Southern Hemisphere: Jun 21 – Jul 21). Goose was also considered a very powerful birth totem among Native Americans. Goose animal totem is associated with spirituality.

Goose people are known for their strong will, persistence and perseverance. They are determined and decisive, so they never get confused about something. Goose people are ready to do anything to reach their goals. They are very confident, loyal and hard-working, so there is nothing better than have a goose as a business partner.

When it comes to relationship and love, goose people are very passionate and sensual. However, they may have some addictive behaviors sometimes. Also, they may be pessimistic, demanding and egoistic.

If your zodiac sign according to the Native American astrology is goose, then you get on very well with beaver, raven and bear people.

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