Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling – Meaning and Symbolism

House as the dream symbol is often present, and there are numerous meanings that are behind this motive, and even events like a broken chair or leaking ceiling also could be found, both as a separate and common motive in a dream.

Today we will speak of the leaking ceiling as the individual motive in a dream world and in this sense; we will try to reveal what it means when you have it.

Why dream of water from the ceiling? Dreams that show some cataclysms, at least globally or locally, are most often predictive of negative things in the near future.

However, this is not the case anyway, and sometimes such dreams are triggered by movies occupied by the mind. In this case, they should not be interpreted.

Meaning of a Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling

In some general meaning, the dream of the ceiling is connected to the aspect of the subconscious or pure prospect in life that changes all other things that are part of life.

And here we could use one more saying to describe it – in real life, when ceiling starts to leak, then you know that you must change something and fix it, or the entire roof, and then the house will “go”.

If we follow this context, then we know, that if the water from the ceiling is falling on your head, such a dream means that serious troubles await him. It can happen not only at work but also in the family, so more attention should be paid to reducing the negative impact of this symbol

But, on the other side, if the water from the ceiling falls on your bed, in a dream, then it predicts a new love for the person who has this dream.

If in a dream that you are having, water that falls from the ceiling, dries immediately, such a dream means that you must give up his emotions. If he continues to keep them further, he will be seriously ill.

If in a dream, you know that the water comes from the neighbor and his appointment is filled with water, and now is coming to your place, then this dream shows that you do not engage yourself to the relations with the people who are close to you.

If the water from the ceiling is leaking very fast, such a dream means that you are having problems or severe depression. Water leaking from the ceiling is a very bad sign in this sense, prefiguring a gradual approach to distress.

If you see yourself trying to fix the leaking ceiling, in that case you are the person who wants to deal with everything that is negative around you, you want to clean and be protected from some kind to be a danger.

The Symbolism of a Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling

When we are talking about the symbolical value of this dream, we must say that in this way, the ceiling symbolizes the boundaries that you have set for yourself in life, but the good news is that those limits could be moved, but the problem is when your boundaries are good, and they start to leak.

In this sense, such a dream symbolizes that you have distorted perspective or view. Such a symbol is related to some emotional problem that you are not paying attention to. You keep putting those feelings aside that can become a bigger problem in the end.

If the water that comes from the ceiling is very dirty, such a dream carries the symbolical value that your environment is very jealous of you, and therefore they are constantly gossiping, it is better not to show them their merits, rather than to tell them about the positive changes in life.

If water from the ceiling is flooding the entire house, and you are walking on the floor on that water, such a dream, in reality, means that you are the person who will find the needed strength to execute plans. You should not lose yourself; you must undertake even the riskiest projects, as they will bring great benefits.

If the water from the ceiling is filling the room you are in, and you feel like you are about to drown, in that case, you should deal with your fears, and there are many of them.  It is necessary to experience it because subconscious fears are imagined, but you make them real.

Do I have to be worried?

In a dream world, water that is leaking from the ceiling, in most cases, promises problems and difficulties, and in this sense, you may be worried.

However, one should not forget that dreams are often just a warning, and every person can change their future, and the main thing is to act, negative events will not become a reality.

So, do not take it as a given and unchangeable fact.

The worst-case scenario is the one in which the water is falling on your head from the ceiling, and it is considered unfavorable.  But if the dream sees a large amount of water flowing from the ceiling, then this is considered a sign of strength that you must direct in the right or it can “overflowed” you.

For example, some say that if the water that leaks from the ceiling is dirty, the person whose dreams will found many problems in life. It is quite possible that you will be disappointed with friends who will betray you for personal gain.

Others say that such a dream is an indication of problems with colleagues, who will dispel embarrassing gossip about you and your work.

If you dream and the ceiling is leaking by night, and you cannot see well, it is the sign that your emotional mood has a negative perception of reality.

All in all, do not worry things could change, and in some cases, this is the dream that could bring good symbolism, for example, the possibility of new love.

What to do if I had this dream?

At first glance, the water from the ceiling, which appears in the dream, does not promise anything good, but, nevertheless, given some small details about the dream, things can have a pretty positive turn, and they can be the indication of some good thing that are about to come into your life.

There are numerous versions of this dream, and depending on other elements, you will know what does this dream and what you have to do.

But in some cases, this is the dream that announces a new love – you can fall in love so much that they will forget everything and will only think about the object of worship.

It is truly important to think of your feeling that you have while you dream such a dream – when joy is felt,  it means that positive changes should be expected, such as a gift, a cash prize, or the meeting of someone very rich and generous, or someone who will change your life.

If in a dream, you have a bad experience, fear, and other negative emotions; such a dream indicates that the situation that will occur in the future can be both bad and good.

It is all about your perception of life, and you can look at it both as a disaster and a meaningful lesson.

Some experts say that you can change some aspects of such a dream that brings some negativity, like leaking from the ceiling, if you can, you should try to think/ imagine that water that is leaking on you from the ceiling is disappearing and the room becoming dry again.

From whatever perspective you look at this dream, do not be scared, pay more attention to people who are close to you, and what they are doing in comparison on what they are saying to you.


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