Chiron in Virgo

Chiron in signs is the energy that feeds the wound and the energy to be deployed to release the power of self-healing. The texts are presented in 3 parts, the first with the Person icon explains the possible manifestations of the injury through the personality.

The second part with the Center icon shows the path to follow to heal yourself. The third part with the icon Consciousness shows how to manifest a conscious existence guided by the spirit.

Chiron in Virgo Man

With Chiron in Virgo sign and with men, control is usually a problem, by excess or by default. Life in general and the body in particular can be rigidly controlled, or subject to exercise disciplines and special diets.

Purity and order are important for people with this location, and they are likely to feel the need to constantly organize their thoughts, their lives and those of others, in their attempt to keep the chaos that always seems to be at bay. Around the corner.

They may have to learn by trial and error what can be controlled and what is not, until they end up finding relief when they learn to accept that there are chaotic emotions and situations beyond our control.

By risking delegating certain responsibilities to others, they see that the universe does not fall apart if it is not only they who organize it.

Virgo rules the intestines, and it is possible that these people find it difficult to process information, thoughts, and emotions and, in general, the experience of life. They can continue for years processing a painful experience, evaluating all its nuances.

With Chiron here, emotional problems are usually reflected particularly directly with physical symptoms. Perhaps the possibility of contracting serious diseases arouses phobias, and it is also possible that these natives abhor some part of their body or be ashamed of it, or have a problem with food.

Chiron in Virgo Woman

But the body not only serves to connect with the emotional pains of the personal past, but is also a source of healing, vitality and powerful sexuality.

They have an amazing facility to organize the lives of others, but not yours. They can also be quite chaotic and disorganized.

There is often an experience of sterility at some level. Perhaps the native cannot have children, or is unable to realize his thoughts; or, even being capable of both, it is likely that subjectively he feels sterile, which is the source of intense pain.

Whoever learns to bear this burden with dignity, without falling into bitterness, may perhaps rediscover his aptitude for being a mother -or father- in another way: in professions that include taking care of other people (doctor, nurse, social worker, etc.), in teaching or as an advisor or guide to those who request it.

This Chiron location gives us the gift of understanding instinctively how to promote, encourage and cultivate the best that exists in others and in ourselves. The typical activities of Pisces and house 12 (Opposite house), can facilitate healing, and you are likely to feel instinctively attracted to them.

Periods of loneliness to let things dissolve. Quietly and the proximity of the sea, are some of the ways to release tensions these natives.

Negatively would be drunk or surrender to chaos and abandon. Learning to let the wisdom of the body speak and getting used to listening to it is often a characteristic feature of these natives.

They should take care of their body and listen to the messages they send us, since emotional problems quickly pay tribute.

Relations with men can be difficult for some women with this location. They can have many relationships, seeking power over them, without getting emotionally involved, or being excessively Puritan and fear the intimate relationship, moving away fearful of any sexual relationship or too intimate.

However, for a woman with this location all these issues can be extremely enriching, if she manages to approach these issues in a positive way and as a way of spiritual growth, in which the body is not a problem, but part of the solution.

Men with this location in the letter, fear women and try to control them, or show the pattern of splitting of the “anima” and alternate between these two figures in women: some of those who fall in love and others with which they decide get married (the virgin and mother, or the light and cheerful lover).

Good Traits

One of the gifts of this location is the ability to serve life. The sensitive point is exaggerated perfectionism in the details, the feeling of inferiority and everything related to work and health. In this sign the healing part of the Planet will be enhanced.

Being here represents the extended hand ready to heal anyone forgetting their wound because it recognizes that the wound of others hurts more than their own; is giving up being the injured to become the healer

Bad Traits

When we are too obsessed with “doing everything right”, and the tendency to improve and perfect everything we do, (a requirement that withers and spoils everything it touches), it may actually be hiding a sterility that torments some people with this site.

Because Chiron in Virgo or in House 6 refers more to learning to work with the imperfections inherent in life, to accept them and to include them.

Learning to accept what is imperfect and dirty, what is hurt and untidy, is not only the proof that this site must overcome, but also the gift that has been granted.

Another of the gifts of this location is the ability to serve life as such, serving its own true truth and that of others.

Chiron in Aries – General Info

When the baby Filira was born she was so surprised to see the being she had fathered because she had horse legs, hairy and with a child’s face therefore she begged the gods to transform her and they turned her into a linden tree, it was like that as Chiron is abandoned to his fate by his parents, but being immortal did not die.

On one of his leisure walks Apollo encounters Chiron and seeing him helpless and abandoned decides to adopt it and teaches him all the sciences until he becomes the wisest of the teachers, doctor, musician, poet, prophet etc. It thus becomes the symbol of nature and the body.

It is said that unintentionally Hercules; who was also his student, wounded him with one of his arrows poisoned with blood from the Hydra of Lerna, which is why the immortal wound was incurable, creating the conflict between the human and the divine because of his struggles to become superior through overcoming the pain generated by the wound.

In the middle of his tragedy he decides to change to Prometheus to free him from the punishment that Zeus; that is to say, Jupiter had assigned him tied to a rock for having stolen the fire of the gods.

Quiron assumes the position of Prometheus on the condition of becoming mortal; he renounces his immortality and so he can heal his wound while healing the sad condemnation of Prometheus.

It is for this reason that later after healing his wound he dies and Jupiter decides to immortalize him by placing him in the sky. This is how Chiron discovers and teaches that “Losing also wins”

The Astrological House in which it is located, will give us an idea of ​​what are the aspects of life where our animal being, can acquire more strength and at the same time, where we are more able to transcend through our own effort,

Another important aspect is the rejection of Chiron by his mother. She felt shame at the Being who had begotten and abandoned him.

We observe here the connection between Chiron and rejection. In the Astrological House where we will find Chiron, we will be shown the aspect of life in which we are more susceptible to “rejection”, where perhaps we have already lived it, (real or imaginary), which opened a crack in our affectivity (Venus), leaving a wound that awakens to the slightest hint.

On the other hand the location of Quiron also indicates the fear of being abandoned evoking parental abandonment.

It is in that house where we can fear being abandoned or fear of abandoning as well as the fear of rejection for being “ugly” or incapable and where the doubt develops if we are doing well even in spite of the recognition of the environment.

We can deduce that Chiron has been assigned the role of teaching, instructing, making the person mature; Chiron’s position provides us with information about the vital experiences we need for our evolution.

To the extent that we are aware of the lesson implicit in each experience, the suffering it produces becomes the key that will allow us to access a higher level of maturity.

We see here the clear indication that every individual who enters the initiatory path has to go through a phase of abandonment. He may even be separated from his own, as if he had suddenly transformed into a monster; “he who transcends a part of himself causes fears around him, isolating himself from the flock.”

We will also find a relevant Chiron in the astral letters of therapists, psychologists, spiritual leaders, doctors, professors and in general of individuals who have an important influence on others.

Its influence cannot be defined as malefic or beneficial, it acts as a destabilizer that forces us to create our own order, immersing ourselves in painful experiences (which can be diseases), and causes us to awaken consciousness.

The experience globally can be defined as positive, but if we analyze step by step, we can find fragments very painful and difficult to overcome.

When faced with the tests that Chiron proposes to us, we awaken the Hero, who lies within us. Chiron prepared his students to become heroes, his exploits were related both to personal survival and to helping others.

The place where Chiron is located in a horoscope demonstrates where and how we can develop our latent potential to become heroes to perform impossible feats in everyday life.


People with Chiron in Virgo are perfectionists. They are never satisfied with themselves or their work. They think they have to transform themselves to reach virgin purity, free from any defect.

Their critical sense leads them to look for the error in everything they encounter, things, situations and people.

They may become obsessed with health, personal transformation, healing. They serve and help others to forget each other, believing that their sacrifice could redeem their impurities. They easily blame others and blame them for abusing their goodness.

The way is to learn to accept oneself as they are and to recognize perfection in everything. They can find a source of inspiration and healing in the various virgins (Mary, Black Virgin, Yenna …) as well as in the different cults related to women.

Their discipline should serve the transformation of consciousness rather than the pursuit of perfection.

They will learn to see the sacred in the ordinary little things. They will be able to use their practical skills to develop techniques that will help others to fully accept each other. They will serve in a selfless way, without devaluing themselves.


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