Midheaven in Taurus

Taurus is a fixed sign, of Earth element. The person with this mediocrely will somehow consider “I know I own this.” You will be very alert about your gifts and your possibilities. It can indicate what the individual knows deeply about his possessions (physical or intellectual) that will allow him to develop in life.

I have seen several cases of this MC in lives where there was a profound transmutation of energy (people with disabilities who achieved great goals through their great spiritual strength)

Or on the contrary, lives where there was a great spirit of survival and tenacity that allowed the triumph. The most evolved degree of the MC in Taurus may be to persist in a creative and elevated evolutionary thinking, without letting oneself be overcome or influenced by the environment.

The preservation of thoughts, feelings, links and objects also seems to be noticeable in this location of the MC. The qualities of this MC could be tenacity, persistence, resistance to adversity, the search for security, protection towards others.

The MC in Taurus can withstand circumstances that could defeat people with another location at this angle of the letter.

The defects with this MC could be the narrowness of judgment, gluttony, and an excessive attachment to the material. The presence of Scorpio in the IC indicates the need, at some point in life, to let go, to know the emptiness, to face a profound transformation that will not prevent us from being able to build again.

On a professional level, the MC in Taurus can indicate professions linked to the voice (lyrical singer, speech therapist), dentists, professions linked to aesthetics, and also everything related to the field and agriculture. Professions linked to real estate, banks, and financial activities are also classic in this MC.

Midheaven in Taurus Man

He has a penetrating look, a manly appearance, but unlike Aries, who cannot always be reckoned with in life because he is too impulsive, he is a true gentleman, or at least a man who manages to make that impression.

He is generally well-mannered, upbeat, sentimental and sensual, sensitive, nostalgic, patient but also possessive, often dissatisfied with reason. Sometimes a brawler, he can be a materialist, too persistent, careful, but when determined. He is forgiven for being irresistible. He is a poet in the soul, yet extremely practical, and this is what women like.

He can set himself up to be the boss of the house, though he does it discreetly and with a lot of humor at his own expense. He is jealous, a hedonist, often and who would not want an unfaithful, romantic, valuable only when motivated, a bit slow and often headstrong.

If Taurus has entered your life, he intends to stay there. Few characters are as loyal, faithful, and trustworthy as him; once created friendships do not break easily, at least not on his part, and it would not be wise for you to do so, too, because you can count on him safely when needed.

He is reliable, thorough and measured, and nothing can upset his calm. Once a decision is made, it does not change easily, and its principles are firm, just like the country you are walking through. Keeps his word and promise, does not change habits, and holds firmly what he has.

Many use the symbol of this sign, the animal of the bull, to specifically emphasize its uncontrollable anger when provoked.

However, in the East, where the symbols of the signs originate, these animals are considered obedient and not at all intimidating creatures that very often lead young children to grazing. In the East, the bull symbolizes more the ability to persevere in the chosen direction – as a bull pulling a plow and only getting stronger when the plow encounters any obstacle in the ground.

Midheaven in Taurus Woman

It is made for love and will do anything for a partner. She is very feminine, determined, knows exactly what she wants and does not waste valuable time on unnecessary trifles.

She likes to flatter and court her, she enjoys giving men nice and expensive gifts.

She is an excellent hostess and many patriarch ally educated men choose her for a wife. He loves his home, his oasis of peace and will do his best to make life better for himself and his partner.

Her main weapon in seduction is femininity, a love game that no man can resist. She’s a good lover but often plays with men.

However, when he falls in love, he loses control. However, he fears fraud, sometimes jealousy, and there is a danger that can lead to breakup.

When she discovers a fraud, she hides pain and sadness and confides in no one. Infidelity will never forgive, and love will be sought with someone else.

Good Traits

The bull is known for his ability to concentrate and for his persistence. These are probably his strongest qualities. Like a woman and a man Taurus, in principle there are very few problems with other people.

It is in their nature to help others, especially when they are in trouble. They can be counted on. Bulls generally get what they want through their ability to persevere in everything. They leave nothing they start until they are finished. People can take his word for it, he is honest in everything he does.

A bull has a great chance of making a huge success in life, primarily because of its (these) good qualities. He learns a lot from experience. He is serious and does not believe in anything superficial. His life rule is to get along well with others.

She is a tolerant person who loves peace and harmony, especially in her home. He is not overly critical of himself, but he expects it from others.

The bull is usually very considerate of everything he does. This is a person who does not believe in unnecessary risks. Before accepting any action, he will first weigh everything well. The bull is unwavering. The person born in this sign is very good for the family, responsible, careful and loving to his or her household.

Bad Traits

Sometimes the Bulls are too stubborn. They will not listen to others’ opinions especially if they believe they are right. For others, they can be very boring and difficult. The bull can’t stand being told what to do.

He cannot stand being told that he is wrong, even to those close to them. In fact, they are not inclined to trust anyone completely. They are very afraid of being deceived, and even more so that someone will get in their way. Bulls are hard to forgive and even harder to forget. Their love for the material can often make them mean and miserable.

Sometimes he’s too stubborn and doesn’t listen to someone else’s opinion, especially if he believes he’s right. He can’t stand being told what to do. He can’t stand being told that he is wrong, even when he is.

Sometimes he is distrustful, very suspicious, even to very close people. He is afraid not to be fooled, and even more so that he is not taken aback. He forgives very hard, and even harder he forgets. A love for the material can make him a wicked person and a miser.

Midheaven in Taurus – General Info

The series on the Midheaven (MC) continues and this time the turn is from Taurus. If you want to know the bases of this topic and know your MC you can go to this post.

The natives of the MC in Taurus have innate talent and a lot of determination to achieve what they want. They are the ones who change the world with the vision they have and take the word discipline beyond. This half heaven has a particular orientation to the arts and entertainment, as well as social service.

Their career can obsess them and they become workaholics, they are good bosses but they can become quite controlling, in their mind, nobody does the job better than them so this level of perfectionism can affect their labor relations, a good example of Dark side of the MC in Taurus is Donald Trump, his stubbornness does not let him see the mistakes made.

On the positive side, they encourage their employees to improve and will recognize when the work is well done.

The MC in Taurus gives us people who want to improve the world by helping others, their generosity has no limits but sometimes, if it looks bad, it can be more greed: be the best, be # 1 and destroy the competition. They like the social, appearances are very concerned about what careers in Public Relations may be what they need.

They are serious people, who get to the point when it comes to the things that interest them. The aesthetic moves these people, making the world beautiful worries them and many artists have this strong aspect in their letter. They always give an appearance of professionalism and it is very complicated to show their soft side, for them the work comes first.

They can be stubborn when they get an idea in their head, unemployment scares them a lot so they always make sure they have a plan A, B, C, even Z so that this doesn’t happen.

Their work has to be liked so that they do it well and ascend in their career, if they do not feel passion they will do the minimum necessary to maintain it and they may fall into the laziness of striving. The bull rules the second house, which is tied to property and possession.

Venus is materialized here, concrete and grounded, and its impact is reflected in the pursuit of possessing as many “tangible” goods as possible. Few people were born during the reign of this constellation in which this innate desire to possess is not clearly expressed.

Bulls have to have what they like. This applies not only to the subject world they are surrounded by, but also to the people who mean something to them. Just as their home is a miniature empire where everything is, so is their soul full of warmth that they simply “radiate” to “their” people.

The Bulls are without a doubt the greatest hosts. If you go unannounced on their doorstep, you will be greeted with at least makeshift dining. Bulls are not people whose fridge is empty. With these “collectors” of beautiful things you will always feel good. They are clear and determined and will always tell you what they need for happiness.

Their happiness is concrete: home, family, and friends. Abstractions are foreign to this type of people. It is always known what is what and where is the place. Problems arise when the Bulls realize that there are people who are avoiding definitions.

They look at it by the nature of things. How Taurus understands Aquarius’ indifference to what he eats and to ambient, external beauty: it is precisely in contact with Aquarius-type people that their negative psychological trait – stubbornness – is expressed.

The bull refuses to move it at least a millimeter from its clear and definite world, and it is exclusive there. He will defend all his views at all costs, as he will persistently and relentlessly defend his “possessions” along with “his” people.

Even friends Taurus stubbornly wants to own, not to speak of love and family. If this pronounced stubbornness is one of the dominant flaws of bulls, then exceptional tenacity is certainly one of their most distinctive virtues.

These people never leave their friends in the lurch and react quite calmly to the blows of fate.

They are rational, not complaining, so their reactions are usually calm and thoughtful. Usually, because in extreme situations, if you challenge Taurus, you may experience a great surprise or even shock. Taurus’s anger is legendary. If you hurt him to the limit, he simply destroys everything in front of you. Fortunately, explosive situations are very rare, though they are hard to forget.

The bull is, at its deepest, extremely peaceful and never like Aries does not war without too much need. He doesn’t like criticism, but is able to stand it peacefully. His clear and definite, albeit erroneous views, can hardly be changed by any criticism.

He only reacts inappropriately if something hurts him in the deepest foundation of his own being. The Bulls’ energy is shaped and seldom lost unnecessarily in transient life conflicts.

Venus’ aspects will indicate which of the following characteristics prevail. For example, a well-aspected Venus will indicate that it is a warm, stable lover of life’s joys and beautiful surroundings, while a negative aspect will signify shyness, possessiveness, a burden on the material world.


His perseverance and determination help him achieve his goals. Stubbornness and material attachment can be limiting. Take account of their gifts, resources and skills and how to exploit them.

They resist adversity and seek security and stability for themselves and theirs. They are favorable professional careers that allow to manifest beauty, and practicality, such as agriculture, sculpture, architecture, agronomy, painting and finance.


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