Horse – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Horses are amazing and beautiful animals. They mesmerize us with their stunning looks and definitely offer us an experience to remember whenever we are around them. They have been a major part of culture and art all around the world.

People also appreciated their value because horses have been our faithful followers in life and offered their assistance whenever we needed it. Besides being important to us in a practical way, horses stunned us with their beauty and grace.

Many poems, stories and paintings have horses as their motives and we all enjoyed these pieces of art just like we enjoy watching and being close to these magnificent creatures.

Horses inhabit most of our planet and we can find them in almost all parts of the world. They have been a source of transportation and source of food for people throughout centuries. There are different species of horses around the world, but most of them are very alike.

In mythology and symbolism in different cultures, horses were always an important part. They represented various traits and characteristics that are very valued by people. We will talk about the symbolism and meaning behind this beautiful animal and what it represents to certain cultures and nations.

We will also teach you a little bit more about the spiritual meaning of a horse and how this animal can be our spiritual protector and guardian.

Horse traits and characteristics

Strength – Horses are very strong animals. They can grow very tall and weight several hundred pounds. Even though they are large and heavy, horses always have an athletic build and their strength only allows them to survive rough living conditions. Horses don’t have a lot of natural predators, and they mostly spend their lives roaming around the wild fields.

Gentle – Horses are extremely gentle animals. There is a reason why horses and people have a special bond. They can sense our energy and get close to us like no other animal. They have been our faithful guardians and helpers throughout centuries and still remain to be.

Horses rarely attack people or other animals. They will only attack if they feel threatened and if their young ones are in danger.

Loyal – Horses are very much like dogs. They love their owners and they can feel his energy and his emotions. They stay loyal to their humans and would never leave them.

Sensitive – Horses are very sensitive animals. This is why they are used in rehabilitation purposes and in work with children. Spending time with these magnificent animals, somehow fills our heart and makes us feel like we are on top of the world.

Fast – Horses can run extremely fast. This trait of theirs is often used for sports and for recreation. In order to escape possible danger and predators, horses need to be strong. This is why they have been used a source of transportation for people for centuries and still are.

Horse as a totem

Now that we learned a little bit about main traits of a horse, we will learn more about a horse totem power and the power of the horse as a spiritual animal.

Horse as a totem is a symbol of freedom. We all connect horses to freedom of spirit and imagine them running throughout wilderness without being tied up to a certain place. Horses love freedom and people born under this totem love it too. They would give anything to be self-reliant and free from any pressure and everybody.

People born under this totem value everything they have built by themselves and this makes them very hard people to be around. They will protect their own little bubble and won’t let people in so easily.

They love spending time by themselves and intruders are not welcome. Even forming a relationship can be hard for these people. They can easily get bored with people in their life and might start looking for new adventures. If you are in a relationship with a person like this, then you can never know when he or she will decide that it is time to set off for a new adventure and leave the spot that they have been on for a while.

People born under this totem don’t like being pressured into doing something and they definitely won’t do it just because it is appropriate. They maybe don’t know what they want but they definitely know what they don’t want.

People born under this totem are also mobile. This means that these people love changing things in their life. Similar to freedom characteristic, they don’t rely on other people and this makes them quite a challenge to keep around.

People born under this totem might even leave their homes early and this is important for them because they need to learn and experience life on their own. Negative aspect of their personality is that they often end up alone without family or children.

But, if this was something they wanted in life, then it can’t be that bad. Contrary to the above mentioned characteristics, these people are very loyal to people they love and appreciate. Even though they will not be around all the time, they still know how to value friendships and family on their own way.

They are also good at patching up relationships and continuing them after it has been broken for a while. There is something about these people, and you simply can’t get mad at them. This is something that is in their nature and you understand them and their actions.

These people are also very powerful. You can see that characteristic in their lives, and they are able to get through hard life situations without being broken. When you encounter this person somewhere you will be able to sense its power and influence it has on everybody around.

This power comes from being able to rely only on yourself, and being able to get out into the world without being scared of consequences. They have a lot of knowledge about everything in life so this makes them a perfect person to come to for advice.

You can be sure that they will give you an interesting outlook on your problems and there is nobody else who can give you such a valuable gift. These people are also very loving and gentle to the people in their life. They love taking care of them and making them feel like they are most important in the world.

This can leave those people heartbroken after these, forever travelers, leave their lives to go off to an adventure. The only comfort to them is that these people will always get back into their lives sooner or later.

Overall, people born under the horse totem are very powerful and influential. This makes them valuable friends and partners, even though their rebellious and adventurous spirit might make them leave for a while. But, whatever happens they stay loyal to the people they love and they will always go back to them.

Horse as a symbol in a dream

Horses in dreams are frequent symbols. The meaning behind the dream can be different depending on other signs and situations that were in the dream. Here are some of the most common dreams about horses we can experience and the meaning behind them.

Dream about a horse in general represents a positive sign. It represents a success and power you are feeling currently. Perhaps you have achieved something important in your life and now you are experiencing the pleasure of being successful in your dreams as well.

Dream about a horse can also represent that you are too arrogant in life and that you are taking people for granted. This characteristic is a negative one and makes you hated in other people’s eyes. Try being humble and take other people’s feelings in consideration.

To dream about a black or dark horse represents mystery and the unknown. Dark horse meaning perhaps represents you are feeling afraid of things that might happen in the near future. You are unable to see how things will turn out for you and this makes you anxious.

Dark horse meaning also represents an occult strength behind something. Perhaps you feel like there is something dark and mysterious behind certain people’s actions and this makes you afraid of their intentions.

Dream about a white horse represents happiness and prosperity. You feel like you are at the right place in your life and everything is going just the way you want it to. White horse meaning can also be related to situation that will come to you in the near future and you will definitely be happy with the outcome.

To ride a horse in a dream represents that you might end up on a higher position in life. You have big ambitions and this makes you thirsty for success. You will probably be able to make these ambitions come true in a short period of time.

For women this can also mean that they will end up marrying someone who will introduce them to important and influential people, who can secure them high positions in life.

To dream about talink to a horse, can represent your thirst for knowledge. This dream can also represent a friend or family member who is going through certain issues in life and needs your help. Be aware of the people around you and pay more attention to their needs and difficulties in life, because they have always been there for you when you needed it.

Horse as a symbol in different cultures

Horse is a strong symbol in almost every part of the world. There is simply something magical about this animal that makes it so important to people.

In Celtic culture, horse represents war. This comparison or symbolism, probably came from the fact that horses were often used in wars and people fought among themselves in battles while riding on horses. To them, war brings victory and longevity, and these are all traits that were associated with horses.

They were highly valued among the Celts and their importance was visible (and still is) in symbols on armors and royal coat of arms. The horse belonged to the sun god and the goddess Epona, which its position in the Celtic culture even more important.

The Greco-Romans also linked horse power or horse spirituality to the war. They linked traits like victory and honor to horses and believed that horses were created by Poseidon and that they were devoted to Ares and Hades, Gods of war and God of the underworld.

Romans also believed that horse’s power was in the continuity of life and in order to have fertility and rebirth, they would sacrifice horses every October and kept its tail through the winter to protect their wishes.

In Hindu culture, horse was linked to Varuna that was associated with space and cosmos. The meaning of a white horse was actually that it represented the last reincarnation of Vishnu. In mythology Buddha supposedly left the Earth by riding on a white horse, so this animal has a very important meaning in the Hindu culture.

In Chinese culture, horse is one of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The horse sing is equal in its traits to the Gemini, and represents stability, love, devotion and practicality.

In the Native American culture, horse represented power and stability. He was the helper and bringer of knowledge to the people, which made him an important part of the Native American culture. Horses were highly valued for the help they provided to people and tribes showed their gratitude to this animal by honoring its existence.

Horses represented freedom and wisdom. These gentle creatures were carriers of the spiritual knowledge and mutual respect and love existed between people and horses.

Horses in the Norse mythology had a special place. The most famous horse was the Sleipnir. He was the son of Loki and Sleipnir was a gift to Odin. This mythological creature had eight legs and was grey, and for the Nordic people it represented a symbol of power and deities. Horses represented the journey of the sun and also gods would often shape-shift into them in order to come back to Earth.

Horse had an important role in the Shamanic cultures in Asia, as well. White horses were sacred and meaning of a white horse was that they were actually messengers from the other world. Horses were also used by the Shamans in various rituals, and they were supposes to carry a message back to the gods.

Another well-known epic, was one of the Trojan horse.  This Greek tale about how the Greeks managed to defeat the Trojans by constructing a large wooden horse in which a full army of men was hidden. After the Greeks pretended to sail away from the Trojan walls, they pulled the horse into the castle and an army of men existed and defeated the Trojans in a cold-hearted battle.

In modern times, horse is a symbol of freedom and independence. We can still find images of horses on coat of arms, in paintings and literature. Their beauty and strength will leaves people yearning for more and we will never be able to grasp on what makes this animal so magnificent and so unreachable to us.


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