Dream of Goldfish – Meaning and Symbolism

Dream symbols are so important for our personal growth, and it can reveal whether we have a chance to change our perspective in life, and what is our way of looking at things in our lives.

Dreams are our reflection (what we think during the day, and what we dream during the night when we sleep firmly), and it can reveal our secret life, the one that we hide even from ourselves.

Sometimes we are not able to properly detect our emotions, dreams and desires, and therefore our mind during the night is giving us the answer.

So the dream symbol is, in some ways, the quiet spectator to the existence of human, nature, and the cosmos, he can be the mediator and the primary carrier of communication of a man with nature, a man with other people, man with history, past, present and future, a man with himself?

They are common, but we understand them in a symbolical- personal way because we all have different connotation regarding symbols, and therefore they have their own meaning.

But what does it mean when you have a dream that is connected to the symbol that is, even in reality, in a wake life connected to the good fortune, and it is considered one of the most positive symbols in the world. Does this reflect into the dream symbolism, does the Goldfish means the same or depending on the circumstances of a dream it speaks another story?

Read in this piece, and see for yourself.

Meaning of a Dream of Goldfish

If you look at any part of the world, the Goldfish is a positive sign.

The symbolical dream systems claim that if you have this motive (the Goldfish) in your dream, it means that you can expect that the happiness that has followed you so far will disappear, and such a dream shows that you are focusing your life to the good fortune, instead of working hard on your abilities in life.

Such a dream, in some general sense, means that you must be prepared for the change of the circumstances in life, and not despair, it may be time to squirm and try to do something concrete in life.

Sometimes you cannot rely purely on the charm and good fortune, but you have to take the inspirational action and wait for the results that could be truly magical.

But if you see a Goldfish in some clear and beautiful pond, where everything is magical, like the environment in that dream, surroundings, etc.; in that case, such a dream carries much more fortunate events in your life.

This is the dream in which the Goldfish shows you a real-life perspective in life, especially in business matters in life, and truly the Goldfish is the representation of good opportunities that you cannot miss out in life.

Such a dream is speaking to you – the Goldfish is here a reminder that you are fortunate enough to see it and not miss it, the dream promises great happiness, echoes of which dreamers will feed for many years to come.

But if in your dream, you see the Goldfish that is not alive, it can be a sign that a series of failures in business and relationships, but primarily in your work area, and business opportunities that come along the way.

In the case of this dream where you see the Goldfish in the aquarium, somewhere in the closed environment. Such a dream means that in reality, some bad and unscrupulous people can take advantage of gullibility and deceive you in many ways.

These people are clearly killing your mojo, and they are maybe doing that with an intention, and maybe they are doing it by accident, but the lesson is that you should not ever allow others to create or ruin your dreams, no matter what.

If you do not wake up from such an environment because the consequences can be most unpleasant – you could experience big financial losses, disorientation and long-term problems that could trouble you for a long time. In this sense, the solution is that you follow your intuition and not let people from the surroundings dictate how and when you will act in life.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Goldfish

All that we have said is one thing, and there are diverse meanings of the dream of Goldfish, but as the symbol, it is quite positive and if you had it, it truly means that you stay and do nothing, just wait for the happiness.

But if by any chance, you see the Goldfish injured or dead, it signifies that in your life there will be difficult times associated with difficult moral work or experiences. You will have troubles in setting a new system of beliefs in your life, and therefore you will have to go through many bad and painful experiences in life so that you can set the compass straight.

If you are in a position in your dream where you are attempting to save, protect or rescue beautiful Goldfish, then you can hope for happy events and good luck in the near future. You are desperately trying to save your dreams, even if the reality around is showing that they are not based real and that they are not realistic, do not give them up, no matter what.

Still, the Goldfish shows that magic truly exists and that some of your wishes could become true, even if they seem impossible; it is all about personal belief.

But, if the Goldfish is dead in your dream, and you cannot “revive” it, this dream symbolizes that you stopped believing in your dreams, not that your dream will be fulfilled.

So, this symbolical value is not so optimistic about this dream, but despite the fact that the dream of a Goldfish can be a precursor to a successful set of circumstances, the person who dreams should be wary of the collapse of hopes and aspirations.

Such symbolism is limited to the fact that in reality, a person is “purchasing” fairy tales, and that is not realistic, but we will say that if the person is able to believe in your dreams firmly, could be very happy.

If the Goldfish in your dream has the bright color, golden and orange, in that case, you will achieve the great success in your life, but you may have some problems in the business area of life before you come to that success in life – it can be caused by the negligence of the person who is dreaming.

Do not neglect your life and the obligations that you have in life, because, in the end, they will cost you more then you have ever known, and in that sense, dreams will lose their meaning, and you could feel empty inside.

Do I have to be worried?

Depending on the circumstances in your dream, and since the Goldfish is the symbol of your dreams and goals you want to achieve in life, it carries great importance.

In some versions of this dream, if the Goldfish is floating freely, then your dreams and goals could not collapse, and you should continue to believe in them, as much as you want.

But if the water in which the Goldfish is floating, in that case, you are about to experience the painful collapse of the plans and hopes; and it is not the end of the world, things could be repaired, but it will take some time to do so.

Sometimes this dream is just an announcement that some personal and amazing, and funny adventures are about to occur in your life, and you should be happy about it in every sense. What is even more, any venture, even if a little ambitious and a little dubious, can turn into profit, success or exciting events.

So, even in these adventures, you can find a piece of your dream that could later turn into something that is amazing for your life that can turn your life around.

In the version of the dream in which you see, touch or even kiss a Goldfish, it follows a negative interpretation: one must be afraid of financial distress, which will take a long time. The main thing is not to refuse the help of relatives. Otherwise, you can get into a hopeless situation.

What to do if I had this dream?

Maybe the real question is, what you would do if you really catch or seen the Goldfish? Would you believe that it will bring you good fortune, or you will simply release it?

If you do believe that you will make a wish then, when this golden-orange being appears in your dream world, then it is truly a symbol that you are worthy of dreaming, and that it is enough that you believe in your dreams firmly, and they can become real, in the right time and right place.

The dream about the golden beauty, the rare and beloved kind of fish, is usually very positive, and if the circumstance of your dream is somewhat negative, if for example that Goldfish is dead or in muddy waters, such a dream could mean something negative, but you should not, in any case, be afraid.

Just because you had such a rare dream is amazing – it is always connected to the process of fulfilling desires in real life, and if you listen to its advice, it can turn into the positive sign.

It will all depend on the state of the Goldfish they dream of, the place where the fish lived and the feelings of the dreamer himself (sad, happy, ecstatic, etc.).

Such a dream is read as a symbol of interesting and exciting events, improvement of financial situation, moral victories, but sometimes it is also a belief in non-existent facts and circumstances, the collapse of dreams or the loss of something important.

Many say that they feel great when they dreamed of Goldfish because it is a dream that talks about many beautiful moments that lie ahead. Do not worry if the Goldfish you seen in your dream is ill or even dead, even then you have time to change things to make your life better.


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