Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Even in the “abstract” topic like the Astrology and the personal horoscope, we need to have a simple and logical explanation. When we observe a man, his life and the world in general, we can put him in the astrological perspective and in this sense in the traditional order of the planet, along with the impact that comes from the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun and the Moon see the materialised world we are used to, but they also can give us something more, in a sense that they can show us what lies beneath and hearing to what they have to “say” we can open the “inner eye” and open the window into the spiritual world.

Today we are dedicating our attention to the people who are born and live under the impact of the Sun that is located in the Taurus sign and the Moon that is positioned in the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

Good Traits

This is one person that finds his inspiration in the world that is around him, especially in his dreams, he is in love with nature and tormented by the dangers of having to live, to take responsibility for the orders of his feelings. This is the person who is able to use the maximum of his feelings, and imagination to get the best out of life, and in that process, he wants to live intensively.

He wants to have everything he can in life, and is not ashamed to admit it. This position of the Sun and the Moon is reflected in continuous activities that he has – this person leads a life filled with obligations, all that is necessary for the person who has Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

As far as his other virtues, he can reach the height of his energy and his feelings in the struggle to overcome the difficulties of achieving the ideas he believes in, refusing all the time to recognise the imperfection of his life and his weakness as a human being.

This is one human being who will never allow giving less, no matter how hard his life could develop. He is a fighter and a person who will always rise and will never give up the fight, and this is true even when others are in question, not just him and his life.

He has a strong personality, is relatively stable in his actions and thinking, ambitious, sometimes he can be intolerant and impatient when he sets his eyes on the “prize”, but often ingenious, efficient and persistent.

Bad Traits

The incredible passion that the person who has the Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio has can sometimes be addictive and eventually can lead him to the jealousy (in many aspects of his life, not just love area).

Here, in the place where we speak about the flaws of this person, we must say that he is the one that is always concerned about defending his material interests (Taurus) and has problems adjusting to his destructive pulsations (Scorpio). This is explained by the fact that he can struggle in dealing with his primitive passions, along with the complex and restless spirit that remains united.

Sometimes he can show a certain “small” passions and can be under this influence, while in others he can comprehend the “secrets of the world” with the same enthusiasm and joy.

In this person, we can see two sides that are contrasting one another, and they have secret complicity in common – this is a complex and strong personality, often incomprehensible to others, who deeply perceive reality no matter how dark that reality could be. He is the part of it, and he embraces that negativity and darkness in himself and others also.

The main advice for this person is – he needs to manage and resolve his painful internal conflicts.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

In this human being, when it comes to love, much lies hidden under the surface, and we especially speak about the tender emotions that he wants to share with someone, but he struggles and does not know how.

It needs to be mentioned that he is a sensualist with magnetic charm and has one of the most sophisticated methods of seduction; a few can resist this human. Others are often attracted to this person because of his strength and vitality, sensual energies that he distributes, with the desire to seduce others, to win them in a “great battle” to try their power on them.

Who will be that one person that will receive this love message – everyone could be that person since he, who is under the Sun influence (Taurus) and the Moon impact (Scorpio) is felt and noticed wherever he goes and whatever he does. He has that magnetic and mysterious attractiveness that can be fatal for some; he uses this charm to seduce.

Sometimes he can act as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows and all people who are around him must be aware of this fact.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

When in love, and when in longer serious relations, passion must be a constant, or he will go away, without ever looking back. In a relationship, he has a strong will and in a way a reserved partner; he gives lovers respect and love. But more importantly, he is compelled to complete emerged with that other person, from top to bottom.

However, all of his lovers should keep on their minds that the person who has Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio can use sometimes sarcastic language, which can distract him from loving person that he truly is. When hurt in a relationship, he can act violently and passionately, at the same time, blurring the line between these two things.

A tip that could be given the person who has Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in the Scorpio sign: pay attention to bad choices in love! Love’s disappointments are very difficult for him to bear and are remembered for a long time.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon

No matter how this previous explanation may seem to you, but the person who has Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in the Scorpio Zodiac sign wants to have a loving family, regardless of his actions that are sometimes the representations of a  wild rebellion towards others.

When in a relationship, he is possessive, passionate, likes to know everything, and tends to dominate; but he needs to have a liberal way of life and freedom. Who can be that lover that will perfectly match to this human being? It could be a person who belongs to the Cancer Zodiac sign – as a lover, and he can provide much. Intuitively he feels what the partner wants, and is able to give in to enjoy at any moment thoroughly.

All Cancers are people who are turned to the family and are a very loyal lover who will be faithful to his partner even if they are struggling and have problems. This lover will stick until the end, and this is just a type of lover that the Taurus (Sun)/Scorpio (Moon) needs.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

This is one friend that could be hurt, even if he seems strong at all times, but his friends must realise one thing, he will always remember when someone hurts his feelings.

He can hardly forgive his friends if the betrayed him, although he can teach himself with time; but on the other hand, he is the friend that will never forget people who helped him in a difficult moment.

He likes to hear the advice of the “elderly” (all people who have a bigger experience than him, but he seeks early independence in relation to his family, although through this field he can also have suddenly bad and positive changes.

To all people who are close to him, he likes to give himself emotionally; he loves his friends without reserve and knows to be very possessive and difficult when things are not right. Others will always be relieved of trust and confidence, although he may sometimes have the impression that people are scared.

Sometimes this person will criticise his friends to destroy them (verbally for example verbally, for example, just to prove them wrong), and his relations regardless of how loving they could be can reach even some sadomasochistic relations. This is, of course, the realm of relations that should be avoided.


The Taurus and the Scorpio are connected in such a way, that at first glance he seems very strong, but in general, is a person who is very complex, not so simple and hides a lot of mysticism in his personality. It takes a long time to get this person to know who it is.

He is the one that is energetic in love; he can even be an adventurer and seeks tolerance and flexibility for a relationship.  He has an extraordinary research spirit, and he adores occultism, secrets and forbidden topics.

This is a person who is adorned with the great stubbornness, and therefore great passion.

Together with his sexual aggressiveness and with a great desire for discouragement, sensitive to his instinctive pulsation and wanting to meet a simple sensual fulfillment, relatively peacefully but rarely restrained, this is one human being that constantly oscillates between joy and the pain of life.

But this is his way of life, and he could not grow in any other way, but this one.


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