Chiron in Gemini

If Chiron touches the twin principle in the birth chart more, the Communication to a sore spot. The interest to acquire knowledge and to pass on is great.

At the same time, there are also self-doubts, whether you are really sufficient has dealt with a topic before talking about it. This can be exaggerated

Audit fears arise, which can sometimes have a blocking effect. People with This constellation also often feels a fear of not being understood or misunderstood.

In order to deal with these inner doubts, these people tend to theirs to grasp the environment and the accepted ways of thinking and to make their own statements consider.

Their fear of failure at the communicative level is so great that they any question about their own thoughts can be perceived as a threat.

To her to calm down internal uncertainty, they deal particularly intensively with the available knowledge, thereby strengthening their intellect and also social Receive recognition.

They also have the talent, other complex knowledge on one to communicate an understandable form and this on a communicative level or to train in their self-presentation.

Over the work with others exists for the From Chiron people touched the possibility with their own fears and Doubt better handle. They learn to accept their own sensitivity and deal with it.

Chiron in Gemini Man

The place where the most vulnerable people with Chiron are in the third field, and the place where their Achilles heel is, is the place where verbal communication begins, exploring and connecting with the environment and the environment, taking something from it and trying to understand it. Also consider the third field as analogous to the sign of Gemini.

At this point, in the third field, begins the ability to think, to notice details and to relate them to personal and subjective reactions, as well as to distinguish the inner from the outer.

It is closely related to sibling relationships, traveling or traveling in general with a focus on shorter trips, and everything to do with it, as well as everything to do with reading, writing, learning, speaking and especially problem solving.

With Chiron in the third field, Natus feels that his mind is wounded, unreliable, distracted, and subject to tumultuous and unreasonable activities. Without selection, individuals with this position of Chiron absorb concepts from wherever they come, and strain to understand all the happenings and happenings.

They often have difficulty believing their own ideas. They are constantly concerned about whether or not they are right, resorting to imitating others’ ideas, taking them as their own, or using them as a safety net that holds together scattered parts of their opinions.

The intention of understanding everything in them is gaining obsessive proportions and as a result, these persons become nervous and feel under constant pressure.

There is an example that, for example, Padre Pie, or more precisely Francesco Forgione, could imitate and so mystify himself, so deep into the wounds of Jesus Christ, and went so far that his wounds appeared identical to Christ’s.

Chiron in Gemini Woman

What robs you of the power that makes you sick: A life without highlights, without many friends you can meet? A life in which you feel trapped in stuffy mediocrity. A job that suffocates in routine.

Even a life in the country does not necessarily promote the self-healing powers of your Chiron. People heal you.

Whoever makes you sick: Spies, Machos, the grizzled grumpy husband who will not let you finish a joke without correcting you?

Doubt, you have doubts yourself, you need confirmation. The boss who gives you no freedom, the partner who gives you the joy of life, spreads a gloomy mood in which your relationship is dormant – such a climate is dangerous to your health. They unconsciously attract the disease to break out.

Tolerant people who are full of zest for life like you can laugh about every joke. A friend with whom you can talk for hours, just talk, is like a good doctor, a therapist for you.

It unconsciously activates the self-healing powers of your chitons, which unfold best, most of all during walks in lofty heights, which give you a distance to this world.

Good Traits

The wound has to do with confidence in one’s intellectual abilities. Some message learned in early childhood creates insecurity.

It may have to do with the first experiences at school or with the odious comparisons they are a brilliant brother.

Chiron in Gemini also tells us about those words that marked us forever, or what we wanted to say and we lacked courage.

On a physical level it affects arms and legs and respiratory capacity.

Bad Traits

With Chiron at this sign, we are likely to need to be aware of the counterproductive and destructive thinking patterns that originate in childhood wounds, or that constitute the unspoken attitudes and beliefs that we inherited from the environment from when we were children. .

It is likely that very early we have made unconscious decisions based on painful emotional reactions.

The process of digging up these models of destructive thinking acts as “the sword that heals the wound that she opened” until we can finally make different decisions.

With this location it is common that in childhood, the parents of the native did not talk about things that are really important, such as personal feelings or issues related to sexuality, illness and death, with the mistaken belief that so they avoided hurting their son’s feelings.

In this way, we can grow up without having knowledge of the vocabulary that allows us to communicate our most intimate thoughts and feelings, and with a mainly defensive mental functioning, which has no connection to real life.

And we can be capable, intelligent and well educated, but inept when it comes to expressing the truth of our innermost feelings.

Chiron in Gemini – General Info

This is of course positive for people who are confident and mature. Only then is the mind open in a healthy and creative way to clairvoyance and mediation in general.

People with a third field like this or a Gemini sign, like a natural third field, are very original and constantly ask, explore, and venture into areas that others prefer to bypass. Sometimes they go too far where others are afraid to think.

I will give you more examples of when this place in the horoscope is the Achilles heel, and when in some way it should be directed more precisely when one such mind should be pointed and astrologically directed. For example, Ken Casey wrote about his own experiences with opiates.

Specifically, it is LSD. Of course this is not desirable, but otherwise we would know some things in life … Sigmund Freud is a much nicer example. He directed his actions to the field of exploration of the inner world of man, his subconscious, thereby radically altering the collective perception of reality.

I’m saying this because people with Chiron in the third field have a certain problem when it comes to awareness of self-compassion in relation to the destructive thinking pattern that comes from possible childhood injury.

Or it was created by the unspoken attitudes and beliefs they inherited from an early environment or environment.

It is well known in psychology that very early in life we ​​make unconscious decisions based on painful emotional reactions. This is how psychology is recognized in astrology, for it is Chiron who finds himself fatefully at a given place and creates a discrepancy between Natus’s notions of his own ability to communicate and how he presents it to others.

They push these individuals to articulate their own ideas and later think that they didn’t really say what they wanted and feel angry and frustrated about it.

Saturn in the sense of a particular field has a similar influence, but Saturn connects us more with karma and karmic heritage, and together with Chiron is a clear indication that this wound is repeated from incarnation to incarnation, or that it is simply a genetic record that travels the cosmos and it really crushes you as the bearer of clearly defined karma.

However, often these individuals receive confirmation from others that they are in fact very clear, that they are not even seldom admired for their ability to express thoughts and feelings in words.

Sometimes it is only necessary for these persons to control the often strong attitude that they do not always have the right to everything, and especially not to humiliate others, which is a common feature. And with a good excuse to test or actually test someone.

After all, this person, and more than often, envies others for their clarity, élan and refinement.

They are able to take on even those vehement and vulnerable remarks and usually enjoy refusing to join and join the society, but prefer to go into the thick of it themselves. Gossip is no stranger to them at all, nor is it a secret desire to somehow destroy or disparage what someone else has created.

This gift is especially nice and, while allowing the wounds to disappear completely, can be redeemed by working in the yellow press, for example, or gossip caricature media, when, to be honest, I can completely give myself a go at those who even for personal reasons they can’t stand it or want to hurt them a little.

What is needed in this position of Chiron is that these persons allow themselves in any way to have a sharp and intuitive mind, which they definitely possess, and express themselves.

With Chiron here the person can feel that his mind is wounded, that it is not reliable, that he risks disintegrating or is subjected to attacks of incomprehensible activity.

It is likely that these natives indiscriminately absorb ideas taken from anywhere, in their effort to understand what is happening. They often find it difficult to believe in their own ideas.

With this location, the impulse to understand everything often reaches obsessive proportions: as confusion or dissociation increases, the person “identifies with his mind”, becomes nervous and is overwhelmed by tension.

However, if there is maturity and basic personal security, the minds of those who have Chiron in Gemini or in House 3, can be very open to transpersonal sources, in a way that favors creativity and healing, and that can Be very prophetic and mediumistic in a positive sense.

It is common for individuals with this location to have great originality and shine with their own light, since their incessant search and questioning lead those to venture into areas that others do not even dare to look at.


It is likely that these people’s minds function in an intuitive or associative way; which tends to see the whole image rather than the parts.

Sometimes, some who have this location are intellectually arrogant, tend to endorse the mind and not value the irrational, considering that those who are not intellectually cultivated are inferior beings.

It sometimes happens that a brother is literally injured, that is, that he is physically ill or that he is deformed or mentally retarded. These relationships may offer possibilities of harming or healing.

Relationships between brother and sister can have intense sexual resonances, which are sometimes put into practice; however, it is more frequent that we subsequently look for a couple that resembles that beloved brother or sister, can assume the role of wise or mentor who exerts a positive influence on our life.

One of the gifts of this location is the ability to express in words feelings and emotions, to pronounce on controversial problems and to give expression to experiences related to other dimensions of reality.


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