Leo Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Luminaries are an essential part of the horoscope, part of a comprehensive and general micro-universe that is found in the Astrology. Where, in the natal chart we take a good look at all aspects that create a personal horoscope, and among those aspects, we can see the critical place that luminaries take.

The Sun represents your character at the moment when you were born, and it is, in a way, a carrier of your ego, and it is the representation of the things that you can achieve through the will.

Some say that it is the aspect that is recognisable, the deeper, concealed, completely visualised, it is the identity of the ego.

The Sun is always, the essential and unchangeable need in a human; he is the character of your personality.

Today we are not just looking into the life of the person who has Sun located in the Leo sign, but the other luminary, the Moon that is located in the Capricorn.

Read all about this combination and the person who has it, what does it mean, and what are the ways of its improvement?

Good Traits

This is the person who has the typical character that is based on the denial of petty pleasures for the full commitment to tackling those needs to that he sees as important.

Above all, this is the person that knows how to subordinate his personal interests to goals that he deems essential for his existence, with conscious self-discipline.

This is the person who can be a concern for his life, and he often wonders of efficiency usually overcome emotions, which are better expressed in passion than in love.

This is the person that is all about the success and achievements, and he is very happy to show to himself and others that the positions reached are the fruits of merely its merits and personal engagement.

He can work a lot, and even if he would want to have everything right now, this type of person is ready to wait for a long time for success, that will certainly come.

He is able to do a lot in life, and he will do it, not just by using his talents but using his persistence and confidence attitude.

He is ready to sacrifice a lot to make good results in the world that he lives in, and he will never oppose on helping those who need his help, as long as they do not stand on his way.

Bad Traits

People expect from this person who has such confidence attitude to match, but in fact, this person is “cooled” by reservations, seriousness, patience, and the achievement of material and sense of stability.

His activities are directed toward achieving security and material gain that makes him feel great and successful, and without it, he would feel like a failure. And this is definitely the factor that makes his life difficult, cause what happens when this human does gain as much as he wants? What happens if he loses what he gained?

Does he feel like he did not find his purpose in life? Yes, he does, and this is definitely an issue that he needs to work on.

After all, a person who has Sun located in the Leo sign, and the Moon in the Capricorn does not easily manage to reconcile his love for seriousness and his need to shine, the desire to shade. Because he is hungry for power and he sees and tries to rise on the social agenda, even with resources that are not always elegant.

Energy is channeled in favor of progressive and stubborn action that often times does not lead him in the desired direction, and this is the moment when he makes even more mistakes and sunk deeper into the phase that does not allow him to grow.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

Here we encounter one person, who loves the feeling that others want him, and he likes that feeling that he is irresistible; he has an almost childish need for emotions, but also a constant fear that someone does not abuse it. This is the conflict that comes from the Moon that is located in the Capricorn sign, and the fear that ruins all emotions that he wanted to give.

Often, this is the person who realises that is unhappy because he actually hides his own thirst for attention and gentleness, he hides these needs, and in reality, there is no need for such actions, because he is the persons who lose, in the first place.

In the eyes of other people, he is the dignified one, he looks thoughtful and lonely, and others, potential lovers just want to take care of him – he is a prototype of a person who needs to be loved and who deserves love.

But contradictions are present, he can be cold at times, and this is the aspect that makes him very difficult to establish a spiritual fund with his lovers, even if he has so much to offer.

However, time works for him, and what a person sees him more, it appreciates him even more, and this is the aspect in love that deserves attention – he has a lot to offer.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

As we have said in some of the previous section, this is the person who seems to be, in relations with other people, as stiffer than he is in his essence – deep inside there is a warm heart that deserves everything the best. And it is all up to his lovers, and their willingness to wait to see what he has to offer to them.

All of his lovers must be aware of the fact that he is the person who seriously understands life; he hardly shows feelings, does not tie easily to people. But at the same time, his lovers must be aware that he is more traditional, more conservative and more valuable than the other people who have the Sun located in the Leo Zodiac sign; here the Moon in the Capricorn makes a big difference.

Some of the troubles he can experience in his youth will determine and influence the premature maturity of his character – this is the person who can be, as years go by, more lucid, realistic, less confident in himself but also less egoistic.

These are all traits that his lovers will see when they spend a longer period with him in love.

Best Match for Leo Sun Capricorn Moon

He has organisational skills and the power to have the most complicated business projects in the palm of his hand – it is important for you to achieve success on the material plane and to prove yourself. Then the moment for love can come, and it takes a special person to see this and accept as something good.

Although this is the person who is seen as the non-family person, it’s a shame, women of this combination are very much connected with his partners and invest a lot of energy to make that marriage or relationship successful.

Still, one should not forget that their love is offered at every corner, because he is very active. He can be closed, but he is very attractive.

The perfect match for this human being could be found in the person who is born in the Scorpio sign; because this is the lover that truly understands his egoistic struggle for the position, the desire to do everything ahead of time, and the weight of the teamwork. Do not be rivals, be allies, and this could truly be a relation that can last.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

People, and eventually friends give their trust to the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Leo and Capricorn combination since he is the one that looks are calm and steady, and able to deal with everything that will come in his way and his friends.

It seems that despite the difficulties, he is the one friend that will feel what you need and what he can do to help you in any way that he can. Of course, this is all great, right up until the moment you stand in some of his goals, and then he will think twice about that help.

He is able to overcome various troubles and problems through his “firm” back, but does not particularly complain to anyone -he likes to keep his problems to himself, and many of his friends may find this problematic.

But the main thing in his life, and any interpersonal relations -he is the one that extremely focused on success, authority, conscientiousness, and he feels the need to testify to the concrete results of efforts.


Even if this person belongs to one of the shiniest and most extravagant Zodiac signs, Leo, this is the person who is not defined by the shine and glory -this type of life does not belong to this human being who is also defined by the Moon in the Capricorn sign.

Ambition, energy, and fighting urge concentrate here to achieve maximum power but are rarely released in a powerful explosion, and these forces are consumed slowly and in favor of a precise plan that this person tries to achieve with perseverance.

From this Astrological combination, a rational and productive type of destiny often produces successes: not those who are instant but won by persistent struggle and faith in themselves, with the ability to face both the difficulties of everyday life and those that come from the world of ideas and the unconscious.


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