Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When we are born, the planets are aligned in a certain way, and this is our natal chart that reveals our life.

It is also said, by some astrologers that when we come to this world, our life is based on two pillars, mother and father, and in our natal horoscope we have two main principles, two of vital significance – the Sun, which gives us vitality and strength, which speaks of what we strive for and the Moon that suggests how to do something.

So, in some way, we could understand that the Sun is us and our goal in life, or a purpose; and the Moon is the way how we reach or fulfill our purpose in life. These two pillars are not in the opposition one with the other, they are combined, and they are connected to the same aspects in a different way.

Today we are talking about the person who has Sun located in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Capricorn sign. In this astrological article, we will try to reveal how this person comes to his goals in life, what are his flaws and strong points, and what is his attitude in love in interpersonal relations.

Good Traits

Here we encounter one person who easily achieves his goals in life thanks to the strong will and a few well-developed abilities, which is the result of great ambition and expressed desire for power, for which he does not miss out on any of the opportunities offered in his life. And he will have so many of them, and the best part is that he will be able to use the majority of them, in the best way possible.

He is one person who is naturally capable of finding the power necessary in itself to create a life that he desires and that he thinks he deserves.

This is one person that is born with the awareness that he must do everything by himself, and in that process, he must never forget all those who helped him – he is much respected for this trait. This is the person who will repay every person who shows kindness or help to him in the time of a deep need.

In the end, this human being will never allow anyone to criticise him because he is well aware of his obligations and he will meet his obligations without any delay and additional questions – he is loved by many people, especially by his coworkers or bosses.

This person can be dominant in his environment because he provides it with energy for any future actions, and in this sense, he can be seen as a team leader who has the true power to change things in his environment.

Bad Traits

It is clear, however, that such a character that we find in the person who has located Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Capricorn sign, can have problems in life, all thanks to the extraordinary shyness, everything else is just not easy in relations with others.

He can be overly closed in his family circle or by preaching solitude, overcoming life’s dissatisfaction by giving all to a certain ambition, or sublimating them with spiritual renunciation.

This human being must learn to be a bit more open to the environment, and why not, to overcome his shyness that is often a disabling factor that prevents him from having even more success in life.

One more flaw that we could mention and that is related to this person is the fact that in him, superfluous desires are suppressed, no miraculous ideals are accepted, and fantastic adventures are avoided. He can miss out in life a lot because of this trait; he can be afraid of risky situations and any unconventionality in life.

He must find the best use of his potential of will, hardness, in order to overcome difficulties and achieve the goal – even if he must sacrifice monotony and suffocate tender, warm, sweet pulsations that he has somewhere beneath the surface (the fact of life for all people who are connected to the Taurus sign).

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

We will not speak more about the fact that this man can be closed emotionally and his nature in love does not show some exaggerated tendency towards passion.

This is a human being who has an irresistible, almost childish need for emotions, but also a constant fear that someone will abuse him – often, he realises that he is unhappy because actually hides his own thirst for attention and gentleness.

But the pure realisation of this problem is not nearly enough for any significant change in love life, and this could be an aspect that requires much more work.

There is no doubt that this person who has Sun positioned in the Taurus sign and the Moon in Capricorn sign has so many deep and warm emotions that he wants to share with someone – but this is not always an easy task, regardless of his deep desire.

And the problem here is in the fact that he has so much seriousness in himself, and he is so shy that he is left to the fantasy, rather than realising his love potentials in love, this is a terrible trait that he cannot control.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

Don’t you even assume for a moment that this human cannot have success in love life and that he cannot be in a serious relationship, because he can, only if he stops blocking his passionate potentials?

However, it is difficult for a long time to suppress his instincts. But when he relaxes, and fined a person who will open his heart to his chosen one, then his life will enter periods of erotic storms, passing fever of perverse pulsations and is able to go as far as he would want.

For him it is very important to love, to have a family; it is a field that is “an injection” that solves all his problems – this is his sanctuary and the support system. And when we speak of a relationship, in his case, it is something that is close to a big family with a lot of kids.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon

So, who is this perfect person that will find true happiness with the representative of the Sun/Moon combination found in the signs Taurus and Capricorn? He needs someone who will accept that the shyness is in his essence.

It’s hard for him to show feelings, so his lovers must be aware of this fact, but also he needs someone who will understand his traditional style in life and conservative values. He is focused on success, authority, conscientiousness, and feels the need to testify in the concrete results of efforts – it is important that he achieves success on the material plane.

This “perfect” lover could be found in the representative of the Cancer sign – someone who is a warm and loving partner and shares traditional values in life. But at the same time, the Cancer lover has an inner strength to deal with any difficulty that life in two may bring.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

Hiding emotions is never a good idea, and not even in friendships, and it is a mistake for this human to conceal his emotions, passion, natural instincts, because he could be seen as a friend who is not open and honest friends. And he is just that, but sometimes it cannot be seen right away.

But on the other hand, this person is one friend that is willing to sacrifice for his friends, but the problem arises when he openly shows that he hates problems, and any form of conflict disturbs him very much, he just wants to be the focus on concrete and important things of life.

He often attracts friends who have a little specific way of life or people who have had great life problems – such a paradox, but it is the truth.

His time spent with his friends is the time when he wants to be relaxed, and when he is next to people that he cares for, then he can show his real persona – everyone will be pleasantly surprised how much he can behave childishly, even open his hearts.


The combination of these two natures, two Earthly signs, one that belongs to the Sun-the Taurus and the other that belongs to the Moon- the Capricorn, gives a very cold and realistic character.

This combination can be seen as the clearest example of persistence and determination in one human being. It concentrates forces that are not always devoid of spirituality. Of course, he is not just this strength and determination, and he is a person who develops some kind of mysticism and has a warm heart under the surface, along with the great desire to be loved.

However, much more often the happiness of a rationalist is convinced that passion is illusory and that death is the permanent end of being as a whole.

At the end of this summary, we will say that this human is one dignified person who will rarely promise something if he is not able to promise and keep. He is patient and persistent human who can be overly unilateral, almost overly disciplined so that he can act in a reserved and cold manner.

This person is an introvert can make himself truly happy, only later in life, when he can get rid of his closed aura and show that he too can rejoice in life.


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