Ceres in Sagittarius

Ceres is a dwarf planet that is in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, represents in Astrology the experience of Motherhood and the Great Mother, the pleasures of life and of which we are part of nature, the method of analysis, health and correspondence. In Astrology the virgin and the house 6.

Ceres in mythology was considered the goddess of fertility, for the Greeks she was the Goddess of grain, a matriarch goddess who held the power of the bowels of the earth, taught men the art of plowing, planting and harvesting the earth, and women how to grind.

The wheat and make the bread. The key word for Ceres is Unconditional Nutrition represents physical and spiritual food, the need for protection and scarcity.

It represents the acceptance of the changes, especially those that involve a lot of pain, its figure is that of a mourning mother with a life marked by sudden and traumatic changes.

Ceres in Sagittarius Man

Sometimes we may be optimistic, even if it could lead to certain problems in our way, it could lead us to make complex decisions that we should not move forward with what we truly want.

You must learn how to work at this very good time so that all can flow positively in your path, but this is also a good moment for important changes, even if you want to make some kind of change.

Ceres in Sagittarius Woman

Nutrition comes by knowledge, wisdom and adventure, and long journeys. They are pleased when they can advise, teach, instruct, and impart knowledge.

He is also pleased to be learning and studying philosophical subjects and abstract things. They are good teachers, teachers or religious.

Good Traits

Ceres fall in Sagittarius … that is to say if this mythological aberration does not suit him!

When one is supposed to embody the reason, the hybrid creatures with a bow is necessarily suspect! Ceres is on the hysterical mode of Sagittarius! The star of the measure in the sign of excess!

Of course the panic is never far away … the disaster always seems to be on our doorstep and we take refuge in exaggeration. The superego seems lax too and let’s pass behavior not necessarily decent.

The native is a bit too comfortable … but after all can we be too stuck? Why not be free? This is obviously a position that will promote the appearance of the Mad Madonna.

Bad Traits

Presumptuous, arrogant and manipulative when confronted with others. Fantasy, impatient and susceptible. They are bothered by trivialities, and if provoked they can become scandalous, vulgar and violent.

However, envy is their main defect, which can ruin their lives. Faced with confrontations, they lose the sense of proportion and elegance, and overflow with the slightest setback.

Insolent and irritable, they try to keep up with events, with a strong aggressive charge. They use their candor to hurt others and release the acidity of their worst feelings.

They have a marked tendency to worry; anything will put them in tension and torment them.

They are pleased when they can advise, teach, instruct, and impart knowledge. He is also pleased to be learning and studying philosophical subjects and abstract things.

They are good teachers, teachers or religious. Reading about abstract philosophical topics can have the same effect.

You can also make others feel nourished or inspired by giving them advice or instructions. Ceres in Sagittarius hides its nutritional qualities.

Ceres in Sagittarius – General Info

Although Sagittarius is a harmonic sign for Ceres, it is in this sign that the tendency to independence and to follow one’s own path may become predominant, regarding the consideration of the effectiveness of service to others, and the paradoxical case of that the native-type intends to serve others and such a service fails to neglect others, for not being at the level of communication (or with the proper guidance) required.

This is a very favorable position for the teaching profession, in any sense, but the aforementioned tendency can manifest itself here as intransigence and intolerance with the students (with their criticisms, above all), as well as in tendency to make merciless, inopportune or arrogant judgments. .

As in Scorpio, Ceres favors here, too, mental exploration, but in a more Sagittarian direction; It is, so to speak, a good predisposition to reach faith through, or with, reason.

The usual Sagittarian “visions” are equally captured by Ceres, but, properly analyzed and reworked, not only will they not run the risk of being deceptive, but will also contribute to expanding the limits of the intellect itself.

They have aptitude for honesty; they are intellectual and friendly; they like the simple things in life. It is one of the most positive signs.

They are born leaders and quite impulsive; they love action and love their independence; they are able to improvise in any situation.

Pretty dissatisfied. They have a very active mind and are always working on intellectual issues. Much more if this type of work is related to a business or they aim to make money.

They like to communicate a lot and are very imaginative; travel lovers, especially to distant lands, because they belong to a sign that easily adapts to everything.

They are not too followers of the latest fashion trends, but do not dress badly, liking to mix colors and textures, thus reflecting their spirit in clothes.

Their need for freedom and adventure makes them incompatible with many signs, which do not understand that without that ability the Sagittarians cannot be happy.

They are characterized by optimism, modesty and good humor; so much that sometimes they become irresponsible.

They usually believe in ethics and like to follow the rites of religion, a political party or an organization; this can lead them to have certain superstitious tendencies.

They love to embrace new projects and learn about new things.

They are intuitive and good organizers and, although generous, they are also very careful, which makes them good managers of situations and projects.

They are able to sacrifice for realize one objective. This sometimes makes them too demanding of others.

They are loyal friends, although they don’t have hairs on their tongues if they have to recriminate them for something. They know how to forgive when necessary.

They use promises and all kinds of commitments to try to get out of the problem that worries them, getting only to commit more in exchange for time.

Another of its shortcomings is the tendency to impose their opinion on others by interrupting them while they speak, and preventing them from exposing their ideas.

They can be very stubborn and tend to say too many things. You can establish a very high level of trust, but in many cases they are not reasonable.

Many times they have difficulty learning from their mistakes.

Some have a great genius that can appear in situations that for others lack importance.

They are quite thrown, impulsive and very proud people, so they don’t like to ask anyone for help.


The native is very clumsy manually and socially, beware here is the king of gaffes!

This is a position that can generate a lot of enemies, and yet the native can be very nice, is that at one time we would like it to just be a little more attention!

Seeing no evil, the native does not see why organize in advance … it’s the fair to import!

However, with Sagittarius, Ceres learns her ultimate course: to give meaning to her actions, rather than follow a mechanical life, here she is giving a philosophical meaning to her routine and therefore more than another Ceres, she is able to exceed!


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