Dreams About Wedding – Interpretation and Meaning

Weddings are one of the most important moments in our life but they can also be stressful.

When we dream about weddings can have a positive and negative meaning depending on the other symbols in the dream and the overall dream situation.

Dream about a wedding dress

If you had a dream about a wedding dress, this dream represents volunteer work or civil services that you will participate in. These functions will be rewarded to you for a reason, and that is because you have been an active volunteer or member of the community for a while now.

Doing a good job could even allow you to move forward in your position and further your career by making relationships with other community members.

Dream about a stained wedding dress

If the wedding dress in your dream had stains on it, then this dream represents loss of contact with a person who is very dear to you. Contact will be lost due to constant fighting and arguments with this person.

If the loss of contact was your fault then try to make things right and apologize to this person before things get worse. If this is someone very important to you, then nothing else should matter.

Dream about trying on a wedding dress

If you were trying on wedding dresses in your dream and preparing for a wedding, then this dream is a representation of your anxiety caused by certain life events. You feel as anxious and nervous as a bride-to be feels when she is preparing for a wedding.

Take some time off and relax with your loved ones and don’t overthink about things. Maybe everything is going to turn out fine and you will realize that you have been stressing out over something that is not important.

Dream about sewing a wedding dress

Sewing a wedding dress in your dream represents your tendency to prematurely reveal your plans. Yu can’t really help yourself and you always reveal everything to others when you get excited.

Bad thing about that is that sometimes our plans don’t work out and others use this as a chance to laugh at us or feel sorry for us. Some people might even try to sabotage your idea so be careful and stay silent until everything is done.

Dream about looking at wedding pictures

If you were looking at wedding pictures in your dream, then this dream is a representation of unexpected relationship problems. Perhaps you are going to get into a fight with your partner about something that is not very important.

But, this fight could turn into something more serious after the argument continues. Be careful about the things you say during this argument to avoid hurting your partner and causing more damage to your relationship.

Dream about wedding rings on other people

If you had a dream about someone else’s wedding ring, then this dream indicates a possibility of cheating. You might meet someone new and exciting who will preoccupy your attention. If you are in a steady relationship, then you should definitely think about your partner and avoid hurting him or her.

This dream could also represent infidelity by your partner. He or she might get into something forbidden that could leave you feeling hurt. Watch out for signs of infidelity and ask your partner directly to tell you what is going on.

Dream about being a wedding guest

If you had a dream about being a guest at someone’s wedding, this dream is indication that you will have an opportunity to be a part of an important social event or gathering. This event will help you launch your career or make new friends who will help you in the future. If an event like this is coming closer, make sure you don’t miss out on it and get involved with people who could help you reach your full potential.

Dream about your wedding

If you had a dream about getting married, then this dream is an indication that you will soon be challenged with a choice. You will have to make a decision in your life about something that is going to turn your world around.

This decision is going to influence everything in your life and you should take your time before you make this decision. If you are not sure about your choice, then ask for an advice from someone who is close to you.

Dream about being an honored guest at a wedding

If you were a special guest at someone’s wedding, then this dream indicated you will have to help someone you know with something.

This person is going to need your advice and you will have to be there for him or her through some rough times. If this is someone close to you then you should invest as much time as you can in order to help his person get back on their feet, because you might need their help in the future.

Dream about someone’s wedding

If you had a dream about someone else’s wedding or a wedding of a person close to you, this dream indicates you will have luck in all of your future projects. Everything you start doing at this moment is going to end up being successful and things will finally fall into place.

This is a good period for investments as well and money will simply be falling into your hands. Seeing someone else getting married is a positive sign for your personal life as well, and you might end up meeting someone very special.

Dream about welcoming gusts at a wedding

If you were an usher in someone’s wedding, then this dream is a representation of a change in your family life. Things are going to get turned around and this doesn’t necessarily mean for worse. You might even welcome a newborn to the family or someone from your family could move out or go to college. This dream can also bring some negativity in your family life but nothing major.

Dream about a wedding gone wrong

If you had a dream about a wedding going wrong, then this dream is a representation of a conflict you will get into. This conflict could occur with someone who is close to you or with a complete stranger.

In all cases you are going to get very verbal about something. Be careful about the words you choose and try not to hurt someone. You might regret your words later on but then it will be too late.

Dream about wedding for a married person

If you are already married and you had a dream about a wedding, then this dream indicates you are going to experience hardships in your life. You will have to work together with your partner, in order to defeat these troubles and your relationship is going to be stronger than ever, after you get over these problems.

Dream about being a groom on a wedding

If you had a dream about being the groom on a wedding, then this dream indicates you will be feeling extremely lonely in the upcoming period. You will simply be depressed because of everything that has happened to you in the past period.

Even if you weren’t sad at that moment, the effects of these events are going to appear now. You will also feel like all of your friends have left you and you don’t have anyone to turn to.

Dream about a loved one’s wedding without you

If you weren’t at your loved ones wedding in your dream, then this dream indicates you are going to experience some relationship problems. These problems might even lead you two to a split that won’t be easy. Try solving these problems and avoid making the situation even worse. If your relationship feels like the right thing, then you should definitely fight for it.

Dream about a secret wedding

If you had a dream about a secret wedding, then this dream indicates your behavior is being discussed among your family members. Something you did made them feel like you disrespected them. This is why you have become the main topic of conversation. Try straightening the situation out and explaining your actions so they can understand your point of view.

Dream about talking about a wedding

If you had a dream about talking to your partner about your wedding, then this dream indicates that your talents are going to shine through. You will receive a chance to show of your potential so make sure you use this chance to show yourself in the best light possible. Chances like this come only few times in a lifetime so give your best.

Dream about wedding guests dressed in black

If wedding guests in your dream were dressed in black, then this dream indicates your family members could get in trouble by marrying someone. Maybe you already have a feeling that this person is bad news, and now you are implementing this fear into your dream. If someone very dear to you is in danger then try to talk some sense into them. But, before you do this, make sure that you aren’t just imagining the whole thing in your head.

Dream about an old couple getting married

If you had a dream about an old couple getting married, then this dream represents bad health. You might get ill for a long period of time, especially if you haven’t been paying enough attention to your health. Visit your doctor if you notice any signs of bad health before things get worse.

Dream about planning a wedding

If you were planning a wedding in your dream, then this dream warns you about being too lazy. You need to get moving and start doing more work before you ruin everything you have been working for in the past.

Dream about stopping the wedding

If you interfered in someone’s wedding then this dream is a representation of an enemy you have. This person has a lot of anger that is directed towards you and he or she wants to destroy your career or personal life.

Be careful around other people and pay extra attention to people who seemed suspicious to you. Perhaps you already know who this person is so avoid revealing too much information to this person.


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