Taurus Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The position of the Sun and the Moon are an interesting topic when we look at the personal horoscope and its meaning. We know that the Sun and the Moon are the most important factors in the natal chart, next to the Ascendant that defines so many things in our life, even more than our sign that is just the beginning in the personal revelation.

We also must mention that a good part of human life and destiny takes place, directs and overflows through the manifestation of these factors – the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

We also should understand that these personal points in the horoscope (all three of them) along with their integration with other planets will not be difficult to interpret if we understand the basics.

Some astrologers even say that we can find out approximately 80 per cent of human destiny trough these points.

Today we will look at the character and the personality of the person who has Sun positioned in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Libra Zodiac sign. What does this mean when we look at the character, interpersonal relations and everything in between in a person’s life? Read all about this topic.

Good Traits

Here we encounter a personality who does not have such a selective side when he has to make some choices in life, but it has emphasised a certain material aesthetic, it most often retains the simplicity of behavior and restraint of taste. And subsequently, his character is endowed with a distinctive artistic feeling and love for beautiful and expensive objects, as well as the tendency towards a glittering social life.

He directs his actions and deeds in the direction of “gaining”, but he does not like to gain just about anything, or for the sake of feeling secure, he likes the best things. And this is a person who has a distinctive taste and knows how to select the best things, and he is very popular because of this trait.

He has a few diverse relationships but increases the tendency for a physical connection that becomes very important for this human being who has Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Libra sign.

There is, therefore, increased interest in events in the outside world and sincere participation in the joys and suffering of the people who are very close to this person and this ability is amazing.

Bad Traits

From one, more negative aspect, this is the person that can show aggressiveness, which is often directed in the unscrupulousness or outrages of indifference, so he must be more tolerant to receptivity, openness, and the desire for peace and sympathy in interpersonal relations. This behavior will never bring him anything good, such except in the context of public relations in a professional sense maybe, and artistic expression.

In everything in life, this human could see both what is positive and what is negative, so it is difficult for him to take just one position; therefore he can act indecisively. He sometimes can be torn apart because he cannot make a simple decision, and then he misses out opportunities in life.

He sometimes can confuse this attitude with the creativity – but he will fail in the realm of an organization, and a regular sense of work. Being creative is never enough, he needs to realise that for some (many) things in life hard work, and goal orientation are necessary.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon in Love

The person who has Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Libra sign is when it comes to all things in life, not just love, a human soul that is very sensitive, somewhat quiet, and has quite a lot of charm that makes his sincere, among other things. People, who are connected to him in an emotional sense, realise this and this is one of the reasons why is this man loved and have no problem in finding lovers.

And one thing must be clear from the start here when it comes to love – this person has a high life pulsation, and his sensibility is associated with his inner sensibility. In fact, it creates excellent support for any social interaction.

For some, this person may seem disinterested, and he can act when sentimental or aesthetic motives are triggered in a person who he might like – he is the type of lover that is in love with beauty, in love with life.

He belongs to the realm of very sentimental people, in love with beautiful and charismatic people. But he is the one that when in love has very sudden emotional changes, things change overnight in his life, even though it is more difficult for balance and harmony.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon in a Relationship

This person is tactful and peaceful at the same time, and he has a gift to reconcile and develop relationships with other people. To really get something done and to succeed in anything that he intends, this person needs to be in a relationship or partnership that complete him. This is one human being who works the best when he has support from his loved one, and this does not exclude his need for freedom.

And many people are attracted to this human – but in fact, he needs time before embarking on a relationship in some serious way. He can enter into some relations that are not so serious, but for marriage, he needs to be sure in what is getting, so his reason will tell him what to do.

When in a serious relationship his loyalty is as reliable as his pronounced sincerity. He is one passionate human being who can show in many cases that emotions and moods are intense, in some cases not at the beginning, but the main thing is that he has passion.

The problems can arise in a relationship, in times when he is too conciliatory, all in the attempt to have harmonious relationships with his lovers.

Best match for Taurus Sun Libra Moon

People with this combination of signs in the aspects of the Sun and the Moon are mostly beings full of charm, mildness, but sometimes they have problems finding the right lover. And the reason is not that he has a great standard and many conditions that his potential lovers must meet, but because he often appears to be indecisive in choosing the right lover.

In one minute he can be wanting one thing, in the other, he might be wanting something completely different. And who can know what is that he wants, or even important question, what he needs at that moment?

So, who can be his right lover that will meet the conditions that even him does not to have? Maybe the right and the only condition that his lovers should meet is that he feels that they are right, deeply in his heart. Cause he is adorned with the pronounced intuition that will prevent him from making a mistake, only if he always listens to this inner voice.

Maybe the perfect lover could be found in the Aries Zodiac sign -someone who will passionately love him, but understand his need for independence in life and love also. The Aries lover will be his partner and support when hard decisions in life should be made, but he will demand unconditional respect and admiration, but the person who has Taurus Libra combination can provide it for his lover.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

Many people love this person since he can be calm when his friends are having a bad time and is always discreet, knows how to keep secrets, but it feels good over a successful and active friendly environment.

Sometimes, he does not immediately accept people; and sometimes he can stubbornly protect his independence.

When it comes to the friendly relations, the human that has Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in the Libra sign, is always full of sympathy, although sometimes under the influence of others that suggest him to act against his instinct. Until he opens to his friends, he will hide his potentials, but when necessary he will play more aggressively to find this place in the world.

This is also one person who hides his vulnerability well, and his friends must be aware of this fact all the time.

Also, when he finds friends and gets close to them, he is desperately afraid of death, or illness that will destroy his relations.

In the end, this is the person who strives to the harmonious vibrations in interpersonal relations, so he always knows who is good for him.


In this astrological combination, where in one person’s natal chart Sun is positioned in the Taurus and the Moon is located in the Libra Zodiac, we can see a certain amount of flexibility, and for this reason, this is good.

In the global, the Moon located in Libra sign, apart from the flexibility, gives creativity to this combination, which makes this person more creative and imaginative than what it would be without the influence of the Libra sign.

When it comes to love, this person provides a lot of things to his lover; it is above all stable and has strictly defined desires. But on the other hand, this interesting person is very rarely prone to adventures in any sense, but he is not boring.

This astrological combination gives this human being a complex personality structure, but the incredible amount of love and beauty in his life. He has the strength and tranquility, and he is blessed with the ability to do things with ease and spontaneity.


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