Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Some people believe in the Astrology and its predictions so fatalistically, that can be compared with some kind of religion, and it is not, and it should not be regarded as such.

This method or secret science does not necessitate anything out of anybody, and it does not rely on postulates for what constitutes a good or moral life, it does not place liability towards any system or viewpoint external to the individual.

All of these things are left to the individual to choose himself what he will do, what kind of life he will lead, and in what he will believe.

But one thing is certain, the Astrology can give the answers that just a few others can, and it can be even compared to some sort of a more spiritual experience.

Today we are not dealing with the Astrology in this sense, but we are focusing our attention just to those people who have Sun and Moon located in Scorpio and Cancer signs.

What this combination provides for the person who has it, and it is compatible? We believe that it is and that this person has so much space for growth.

Good Traits

The power of tender, but also the passionate nature in this combination makes this person very interesting, and he is the one that wants to reveal to others the unrest of his soul. Such a person is mysterious and precious, clear, dreamy and it is not easy to outwit.

He is also very intuitive and discerning, he constantly analyses himself, examining the others and even he is the one that will try to help others to find their true cause in life.

In him, because of the Sun in Scorpio, there is a temptation for something that is remote, inconceivable for many. And in this way, we meet a person who is radiant with increased magnetism, and it is mysterious, difficult to get to know, and is prone to constant escape from reality. This may be good and bad; it all depends on many other factors.

In the end, this person can be seen as smart and tough, this is mostly an introvert personality, who is nevertheless able to always find new ways in the struggle to win the success unless it drowns in its internal suffering.

The best case scenario is the one in which he develops unusual weapon – memory; this we will like to call the most valuable and irreplaceable help in conquering not only material positions but also enviable intellectual independence.

Bad Traits

As far as his flaws go, this is the person who during life, deals with so many fears, that are tearing his soul and mind; and in the first place, he has a fear of ridiculing or criticism.

This fear makes a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Cancer signs discreet, diplomatic and conventional in many ways.

He also has the fear that he will be alone and lonely all of his life, but also he has a fear of his negative or even very dark thoughts that are disturbing him, so he is afraid that he will never be able to find the person who understands him.

He needs to take care of possible behavior that may be masochistic and sadistic; and in this sense, he needs to avoid making his desires a reality, having an illusion of himself and others.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon in Love

You get the picture of the character of this human being, and it can be seen as a clear example in his love life – he is often torn between the rejection of superiority and the desire to ascend. He is, in love relations a person who has strong, and deep feelings.

You can imagine him as the person who wants to have the real and deep love, but when the time comes for its realisation, he pulls back in his shyness, as the result of his fear of rejection or criticism.

And if he leaves his aggression at will, he asks whether this is wise and has a tendency to retreat; if he tries to control others, he is hiding his concerns.

Maybe the best solution in love, for the person who has luminaries located in Scorpio and Cancer connection to follow his intuition, cause then he may conquer his fears.

This is, therefore, receptive and mysterious lover, with a deep and passionate nature, who is extremely intuitive, imaginative when it comes to love and its representations in life. But it is important what kind of lover he has, in a sense that he is very sensitive to impressions from the outside world, and if he is in love in a “positive” person he will be like that, and vice versa.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

Having a solid relationship in life, for the person with such positions of the Sun and Moon, means the world, cause it can be the way that he will deal with some distant fears or the ones that are current and cause the problems in his everyday life.

He is, beyond any doubt a person who is very attractive to people, and in this sense, he does not have any problem in finding a lover; but we must say that he is quieter, shy and more sensitive than a typical representative of the Zodiac sign Scorpio (thanks to the Moons location in Cancer).

He attracts others who feel fascinating when with him, which is a bit troublesome but irresistible. He has a great intuition in evaluating people, and it helps him to solve almost every problem.

What he likes when it comes to love relationships is the romantic and unusual events and a person who will understand that he has a lot of moods ups and downs, and this is enhanced when he is involved in some emotional situations.

Others may say that this human being can show rebellious behavior and inner dissatisfaction because he always seems that one side of his being is not satisfied.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon

He is the type of the lover whose emotional essence can be explained with words like passion, mystery and shadow. He is the one that is full of imagination and sometimes lives in a strange and unreal world, far from reality.

Emotions in him are very strong, he is very sensitive, and in every situation, he tries to protect himself from the possible pain, and this is definitely one aspect that may be problematic for his lovers.

So, this human being needs a lover who is (or can understand) the mysterious nature, who loves with the depths of the soul, who is an artist and a creator, and who has a seemingly imaginative, but morbid imagination. This place belongs only to the one sign -the Pisces lover.

He is the only lover that will understand the deep nature of our candidate and the only one who will have enough understanding to accept him for who his. And more importantly, the Pisces lover is the one that has enough emotions and patience to deal with all of it. And our candidate will know how to be thankful for all of this.

This connection can break only if they grow apart for some reason, but even then there is a great possibility to remain friends.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

The one that has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Cancer sign is the type of friend that must have many hobbies, can be great in the field of his choice, and simply has to be constantly “busy with obligations” in order to be satisfied on a daily basis. He has that passion when doing things that others see incredibly inspiring.

He needs friends that will positively affect the psyche of this person, and since he loves to be around people (regardless of his fears and shyness).

One thing that we must speak of here is the trait in him – this is one “hidden” aspect. He can be very attached to friends and can be a little obsessive when he loves someone – he can suffocate his friends wanting to be with them 24/7, knowing all f their secrets, etc. This can be so obsessive, and unnecessary.

In the end, he often thinks about a lot of things at once, so it’s not unusual to see him scattered and little in his own world, and the real friends are there to assist him in focusing better and overcoming his fears.


In this Astrological connection, where two Water signs meet, one that has the Sun’s position (the Scorpio) and the other that belongs to the Moon (the Cancer). This is, by all means, one very prosperous and compatible connection that can bring so much into the character of this human being, but of course, as the virtues are pronounced, the flaws are also enhanced.

So it is not so much about the flaws and virtues, but more about how he balance them.

In this human being, we meet the strong tendency towards introspection, towards the study of the inner complexity – and this character will reach its peak in the emotional life, that is often connected to the darkness and burning passions.

This is an ideal combination of sensual passion and idealised feelings that this human being has, and this is a part that we must respect. But, we also must say, in the end, that he has a restless nature, overwhelmed by his dreams, confronted with apparent contradictions of the real and the imagined.


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