Aries Woman – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

Aries woman is one of those people who are persistent and ambitious and who are doing their own thing. She is the one that will bang her head through the wall and does not shy away from telling things how they are.

Aries Woman is one of the most ardent, her libido is fierce, strong, which comes to the fore in the first contact, leaving the impression of a person who knows what she wants. Men adore her because she is open, fierce and dynamic, but it does not believe it, because a male world often surrounds her.

One of her main characteristics is stubbornness, and this is the cause of her problems in life. Depending on how she channels that energy, it can take precedence or disadvantage. Read all about her, all good and bad traits and all things that make her one of a kind lover.

Good Traits

The Aries woman is very brave, and unlike any other woman- where others flee from their problems, this woman is confronting her problems and smiles them in the face.  For her, this is the only way to overcome the obstacle, whatever they are – by fighting her way through them.

The Aries woman is independent, strong and full of confidence, and as such, she is often an example for the people who are around her. She’s ambitious and motivated, and she’s never a boring person. She is the one that always makes new plans and has interesting ideas in the head, and it does not merely stay in the imagination, but it can barely enter into realisation.

And, in the end, she is the one that knows how to fight, and if someone knows how to compete in everything – this is her! She does not like to deal with scams in all this, and she knows how to be a fair player. But do not forget, she is the one that likes to win, and she also enjoys watching others as victors.

Bad Traits

But, in all of this glory, the Aries woman is sometimes childish and too eager for the adventure. She is impulsive, and she likes to do what is in her mind-instantly, even if it was immature and unreasonable – she will regret later, but it will be too late to pull back some moves.

Like every woman, she is not perfect and has many flaws; all of her characteristics can be overemphasised and as such become less. Its ambition and desire for success can then turn into selfishness and aggressiveness, and a lack of control over itself.

The Aries woman is often overwhelmed by control and does not realise that people around her have to learn some lessons on her own and that she does not have to be involved in everything. And we will say once again that this could be extremely hard. She is the one that can move its head through the wall, and once if Aries woman creates her opinion and attitude about something, she will hardly change them.

One more negative trait that this woman has is the fact that she likes to argue, maybe even too much, and this could be so irritating for her environment – sometimes from pure peace, to show her domination.

In the end, the woman Aries can sometimes act sarcastically, irritatingly and aggressively, on top of the jealousy in the collection of negative features, especially when she is in love.

Aries Woman in Love

The Aries Woman will go where no one has gone before to find true love, and when you meet this woman, the first thing you will encounter is her sense of intensity and intrigue. An Aries woman is a true challenge, with hidden depths and complex thoughts that not everyone will follow. When she meets her perfect partner (the one that matches her correctly, she becomes sensual, full of understanding and emotional (she is the one that will show her emotionality openly).

Everything becomes extreme when Aries women and life is the most interesting for her when she is in love; above all she is the one that will show loving behavior and needs to make her feel that she is ahead of all in life.

But, outwardly Aries woman she looks strong, she is vulnerable from within, and she needs a partner who will understand this fully. She loves a lot of romance, and great gestures form a partner, and someone who will put up with her jealousy, but jealousy that comes from insecurity (that she will be abandoned, left, hurt, not loved enough, etc.).

But, those who deeply fall in love with the Aries woman should consider themselves lucky, but they have to be exciting as personalities to have her attention for a long time. The Aries woman in love is very capable, as well as the fact that she is perfectly in life and when she is alone – this is a perfect balance, and the opportunity for her to learn who she is.

She treats all people as if they are all equal, but one who has a line of good people has priority. Her extravagant and romantic nature is constantly intertwined; she is direct in love, and sometimes shocking, but has an approach that is extremely valuable. People should value this kind of honesty and direct approach.

The Aries woman in Love is quite sure that she can conquer, and possesses the innocent aura, which after a major reversal. She can be seen as a virgin, but her confidence and enthusiasm represent a direct, honest and straightforward personality that others find hard to resist.

In love, and when she is in love, the Aries woman will never be in trouble, and it is rare that she will disappoint, but she is not the one that apologies for her mistakes, she just always goes just ahead.

Aries Woman in a Relationship

As far as the Aries woman is in question, she either loves or does not like. No middle in her life, be sure of it; and when love connections are concerned, this is the type of girl that is very easy to understand. There are no hidden cards, or similar love games, she will never play that game, and will always be a fair play player. She does not play with emotions, and this is very important to have in emotional life, and relationships.

The distance relationship is not for her, because she appreciates physical closeness with her partner, and will never endure the pain that will jealousy cause for her. The Aries woman is jealous and does not function at long distances because they do not have things under their control.

If a man likes it, it will tell him that she loves him, and what she wants to have with him, as an act of concrete flirting.

If the Aries woman is in long term connection, she trusts her partner to the sky and supports all his efforts, even when they are wrong. Sometimes she is able even to hide his partner’s faults, doing things for him instead, and neglecting his problems. She is the one that has the energy for two, which does not go to its advantage and is often used by the other side.

If the emotions start to face and disappear, this woman will easily overcome the breakdown of the relationship. True, the Aries woman is strong and independent but does not endure any weakness next to her. An ambitious partner who follows her ideas and pace suits her, but the one who will occasionally be able to enter into a conflict with others and choose for her attitude. She does not like jealous guys who are stifling her freedom and are telling her what to do and where to go further, this is out of the question.

The Aries woman is romantic and enjoys beautiful things in a relationship, but she does not create unrealistic feelings, and unrequited love is not something that she will have to catch. A person with such ego, there is no time to suffer because of impossible love. If something does not go, she does not insist – she goes on and finds something that she wants.

It should be kept in the thought that a woman in this sign does not like flattering and false compliments, and if someone tries to get close to her with an overly fake emotional outburst, she will run out of her head no matter!

Best Match for Aries Woman

For the Aries woman, the most suitable for Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac sign partner.

Aquarius is the lover that likes independence and is as fierce just like the Aries woman, and even if this connection there can always be confrontations but these two cannot simply live one with another.

The problem can only arise if the Aries woman wants to dominate what a proud and independent Aquarius lover will not allow it. For this passionate relationship to work, one of them must give it a bit of a boost and learn to make a compromise.

The Aries woman and Gemini lover will always have a passionate connection, and it is associated with joint activities that both enjoy. Gemini and Aries are tireless, active and always looking for adventures in which they will expand their knowledge. This connection can be tempted when Aries woman tries to take away the role of the leader, and this is the situation where Gemini partner should learn that leadership is important to Aries and should let him “command”.

When it comes to this relationship between Aries woman and Leo lover, we can see two Zodiac signs that are equally eccentric and passionate to the bone. These two perfectly agree and complement each other in the bed.

The connection between the two will spice up with its irresistible sense of humor that not many other lovers can share. However, problems will arise when Aries women feel that she has ceased to dominate, while Leo secretly desires this role and tries to have it. If they manage to avoid this conflict and agree about it, this passionate relationship could soon turn into marriage because there is great mutual love, respect and loyalty.

In the end, we will mention one more connection that could work for the

Aries woman and we are talking about the Sagittarius lover – this is the love story that has great potential. The Aries woman is more intense, while the Sagittarius lover is eager to have fun. Both characters are emotionally and physically strong and ready to compromise, which is great for a relationship. Going for any kind of mutual activity will always encourage a competitive spirit in which they are both prone, and that will boost mutual passion.

However, they should be careful not to use the competitive spirit elsewhere, since the Aries woman could not forgive fraud that Sagittarius lover will potentially do.

Aries Woman as a Friend

The characteristic of the Aries woman is her commitment to family and friends, but also here she is again the centre of the world – if she is not in the centre of the attention of her friends, she cannot be happy.

Her friends must be loyal and always must try hard to get an impression and impress this woman, and she will pay back this admiration and love, she will give everything for such friends, and will be loyal to the grave.

Anything else that may happen in her life (career or love affair) will never distract her from her friends – she always tries to maintain good relations with friends and relatives and find a compromise.

Also, we must mention that the Aries woman is very independent and she does not like that anyone, even the best friend, takes too much of her time and space. Her friends must have to guarantee her full freedom – or they will not be friends.

In exchange, her friend can count on friendly assistance in difficult situations. She likes her friends, she is happy to help them, and if someone can organise a surprise party for a friend, fellow, cousin – then that’s her!

Aries Woman as a Mother

The Aries woman is a real warrior, so her approaches everything in her life as if she were starting a battle. Motherhood is not for the weak, and she is never weak – she has the faith to be the best mom ever, and the only shock can be that moment when this woman realise that her baby does not completely depend on her.

She is in some way independent, and she needs to realise that she has to focus her energy in the direction toward her child and to allow him to have a controlled environment but also to have the independence that is necessary for her growth.

The Aries woman is full of life and will do all the necessary sacrifices for her children, the escape from her identity will never be one of them. She can raise children with strictly determined rules and without concessions.

If the family is proud of her, there is no limit to the Aries woman self-esteem.


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