Pillow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Pillow is not just an object that we put on our beds so that we could sleep comfortably, and it is much more – it knows secrets, our tears, pain, and also all about our pleasures.

But what if that object appears as a dream motive? Does it then share the same characteristics? Read in this piece.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Pillow

Some say that the dream that is connected to the Pillow as the main motive could be an indication of illness – maybe you will catch a cold due to insufficient care for yourself. It does not have to mean anything tragic, but you will certainly spend some time in the bed, on the Pillow.

Another meaning is that you will shed tears for love, it can be due to the person who does not see you as the potential lover, but it could be just a misunderstanding between the two of you.

You are probably in love with a person who does not reciprocate your feelings and does not intend to be in a serious relationship with you.

You will often play all kinds of games, such as pretending to be indifferent and cool, which will aim to present you in a different light and make him pay attention to you.

It will bring you short-term success, but in the long run, it will only delay inevitable – maybe this is the dream that brings you the knowledge not act in this way anymore.

One dream that is very common, and that is connected to the Pillow, is the one where the person dreams that he or she are falling on a large number of pillows, of having a pillow decrease their impact on the ground, or of trying to suffocate them with a pillow, and in that sense dreams in which the Pillow is the basic or sole and dominant motive have very different meanings.

In the first version, this is the dream that says that you are the person that needs back up in life so that you can overcome your fears.

To dream of shaking a pillow implies that you will turn over a new leaf in life since you are not happy with how things turn out to be in the last period. In the previous period, you had a need to get away from everything and think carefully about what you want in life.

You have allowed yourself to be weak and to seek the help of people who love you and whose strength will get you back on track. You will recharge your batteries and move decisively to new victories and conquests that you have set for yourself.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Pillow

In dreams, pillows, as a rule, signifies happiness in love, in business and in life in general, although in some interpretations their appearance in dreams may in some cases be poor symbolism. In those terms, the dreams that are connected to the pillows signify your weakness and your inner need to feel safe and avoid some problem in life.

When you dream of lying down and resting on a lot of comfortable pillows that are fluffy and very comfortable, it is a sign that you are entertaining and too carefree and relaxed and enjoy false security and happiness, so you will “wake up” – then the reality will hit you like a hammer and you will soon find out that life is much harder than you think.

When you dream of falling from a high altitude in a dream and suddenly seeing salvation in a pillow (that will prevent you from dying from the force of impact), it is not as good a symbolism as one might even assume at first glance, and signifies the most frequent break.

In this case, this the break of any meaningful emotional connections that you are having in your real life, or in some other case, such a dream could be a symbol of a big and strong failure in business and some financial loss, as well as a potential argument with friends and co-workers.

When you dream of the softness and lightness that shows up in your dream world and where you see yourself relaxing on your Pillow, in reality, you are a very unhappy and very unfortunate human being who is prone to depression.

The main problem is that you do not change anything in your life, but live in the hope that everything will be solved on its own, and it never does happen in that way.

Also, one of the versions of this dream is the one in which someone puts a pillow over your face in your dream, and you feel suffocated, it usually means that you need to relax more in reality, and to reduce anxieties and fears that do not allow you to be happy and to relax and enjoy yourself.

If you feel that the Pillow in your dream is too heavy, such a dream could also signify your distrust and skepticism about everyone around you, as well as the need to constantly, unnecessarily check, test and doubt your unrealistic situations with your emotional partners or dear friends and your close family.

In such version of a dream, where your Pillow is uncomfortable, in reality, it is the symbol of some of the big worries that make you very tired, and you do not manage to find a solution and to relax finally.

If the Pillow in your dream is made out of silk, it is wonderful and comfortable, in that case, such a dream signifies that possibly soon you will get rich because you were not lazy and worth the work and invested the knowledge and effort. You know that hard work and good investment will pay off very soon.

But, if you have lost your favorite Pillow in a dream, and you are struggling to find it, it symbolizes that you are ready for great suffering and renunciation, and for someone else’s well-being and happiness and that although some situation will bring you suffering and pain, you are determined is to give up someone or something that is very important and valuable to you in life.

Do I have to be worried?

The Pillow is a symbol of rest, sleep, softness, respite from worries, but also love longings and the famous “whispering on the pillow”. Pillows signify partnership, rest from worry, tranquility or support, and as a rule, have a positive meaning in real life, so you do not have to be worried.

In many cases, such a dream symbolizes that you are the person who loves comfort, and enjoyment, but also someone who is able to work very hard, and in the end, the one that can have some good results in life.

In some cases, you exhibit true care about the people who are close to you, along with the necessary skepticism, and in this sense, this is not a bad dream to have.

As some like to point out, this is the dream that could bring some negative connotation, in the case where it can be the announcement of small health care, but these dreams are not very common.

What to do if I had this dream?

Think of the importance of rest that you have or do not have in life; while you are in bed, you will think about things you would like to do and how to listen to the well-meaning advice of experts and loved ones.

As soon as you get well, your daily commitments will occupy you and take your time, so you will continue as usual. The Pillow could take its primary purpose, and it does not have to be anything that is a sign of depression, for example.

In some cases, when you, for instance, dream about the hard Pillow, in that case, think about all things that you are not able to do, on a daily basis, even if you would like to do it.

Try to manage to fall asleep, and some answers will come to you; because this dream also indicates that you are in reality “biting your conscience” as a result of some actions or that you may be very remorseful or very suffering because of some of the acts you have committed.

All in all, try to make the rest that you are taking, to become a place of, and let the Pillow be the tool that is taking you to happy dreams.


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