Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Did you know that the Astrology can be “interested” not just in the future of a single person, but also in the future of nations, political parties, and world events that affect us all?

Yes, it can, and in some way, this is so reasonable since we all are connected in some way, and in the same luminaries touches us all – we are all under the same Sun and the same Moon.

And this is an aspect that astrology recognises and it bases its analyses on it – today we are dedicating our time to the people who have Sun located in Pisces and Moon positioned in Sagittarius sign.

Read in the next few lines what this means in some practical way for a person who has this aspect in its natal chart.

Good Traits

He is a versatile human being who can do, says and goes in many directions, he has in many ways elastic and expressive (he is not so passive, as Pisces usually are).

He lives in a way that he is fully aware that he is a part of a wider whole, and are always ready to help others in this way, cause every living human being is connected to him, and he sees this as his duty and moral obligation.

In some deeper introspective a person who has Sun and Moon in Pisces and Sagittarius sign has a great ability to defend his individuality and freedom (the two most important aspect in the life of this individual).

So, he goes his own way safely, he knows what he wants to leave in the world, and he knows that they are good and that he will do so much good for the majority.

Also, he is the one that sees himself as the defender of justice, and the one that is good in using his kindness and directions are his favorite weapon.

He can be seen as the person who is seen everywhere, and he is an approachable person in a sense that he is promoted by his own correctness and openness to everything that is new –  this all comes because of the fact that he is ready to further develop his personality harmoniously.

This human being is deeply intuitive, and even more, he is the one that knows how to use this feature as a useful tool in spiritual and intellectual development.

As you can see, growth and development are a major thing for this human being.

In the end, if his attempts to make a world a better place fail, he will always have rich imagination that will surely succeed.

Bad Traits

For him, and this is not the trait that many people will see as good, chaos has its greatness, but only to those who are capable will see this, and others he will look as inferior.

So, he is a versatile, good-natured, broad-minded person who seeks the ideal and sense of his existence.

Sometimes, he is able to see certain things even more in-depth than others, and cannot understand how others cannot see what he see.

Looking things from the outside, this human being does not always act outwardly from the outside; it can even be shy and closed so that others can have an unrealistic picture of his nature.

He has exceptional irresponsibility in his life, and sometimes lives in the chaos that is reasonable only to him, and sometimes he can make much more harm, than good, cause he cannot wait the right moment to act.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love

In love, a human being who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Sagittarius sign does not like any limitation and slowing down, so he is inclined to start something easy but also finishes with the same ease.

He can be prone to having many different relations at the same time, or he can be involved with people who are bad for him (he is lead with the desire to help them and to change them, but this is not possible, and sometimes it is not even healthy for him, in any sense of that word).

Sometimes he can find love in some interesting places, far from his home, with people who are stranger, but in him, it is all about the passion and the moment (if he feels it, he will follow that feeling at that moment, there is no doubt that he will do it).

One thing must be said here -in the life of this human in some periods of his life there can be a period where he shows an extraordinary ambition and careers can be important.

However, this person finds himself most in family life, where he is in love, happy.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon  in a Relationship

All of this is fine -a person with such luminary position feels that when he loves he grows, and that the true happiness is found in the realm o love, not anywhere else.

The keyword that if following him, also in love relationships is freedom, n every sense of that word. He must have freedom of thought, speech, and action while with someone, or alone.

He is seen as a carefree, friendly and optimistic lover, who is probably quite restless at an early age.

However, he is intuitive and idealistic; he often wonders what kind of spiritual horizons hide in life, and will he find it. He thinks that he will find it at the moment when he settles down.

What also must be said is that this human being is the most open, honest, among all people who have Sun located in the Pisces sign.

He is a very direct and social person, and also a lover, he has a nice sense of humor, but this also means that he at times hides his feelings, and his lovers must be prepared for such events.

In the end, this is the person who very quickly enters romantic and other relations, but he also gets out of them quickly -do not be surprised if you are one among many of his lovers.

It is very hard for this person to tie permanently to someone, regardless of his desire to do so.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon

So, emotionally, this person is able to love so much, he has very concrete desires, and he does not like things that are fake, and will never participate in something that is like that.

He is a more dynamic and talkable person than, and he responds by choosing emotional relationships and loving much, but he needs to feel it before he starts anything.

The perfect lover for this human being is born in Zodiac sign Leo.

These two lovers can be a part of one flaming combination that promises a love affair full of excitement, passion and common adventure -they are similar in this way and fully aware of their potential.

This love combination carries the potential for achieving a very happy and healthy love affair and very often these two will surround themselves with a lot of children and will make their lives in a way that they will enjoy so much.

A loving relationship between these two love birds can be endowed with happiness, success and positive events in the future, and we believe that they can resolve all of their issues with the good communication, and in any argument, our candidate will step of first letting the Leo lover be right.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon as a Friend

People with such a combination of luminaries in the horoscope is very rarely average, and we must say the person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Sagittarius is not above others in any way, but because he considers that the inequality of human beings is an obstacle to the progress of humanity, and he will never allow it. Just because of his attitude and the somewhat optimistic approach he is seen as amazing.

And we come to his friends, they need to be aware of his mission, and it cannot be in the opposite direction with it, they all have to create a better future for all.

He is a great optimist and a person who knows how to enjoy life, in all joys that it brings, so his friends usually have an amazing time with him.

Some can see him as an opportunist, as the person who wants to use all opportunities that life provides, and that in this way he uses people – this sometimes can be true but he is just like that, he does not want to harm anyone.


Astrologers say that this luminary connection gives birth of people who have an optimistic, confidential, generous and peaceful nature, ready to live with all their fullness. All of these virtues can be seen in all of his actions, but most of it can be seen in his love for the entire humanity.

He is lead by the two ideas – freedom and growth, so anything that will interfere with one of these aspects will be removed from his life as soon as possible.

Some say that this person can be – confused in life in the sense what is the direction that he will take, and this is true. In this way, he can be very unorganised, and this is an aspect that mostly affects his environment.

In the end, this is the person who is always ready for risks, and if you look at his actions, he is the person ready for all sorts of adventures, even those that are emotional nature.


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