Dream About Rotten Teeth – Meaning and Symbolism

Teeth are a part of our digestive system, they are located in our mouth.

So the main reason we have teeth is because we need them to chew our food, we wouldn’t be able to swallow the full size bite without choking so we need teeth.

A doctor, professional which is educated in the health care of teeth is called the dentist.

People should see their dentists at least once a month, for regular controls and to keep their teeth healthy.

But here is the problem,  for a while now people are afraid of dentists they even have phobia of dentist.

So that person requires a special guidance, a lot of reassurance and mental support in order to go to the dentist.

When you miss out on regular dentist appointments the chance of rotting your teeth rises.

Just like going to the doctor when you feel ill or weak, you should visit your dentsit more often if you want healthy gums and teeth.

Dentists are also qualified to preform a surgery if there is something wrong with your teeth that could do a lot of damage.

Dentists are also people that make braces for people who have trouble with the line of their teeth and that way they come closer and they become prettier.

Those with braces especially need to go to the dentist almost all the time, he or she needs to take track of your progress and they need to make some adjustments because your teeth are moving all the time with braces.

So there are a lot of different reasons which are indicating that you need to visit dentist. But also you have to take care of your dental hygiene, you should brush your teeth and floss few times a day.

If you don’t then your teeth become yellow and they can even be rotten. So why do we dream about rotten teeth?

You see this dream is not that common, it is actually truly strange and sometimes it may appear so scary that we list these dreams into nightmares.

Rotten teeth in a dream are not a good sign for the person who dreams about it. Rotten teeth are actually a symbol of problems and conflicts within yourself and with others.

These dreams are  also a sign that you are not feeling happy and fulfilled, you have everything you need but there is simply something that is missing.

Perhaps you are lacking love, maybe you just need to feel loved by someone in a brand new way.

Perhaps you are feeling like a failure for some particular reason and that could be tricky because maybe the reality is not like that but your head says otherwise.

These types of dreams are a sign that you are not really sure what you want out of life and you are not doing anything when it comes to that matter.

Perhaps this type of a dream is a sign that you are not feeling like yourself for some reason.

Maybe something happened and that changed you, so now you do not even know who you are and what you like. In that case you should rediscover yourself all over again.

Dreaming about rotten teeth could also be a sign that you are not acting right towards the people who love you.

Sometimes they are just a sign of temporary confusion or perhaps they are a sign of some serious condition.

Sometimes they may appear as a good sign for example there are cases in which dreaming about rotten teeth means that you are reaching out towards your goals. But in general they do not have the best meaning in the world.

So dreaming about rotten teeth could mean a lot of things, details are important because they are the ones who separate meanings and dreams.

If you want to find the exact meaning behind your dream you need to remember your dream the right way or try and write it out the moment you wake up.

Dreams are mysterious and tricky but we can find the meaning behind them without many complications. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

The Most Common Dreams About Rotten Teeth

Dreaming about other people’s rotten teeth- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about other people’s rotten teeth, then this type of a dream could be a sign of possible enemies around you.

You have to keep your eyes constantly open and you need to protect yourself from others.

You can protect yourself by keeping your mouth shut and by choosing the right people to be by your side.

Remember you never know what someone is capable of doing so always be cautious and never underestimate your opponent in anything.

Dreaming about teeth falling out of your mouth- Well this type of a dream is not a pleasant one at all, it is actually really scary.

If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about your teeth falling out, then this type of a dream could be both negative and positive sign and that depends on you.

So the good sign could be that you will be loved by people, it means that you could start something new which includes you connecting with others.

Perhaps you should think about medical career or becoming a professor.

But in most cases this dream is not a good sign at all.

You could have known that instantly, this dream is connected with your deep emotions and fears.

This type of a dream could also be a sign of low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Also these types of dreams could mean that you are starting a new chapter of your life, maybe you are not aware of that yet.

But there is a chance that you are ending one chapter and starting another.

This could be bad because this change is not necessarily good and it doesn’t mean that it will be good for you.

Perhaps this will be something painful but you will survive because you have to.

So don’t worry too much but collect yourself a little bit because you are a mess currently.

Dreaming about broken teeth during a certain trauma- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about your teeth being broken because of a certain trauma, then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are not thinking through your words.

This type of a dream could be a red flag because your behaviour is critical.

When you say something you can’t take it back easily so you should be careful when picking words that you want to say to someone.

Words can be your power or your weakness and that is your decision.

Instead of insulting someone or picking up their flaws, why don’t you say something good that could lift their confidence and to make their day better.

But your main problem is that you are destructive during arguments and conversations, you are making a war with that person even if there is no war present.

So learn to stay quiet, sometimes silence is the key of everything so keep that in mind all the time.

Dreaming about seeing a toothless individual- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about seeing a toothless individual, then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are feeling like you are not young anymore.

This does not necessarily mean that you are getting old, actually this means that you feel that way because of the lack of strength and motivation.

You should take this condition seriously and go to see your doctor, perhaps depression is present in your life or maybe you are sick.

Lack of motivation can be caused by poor decisions and poor habits.

So if you want to change something you need to start with changing yourself.

Everything can be better if you put some effort in it.

But also this could be a sign that you are feeling like you were more popular before than you are now.

Dreaming about chipped teeth- If you had a dream like this, then this type of a dream could be a sign that you need to change something in your life.

Perhaps there is a certain problem which needs to be resolved.

But the thing is if you want to resolve it you must dig deeper than you thought.

So if you want your life to be the way you want it to be then be ready for sacrifices and for some adjustments.

But before you start changing your life be sure that you choose in which direction you want to go.

Dreaming about something jammed in your teeth- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about something jammed in your teeth, then this type of a dream is a sign that you have a big issue in life.

This issue needs to be resolved but then there is another problem you do not know how to resolve this problem.

So you need to gather your thoughts and put all the focus you have on finding the solution.

If you think that you won’t be able to fix this then be sure that that is not true.

Every problem has a solution you just need to find it.

And remember work smart not hard.

Dreaming about pain located in the tooth- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about painful tooth, then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are going through a stressful period of your life.

This stress is causing a lot of health issues for example weight loss, headaches, anaemia, sleep deprivation, maybe even depression.

Stress never got anyone anywhere so you have to be relaxed, find a way to let go of the stress.

Maybe go on a vacation or somewhere where your mind is free and calm.

You must do this as soon as possible because your health is in danger.

Stress is the main cause of almost every disease so do not let it be the cause of something for you too.

Dreaming about seeing or having fake teeth- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about having or seeing fake teeth, then this type of a dream is a sign that you are afraid of discovering what others think of you.

When you are obsessed with others perception of you then you won’t have a life of your own.

Why would you care what they think?

The only person whose opinion matters is your own, you should only work on you for you.

Everyone comes and goes except you, so take care of yourself.


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