Mars Sextile Saturn

When we see, in a planetary sense, two planets that are “married” in a positive way, like in a sextile position, that is maybe not the most important, but it is relevant and meaningful for the person who has such an aspect in its natal chart.

At the end of this piece, you will see that this position is also very important on a global scale, especially for business.

Here, the two “married” planets are Mars and Saturn, and we already know that Mars is the symbol of a driving capability and the initiative for action – everything that moves is connected to Mars, but that movement is always fast and furious.

On the other side of the specter, we can see Saturn that symbolizes time and solid, stable material forms that can take the test of time.

So, the question is, how can we combine these two, seemingly different energies that should be connected in a positive way? Read here.

General Characteristics

Sextile is an aspect or angular link that signifies agreements between planetary symbolisms that are mutually supportive and that draws all the best out of each other – how can these two planets met and produce something good?

Seemingly very easily.

In this case, Mars and Saturn cooperate with each other in creating something that needs to be in material form, and that will have its permanence in time – and the people who have this aspect they feel the need to take the initiative to invest their energy in working on an important long-term project.

This is true in their personal life, and in their work, maybe the most is seen in the work area of life – maybe the idea that is behind all of this is durability and longevity of everything they do.

They do not invest their energy if they are not able to finish it and make it last.

Some famous people who have this aspect in their natal charts are Pablo Picasso, Elena Ford, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Katy Perry, O. J. Simpson, Mike Barson, Weird Al Yankovic and Edgar Cayce.

Good Traits

What is good about this sextile is the fact that the planet Mars here is responsible for the investment of the energy, and what Saturn does is that he is present for the things that stable -provides resources, rules, and laws. Whatever it takes to ensure that stability is present.

If they are able to invest their energy into the work, and if they are able to obey the instruction, then this sextile brings the symbolism that allows a safe path in the development of an accomplishment or goal.

These people are blessed with the strong initiative and are able to invest and direct force with taking responsibility, adhering to the rules. It is best for them to be on the top of the game because they can move strings and not others; this is the way of life that completes them.

In the best possible scenario when they get the support and help of nature in the creative process – they could truly rule the world (if they want).

Bad Traits

We already know that everything we want to accomplish requires the use of energy and time, and in this sextile aspect, this principle is supported and leads the safe path to realization, with it being only one of the developmental stages towards the end goal and not just the ultimate goal.

But, in their case, sometimes this energy is so strong, even if it is the energy that makes them valuable, hardworking, responsible and very efficient, that above all they want to prove themselves to the world.

Sometimes this is not possible by using already proven established and traditional methods.

New and modern times often require a change, and they are not always able to provide it when they should, so instead of progressing in the right direction, they stagnate, and this is the worst possible scenario that could ever happen in their lives, to stay long in one place.

Any stagnation means that you are resisting to the process of life, and it is energy that goes to waste.

Love Matters

In love, these are the people who must have a large amount of equilibrium and stability in personal connection, because they have (but they are suppressing) the need for necessary and constructive changes and this is the aspect when problems occur.

It is a known fact that you cannot be so rigid when in a relationship – it is mandatory to prove that you are able to change your lover.

People who have this aspect in their natal charts must find their way in love because only then they will find a great opportunity for significant achievements and improvements in terms of relationships in the smallest social unit such as family or with their lovers.

So, patience is crucial, because the planet Saturn, by nature, in this fast-paced and impatient Mars, helps to acquire the characteristic of patience and perseverance- if they lose it, their lovers must have it abundantly.

Among other things, this sextile has the symbolism of the reliance on personal experience and on innate potentials, but also on the experiences of the past.

These people are well aware of the fact that the shortest way to success is by adhering to established rules and simply doing what successful people do, but this also means that they could fear of new love, because sometimes in the past they have been hurt badly.

And they should not be scared of anything, especially not scared of love – they have no need to experiment and change rules, but to apply and keep them functional.

No one knows what the future will bring, but if they are closed and scared of the tomorrow, then they cannot be happy in love. When you are not open for pain, you are not open for love either, and an empty heart is worse than the broken one.

Work Matters

Here, we have a lot to say, since the ideal occupations for the people with this sextile position in their natal charts are those concerning the implementation of rules or laws in work, and the maintenance of order and discipline in the society they live in.

Simply said, they can become defenders and law enforcers on the principle that Saturn is a judge and Mars is the enforcer of the decision.

They can also be very successful in managing businesses organized by a specific hierarchical structure, most often in government institutions and large corporations.

They love the path that is leading toward the top – there is an enjoyment in the competition, but the rules must be respected, and there must be a fair game.

This sextile position between Mars and Saturn can include work on the extraction of metallurgic sources, or maybe investigating land for laying bases or infrastructure, etc.

This is also symbolic of someone who is able to perform their duties, who is skilled in leadership responsibly in directing action and who can take on the necessary responsibilities – even if they get involved with some art, or other creative work, they can maintain in the business for a long time, since they are able to follow the necessary rules.

In this case, they can expect success, but also they endanger that they will be run over by the time that will bring someone new and fresh into the picture.

We can also imagine this symbolism as a man who invests his energy in his work and thus climbs the career ladder, and they usually do.

As you were able to see in our celebrity example, there are not so many of them that are “famous”, and the majority of them are somewhere hidden in the corporate world, where they do not show their faces too often,  but they are pulling strings and are climbing their path.


When this aspect occurs in transit, progress, and course, it presents the opportunity to progress in the development of an important project or goal of long-term significance through the use of traditionally proven methods.

Note for all of you who are reading this – pay extra attention when this transit is on the night sky, then all things that are relevant are aligning so that you could collect the fruits of the hard and dedicated work.

This sextile is present, and it can teach us how to achieve success by being disciplined and responsible in our actions, and most importantly, it teaches us perseverance and patience.

This is the traditional way of succeeding – follow the necessary steps, invest your energy, and in the end, it will pay off.

The sextile that is between the planet Mars and the planet Saturn emphasizes the strength of both planets and their strong and very effective cooperation -people who have it in their chart could use it abundantly.

This will most affect the communication and orderings in the family, so now is the right time to make arrangements for a stable family relationship or any personal one.

Globally, this sextile directs material and financial resources towards the achievement of significant and long-term social goals, which opens possibilities for improvement of the current global situation in society with the possibility of beginning something new that will go towards better productivity and enhancement of interpersonal associations.

All in all, when this sextile “speaks”, we all should listen and follow its lead; in the end, the only thing that we could lose is our time, and even then, it would not be lost, it will be “invested” in the future success that will last longer.


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