Dreams About Falling – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about falling are very common. We have all experienced them at one point in our life and we don’t all know the meaning behind them.

Since they are so common, we will list some of the most common dreams about falling and their interpretation.

Dream about falling in general

This dream has a negative meaning. if you had a dream about falling or simply a dream where you felt like you were falling, then this means that your plans will fail and that you won’t be able to complete them.

If you have just started doing something new and exciting, be sure that this won’t be a success after all. This dream also relates to an enormous amount of disillusionment about something. To make your plans work, be prepared to avoid certain obstacles and to figure out a way to make your plans work.

Dream about falling down the ladder

This dream also has a negative meaning. You will be forced to surrender to something or someone and therefore your plans and ambitions will be extinguished. This dream relates to our relationships with other people and misunderstandings that can appear because of false communication.

Person with whom you might have a misunderstanding is someone who is superior to you and someone who has the last word when it comes to fulfillment of your plans. Try working on your communication and give your best to avoid surrendering, if that plan or situation means the world to you.

This dream also reminds you to be more responsible and to fulfill all of your duties. Maybe you have been negligent about your obligations and now is the time to focus more on them.

Dream about falling of a boat

This dream also has a negative meaning. You need to be more careful in the upcoming period in your life. Perhaps you have accepted a certain obligation, like fixing something or getting a certain plan to work. If this is the case, make sure that you are being extra cautious when you are dealing with something, because you might get injured.

This dream is usually interpreted as a warning, so you should be very careful. You might also feel abandoned by people or isolated by your social circle.

Dream about falling from the roof

Dream about falling of the roof represents isolation you might experience in the upcoming period. Your friends or your family could abandon you because of something you said or did, and you feel lonely and depressed because of this.

To make this situation better, try explaining your actions or simply say that you are sorry about what you have said or done. Even though we can get angry with people around us, we need them in our lives more than we think.

Dream about falling into the snow

This dream represents a possible drawback in your career and business life. You will have troubles completing your jobs and work obligations and this is not a good period to start doing something new or to gable with new ideas.

Instead, focus on trying to avoid obstacles on your way and make the best out of it.

Dream about falling of the balcony

This dream has a negative meaning. You will be experiencing problems in your relationship and your lover might even leave you. This is not a good period for love at all, and every new relationship you start at this time will have a similar outcome.

This dream can also be related to separation due to travelling or work obligations that your partner needs to accomplish. You need to have more understanding for him or her in order to make your relationship to work.

Dream about falling and hurting yourself

This dream represents a bad sign. You will have bad luck that will follow you in the period to come and you should avoid starting something new or risking with something. You will suffer greatly in the next period so you should be prepared for loses and damages.

Dream about a star falling on you

This dream also has a negative meaning. You will be unable to perform a task or your projects will fall apart quickly. Luck won’t be on your side in the upcoming period and everything you have imagined is better off left waiting for a better time.

You will certainly experience disappointment and your dreams will definitely be crushed.

Dream about falling from a great height

This dream has a positive meaning. It represents that you will be promoted on your job or that you will get a bonus at work. This is a good period to start doing something new or good period to start a new project.

You might even get praise from your boss for doing such a good work and this will be an important period in your life, business-wise. Make sure to use this time to achieve as much as you can, because opportunities like this don’t come easy.

Dream about falling and waking up after it

This dream has again, negative meaning. You will have bad luck in the following period and it will remain with you for a while. You might experience damage on a larger scale and you will have to confront these damages and try to figure out a way to solve the problems that happened.

Dream about falling from a small height

This dream means you will experience a smaller damage in your life. You might have problems in communication with others and your plans will not go as you imagined. However, this will only last for a while and you won’t be damaged on a larger scale.

Perhaps you will lose something or you will accidentally break something because you were clumsy. So, don’t be afraid and take extra care of your things and possessions.

Dream about feeling the pain after the fall

This dream means you will feel extreme anxiety and stress regarding something that didn’t go according to plan. Perhaps you have been annoyed by someone because he or she didn’t do their job, which left you in a tough position.

It is important to stay focused and to try ignoring the things that are making you anxious and stressed. Sometimes we can’t beat a certain situation so we have to adapt to it.

Dream about someone else falling

This dream reflects your relationship with someone. This person might be experiencing personal problems and you can feel their troubles. If you don’t know how to help them, it is best to ask them how they feel and what can you do for them.

This person is someone close to you who needs your support and your attention, and you can feel that they require just that. Dream where you see this person falling represents their suffering and a need for your help.

Dream about falling for a long time

This dream has a negative meaning. Your social status might be at risk because of something you did or something you said. To make this situation better, you will have to face your problems and stop running away from them.

If you continue to run away from your problems, they will get worse and your social status will be completely ruined. There is no situation in life that you can’t solve so get up and start doing something about it.

Dream about falling (for those in love)

If you have a partner and you had this dream, your relationship is at risk. You will have to be careful around your partner and very careful about the things you say or do. Your relationship could be at risk because your partner might be going cold on you and you can feel that.

Falling usually represents desperation and this is exactly how we feel when we lose that connection with our loved ones. It is always best to talk with your partner before we make any conclusions by ourselves.

Dream about falling (business people)

Falling in a dream, when you are a businessman or woman, it represents that you will experience bad luck with your revenue. Your business plans won’t go as planned and you will probably lose money along the way. This is not a good time to start doing something new or to focus on a new business venture.

It is best to stay low and to try dodging obstacles that will be coming your way. This won’t last for a long time, so you will be able to go back onto your feet pretty soon.

Dream about falling and getting on your feet

This dream represents that you will be able to overcome obstacles that will come your way. You will figure out a way to make it work and nothing will stand on your way. Every project and business venture you begin during this period will be done successfully and this could be a great time to start doing something new and exciting.

Dream about falling and staying down

Unlike previous interpretation, this one has a negative meaning. You will probably experience a loss or damage of some kind. Life will become pretty chaotic and you will have to give in a lot of effort in order for it to get back on track.

This is best done by staying focused on your goal and not straying around too much. Strength and endurance is something you must learn and you shouldn’t give up on a sign of a first obstacle.

Dream about falling together with your partner

This dream has a very positive sign. You will be experiencing nice moments together and you might even go on a trip together. You feel great amount of admiration from your partner and you feel the same way about them.

This is the time to enjoy your love and to celebrate every moment of it. Those who have been in love for a while might even decide to tie the knot.

Dream about a stranger falling

This dream represents financial difficulties. You might lose money due to new projects you have started or you might experience failure of your business or business project you have started.

Overall, this dream has a very negative symbolism regarding money issues, so be careful with your money and investments in the upcoming period.

Dream about falling (sick person)

For a sick person or person with health issues, falling represents that they will get worse. If your condition wasn’t too bad, this is a good time to visit your doctor to check out your overall health. If you notice that your condition might be getting worse, don’t hesitate to seek advice.

Dream about falling into the sea

This dream has a positive meaning. You will be in good health and if you were sick before, all of your health troubles will go away. You will recover quickly and be able to continue your daily activities after a long period of resting and not moving.

Dream about falling through the window

This dream has, again, negative meaning. Especially if the window is somewhere high up, you will experience money problems and bad luck will follow you for a while. Don’t start something new at this period and avoid taking risks of any kind, because this won’t end up beneficially for you.

Dream about falling into the river

This dream has a positive meaning. You will hear some good news that will affect you greatly and you will be able to profit from this news. Don’t avoid socializing and hanging around with people, because this is exactly where you will hear important and exciting news.

Dream about falling from a mountain

This dream has a negative meaning. It represents one of your characteristics and that is arrogance. If you are someone who has a good social status, wealth and power, you might be using it the wrong way. You use to insult other people and your consciousness is now bothering you in your dream.


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