Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

There is one thing that we must mention in the beginning so that you can see that real meaning that stands behind the Moon, as the one part of the luminaries couple, besides the Sun.

The Moon is, in our natal chart responsible for our needs, and in some way, it is an indicator of them (needs and desires, especially those that are hidden in some way), and in this sense, we are talking more about the spiritual and emotional needs.

These are the needs that are very important and necessary for the person to be complete, and without them, not any action can be performed in the right way (the impact that comes from the Sun).

When we look at the person’s horoscope and all aspects the location of the Moon speaks of the individual needs of a person, and about the type of qualities, habits and sorts of activity that (often unintentionally) are psychologically essential and necessary to them.

So, today we are looking into the life of the person who has Moon located in the Capricorn sign, and the Sun positioned in the Virgo sign.

We will do everything that we are able to understand the true nature of this person, and to find, if necessary, is there any place for growth and change in the life of this person.

Good Traits

Here we can meet a person who is a patient man – the one that easily clicks the comprehensive network of his life where all things must be aligned and in a perfect balance.

This astrological combination produces a highly precise character, a person who is incredibly aware of its values, but also his limits – we believe that the biggest strength is precisely this, to know your limits and how far you can go.

This is also the person who involves himself in the quest, as a means of continuous improvement of its self is a key point of his existence – every day of his life must be a step further into the right direction, and he must grow every day, regardless if that growth is fast or slow.

We will also say that this person is the one that has a critical orientation toward life, and that orientation has a very constructive search.

He is not afraid of duties that require diligence, sobriety, he stubbornly goes his own way, distrustful of the senses, taking care not to succumb to the strange temptations that he is going to sell.

This is the person who can stay “sober” in hard times and take care of the influence of illusion and reality, and have a perfect balance. He is an efficient, intelligent person who is able to discover the whole world, only if he wants to discover it.

Additionally, he is the one that is so patient and can genuinely wait for success in his life.

Bad Traits

But the problem occurs in the life of the person with the Sun and Moon located in Virgo and Capricorn signs in correlation with other people; then he can see as a weird person, even the one that is unbearable (of course this is not the realistic picture, things change when you meet him).

This person is entirely different when you are socialising with him and watching him outside – you will discover that he is, in many ways remarkable. Of course, this is possible only in a situation where you enter his world. In every other, he will be too close for others.

But once again, the problem occurs because of his tendency never to allow any access in his world – others must learn how to earn his trust and meet him on a favourable ground, which in turn entails additional difficulties, as he is the person who avoids public appearances.

He even may be more demanding to himself, more self-critical, and often because, somewhat pessimistic, and inclined to look with distrust on the future.

This attitude can be seen in everything he does, and he may become very dark in certain situations that he jeopardise himself.

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

As you can imagine this person, you can see that he is the one that has a cold intelligence, which is precise, and lucid. There is no room for illusions in him, and this aspect of his character can be seen in his love life; even in this aspect, the main ruler is his reason and ratio.

This being that has luminaries located in the Virgo and Capricorn lives in a serious world where lightness does not have its place, and sometimes he may be unlucky in love, just for the sake of this attitude.

Love just does not fall in some high place in his life, he is more focused on success, authority, conscientiousness, and feels the need to testify to the concrete results of his efforts – it is important for you to achieve success on the material plane and to prove others how much he is worth.

Then love may come in his life, and additional difficulty comes from this – he is not very good in showing deep feelings. He can even be very dark and rigid at certain times, seemingly become one very unattractive person who does not want/know how to be loved and how to love.

In the end, this is the person who has an irresistible, almost childish need for emotions, but also a constant fear that someone does not abuse it – this is a “norm” for practically all people who have Sun located in the Virgo Zodiac sign. And the Moon in the Capricorn just enhances this problem.

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

We must say that this emotional story that is connected to the person who has luminaries located in the Virgo Capricorn combination has a good side, in a sense that he is able to realise that he is unhappy because he actually hides his own thirst for attention and gentleness. And the first step toward the achievement of the serious and loving relationship is the realisation why you are unhappy in love, and this human being is able to do so.

Others see him as someone who is distant, who is high above all, so you can imagine that this person has a problem in finding lovers and maintaining a serious relation.

Usually, happiness in love for this person comes later in life, since he is a too big introvert and the desire for the protection he is looking cannot be found easily.

We say later in love, because he may need a certain time before he becomes more confident in his “love” skills, and when a certain experiences pass.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon

Immersing in his intimacy would require a lot of effort, it takes a very warm nature to break that ice, but this is not the impossible mission – for example, this place could belong to the person who is born in the Cancer sign.

So, in an emotional sense, this person achieves the best relation with someone who is smart, calm, patient person with whom he will always share his business goals, work together or a person who is confident, but stable. And the Cancer lover could give him just that.

This is the lover that can give him everything that he needs, and can “suffer” for this person, giving him special attention in this way.

But the Cancer lover is also the one that will know how to be a little sharp when needed, and a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Capricorn combination sometimes needs just that.

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

At work, with friends and when it comes to creating his world, this is the person who is a genius organiser, and in everything, he demands order and methodology; acts strictly and uncompromisingly by achieving remarkable results. And be sure that he will never associate with people who are not able to follow such a rigorous regime, so there are just a few close people to his heart, who he cherish very much.

However, although there is a solid basis of this individual to influence the environment with his powerful magnetism, at times he can fail to maintain genuine relations with others because of the inability to understand the small and great “why” in life.

Although this human being can be a little distant, he is extremely loyal; he likes to be helpful, and is always interested in multiple projects at once, so he can successfully deal with at least two professions. He is a very important professional reputation, and there can be just a little place for his friends, but the ones that stick in his life, are worth it, for sure.


The combination of these two Earth signs (the Sun in the Virgo and the Moon in the Capricorn) characterizes the nature in which, above all, prevalent ego-centering, and the tendency to direct his life in such manner that everything has the practical purposes.

Such an astrological combination gives a somewhat dry and closed nature, with the problematic emotional life, but also it gives one positive, practical, arranged nature, enthralled by stability – the only problem occurs in times when pessimism takes the prime, and when everything in his life seems without a perspective.

He is somewhat reserved and cold at first glance, but also a person of great trust, ready for the responsibility and work – he has an extremely worthy spirit, and very strong will and a disciplined spirit directed only to the practical aspects of life.


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