Dreams About Bed Sheets – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about bed sheets are not so often. When we do have these dreams, their meaning depends on the fact whether the sheets were  clean or not, folded or wrinkled.

Even a small detail can add a lot to the dream interpretation, so we have to think carefully about the scene we had a dream about.

Dream about clean bed sheets

Bed sheets that were clean in our dream are a representation of inheritance. This dream signifies you will receive some kind of inheritance from a close or distant relative.

This person could be someone close to you or even a distant relative you haven’t seen for years.

The amount of money won’t be that significant but it definitely going to be beneficial for you.

This dream signifies positive period for finances and all other projects related to investments and money. This is a good period to start thinking about other investment options, since everything you do is going to bring you profit.

Dream about dirty bed sheets

Dirty bed sheets represent disgrace and embarrassment. Something you are going to do or say is going to cause major embarrassment so be extra careful about what you do.

People around you are waiting for you to make a mistake so they can use it in their own advantage.

Be careful about your actions and words, since they are going to have a large impact in this period in your life. Don’t trust people around you and wait for a better period to come along.

Dream about washing bed sheets

Dreams about washing bed sheets are a representation of gossip. Someone in your surroundings is going to start a gossip about you that could harm your friendship with someone or your career.

This gossip is going to be made up or blown out of proportions.

Be very careful about people around you and don’t trust them with valuable information. They are going to use this information in their own advantage and make you suffer for no reason at all.

Alternatively, this dream can represent a gossip you are going to start about someone else.

Starting a gossip about someone is going to end up even worse for you, since people are going to find out you lied. Don’t use these malicious things to get something you want.

Instead, be honest and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Dream about folding bed sheets

If you were folding bed sheets and putting them away, then you will have a very good financial period in life. This period is coming to you and everything you start is going to be very successful.

This is the right period to start investing money into various projects, since they are all going to be very profitable.

Debts you have are going to be paid off after you collect the fruits of your labor.

Projects you are working on are going to be successful and overall your financial situation is going to be great.

Dream about hanging bed sheets to dry them

If you were hanging bed sheets to dry them, then you will receive news from someone close to you. News could be either good or bad, depending on what you want in life.

The news could also bring changes into your life so be prepared to take them on.

News will be related to your personal life and someone you know, so be careful how you use this information.

Dream about wrinkled bed sheets

If bed sheets in your dream were wrinkled, then you will stumble upon some problems in your life.

These problems will be related to your career and projects you have started. Luck won’t be on your side and everything you start in this period is going to be difficult to finish.

It is best to lay low for a while and focus on your personal life instead. Try approaching problems from a different side and think about ways to successfully resolve them.

It would be good for you to ask for advice from someone who knows you well, because you might need some help with the situation that awaits you.

Dream about torn bed sheets

If bed sheets in your dream were torn, then you will find it hard to maintain balance in your life. Things will be falling apart around you and you won’t be able to fix them. This loss of balance in your life will be caused by your previous actions and things you have done to other people.

For a while everything was okay, but karma has now come back to haunt you. Try fixing things up and apologizing to people you have hurt until things get out of control.

This dream could also represent bad judgment when it comes to a business project.

Something you planned on doing soon is going to turn out to be a complete disaster and consequences will be present. Since you won’t be able to go back in past and fix things up try focusing on the future instead.

Dream about being covered by bed sheets

If you were covered by bed sheets, then this dream represents the way you feel in your life right now. Everything seems to be under control and you don’t have to worry about anything. Personal life and career are going great and you don’t have anything to complain about.

Enjoy this period until it lasts and recharge your batteries for things that are coming in the future. This also a very good period for investments and money projects, so focus on them as well.


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