Dreams about Tattoos – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about tattoos are unusal. When we dream, we usually dream without seeing arms or legs, or any other body parts, so when we see a tattoo in a dream this has to have an important meaning.

Depending on the tattoo and other symbols around, meanings can be different.

We will inform you a little bit more about the symbolism behind these dreams so that you can understand your dreams better.

Dream about a tattoo on your body

If you saw a tattoo on your body, and you saw it clearly, then this dream means you feel like you need to rebel against everything in your life and move on.

Somehow you feel like you are trapped and that you need to change something quickly in order to feel like yourself again.

You should start by implementing small changes in your life and if you are brave enough, try making a big change for a difference.

Dream about tattoos on somebody else

If you saw a clear image of a tattoo on someone else in your dream, then this dream means that other people are jealous of you in real life.

They always know where you are and what you are up to, making your life a living hell.

The best way to avoid this negative energy and to stay on track, is to stay occupied with your life and not worried about what will others say.

These friends or people who are around you, and are jealous of you, will soon get tired of living and worrying about your life and they will leave you alone.

Dream about getting a tattoo

If you had a dream where you got a tattoo, then this dream represents you impulsive nature. Most people get their first tattoo as a sign of rebellion or as a simple impulsive act, so this dream can be a good representation of your nature.

You should definitely try thinking more before you do or say anything, because our life is very much based on our behavior. Decisions you made in the past, influenced your current life and now you can’t do too much to change your current position.

This dream could also represent that you have insulted someone, with your words and now you feel bad about doing that. Take this dream as a warning sign, and do better in the future.

Dream about being covered with tattoos

If you were covered with tattoos in your dream, and you are not like that in your real life, then this dream represents your workaholic nature.

Job and our career are things that are on the top of the list, when it comes to your life, and you tend to dedicate way too much time into building yourself business-wise.

Perhaps it is time to slow down a little bit and take some time to enjoy life.

There is nothing bad with being in love with your career, but you should also think about other people in your life and take care of them, or they might end up leaving you completely.

Dream about a stranger with tattoos

If you had a dream about a random person, covered with tattoos, then this dream represents a romance you might experience with someone very soon.

You will meet this person accidentally and this will definitely shake up your world.

Even though, this person won’t catch your attention at first, you will definitely miss out if you don’t give her or him a chance.

So, keep your heart open for new people and don’t lose this great chance to meet someone exciting.

Dream about a tattoo in general

Dreams about tattoos in general can have different meanings, especially if you recognized the symbol or drawing of the tattoo.

Sometimes tattoos in our dreams, take on the symbolism of an animal or object that was tattooed, so that symbol can play a big part in your dream interpretation and give you a better understanding of the dream.

Dreams about tattoos in general, can also represent a friendship that is boring or not interested for you, and you keep it going only because you feel a certain obligation to this person.

Maybe you should try working on your communication or finding things that interest you both, and if nothing works, then you are better off with someone else as a friend.

Dream about someone else getting a tattoo

This dream represents your lack of attention, when it comes to details. You simply ignore your inner voices and go through life without giving a real effort.

Maybe it is time to grab the wheel, when it comes to your life, and use those traits and talents you have to improve your overall position in life.

This dream could also represent your lack of attention for details in general, that is costing you a better job position or a better understanding from others.

You should work on yourself and improve those skills, in order to finally be on a position you know you can reach.

Dream about an ex-partner with a tattoo

This dream is an unusual one, especially if this person didn’t have tattoos in real life. This dream represents something this person has left behind her and now you feel like you should reach out to him or her.

This can be an object or it can even be linked to your feelings, either way you have a feeling of incompleteness.


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