Dreams About Chicken – Interpretation and Meaning

Chickens can often appear in our dreams as symbols. When interpreting a dream it is important to remember as much details as you can in order to better understand the message behind the symbol.

Chickens used to have a very valuable symbolic meaning, and many cultures sacrificed chickens as a gift to the Gods.

In our dreams, they can be symbols of good and bad.

Dream about eating chicken

When you were eating chicken in your dream, this dream suggests your life is about to get better. This dream gives you support in all current projects and an indication that your life is going to become great.

This dream can be related to your financial situation or to your current emotional status. Both way, changes are going to be very positive and improvement will be noticeable.

Dream about chicken in general

To dream about a chicken in general represents addition to the family or welcoming a new family member. No matter what the chicken was doing in your dream or how it looked, chickens in general are symbols of some kind of addition or reunion.

Perhaps you are going to get in touch with people you lost contact with long ago. Reunion with those people is going to be a very happy and joyful moment that you are going to remember for a long time.

Dream about chicken eggs

Dreams about chicken eggs represent a man or a woman, who are extremely attractive. This person is going to enter your life accidentally.

Attraction between you two is going to be strong so be careful not to ruin your current relationship. Messing around with this person is going to bring a lot of trouble in your life, even if you are single.

It is best to avoid this person or at least don’t let him or her get too deep under your skin.

Dream about buying a chicken

Dreams about buying a chicken symbolize a carefree lifestyle you are going to enjoy.

Period that is coming your way is going to be full of blessings and positive energy. Everything you start right now is going to end up successfully so don’t be lazy and start working right now.

Your personal life is going to be successful as well and every problem you had with your partner is going to be resolved.

Make sure you use this period in the best possible way and don’t waste time overthinking things.

Dream about a chicken with chicks

If you had a dream about chicken and chicks, then you might be concerned about your family or friends. Someone very close to you is having major problems in life and you don’t know how to help this person.

Try finding out the cause of the problem and talk with your family member or friend.

When you find out what is bothering him or her, it will be easier to help.

This dream can come to us when we are overly concerned about our children and struggles they are going through. Keep in mind that we can’t control everything our children are doing and that they need to go through some things themselves.

Dream about chicken as a hen

When you had a dream about a hen, this means you are extremely happy with your romantic partner. He or she is giving you all the support you need and nothing seems to create problems between you two.

Things couldn’t be better, so this is a perfect time to consider taking your relationship to a new level. Perhaps it is time to tie the knot and use this blissful period to crown your love.

Dream about a chicken clucking

If you heard the chicken clocking in your dream, then you might be going on an unplanned trip. This trip is something you have been dreaming about and someone might even surprise you with this gift.

Adventure you are going on will teach you a lot about life, so make sure you see as much as you can and meet as many people as you can. This dream can also represent danger. There is something in your near surroundings that represents possible danger for you, so stay away from this danger as much as possible. Avoid people who might hurt you or have something against you.

Dream about a running chicken

If you had a dream about a running chicken, then you are going to welcome someone to your life. this person got distant from you long time ago, but now you two are going to have another chance to make things right.

Person you are going to welcome to your life is someone you highly appreciate and someone you were dying to see again.

Dream about a chicken flying

If the chicken was flying in your dream, then you made some mistakes recently. These mistakes are linked to your business and career. You haven’t thought through your steps and now you will have to suffer from the consequences.

Even though these consequences won’t be extreme, make sure you fix things as soon as possible. Unless you do this, these consequences might get worse.

Dream about a chicken in a nest

This dream brings positive news, especially for couples and romantic partners. Situation is going to get resolved between you two and things will be back in order.

This dream could also represent marriage or commitment you are going to make really soon. If your relationship is stable and you feel like you have found your soul mate, then there is no point in waiting for the right moment.

Dream about a dead chicken

If chicken in your dream was dead, then you might be under the influence of someone in your life.

This person is manipulating you and trying to control your life. Get rid of this person from your life as soon as possible and don’t let him or her tell you what to do.

If you don’t do that, you are risking a great embarrassment and frustration that will be caused by this person.

Perhaps you already have someone in mind, but before you act try to investigate this situation further.


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