Dreams About Breaking Up – Meaning and Symbolism

Life can be great, but also life could be painful, and love is the aspect of our lives that brings both of these sides together.

This is especially becoming true in times when you are breaking up with someone, or when someone is breaking up with you, there is nothing good at that moment for sure (maybe later when things go quiet, and everything settles).

In this sense, we ask you how many times you had found yourself in a hopeless position when we were betrayed and left behind, when love turned our backs, not knowing how to get over a broken relationship?

Any finish is difficult, painful, unbearable, but it depends largely on how we accept it, some of us do it in a more mature way, while others do it in a more dramatic way, and there is no one who knows how to do it right.

However, sadness also has a shelf life, and it passes as time says it is enough. The solution to the problems lies here, perhaps just around the corner. And maybe, in this sense, dreams that have the main motive breaking up could be that answer, not just regarding love affairs, but all others.

Here we will speak of the dreams that are connected to the breaking up, and as in real life, there are numerous situations and feelings that are related to this event. The same case is in a dream world, maybe even much more diverse.

The Meaning of Dreams about Breaking Up

Breaking up in real life resembles an earthquake of your emotions and your life when you feel like the ground beneath you is suddenly shaking on the ground, so you don’t know what hit you. It could resemble the moment when someone is dying, and in some ways, it does, in this case, our heart is dying, and we feel like we cannot go any further.

Surely each of us has gone through that bitter experience of breaking up but also learned a life lesson: how to suffer as little as possible when it comes to an end.

In a version of this dream where you see yourself wanting to break up with someone, but you do not have the courage to do so, for whatever the reason, such a dream means that you are in your real life, a human being who is very tender and prone to doubts of all kinds.

You are the type of the person who rarely makes the decision and goes for it, you usually wait and wait and wait, praying and wanting to things work out on their own, and this usually never happens.

In a dream in which you see yourself breaking up with your long term lover, and you feel great because of such intention, such a dream means that you are the person who is able to deal with its love problems, and this is the time when you are stopping neglecting the problems that have been troubling you in love.

Of course, this is the dream that has an alternate version, and it is the one that shows that you are now ready to face problems, whatever they may be.

If in a dream your lover is the one that wants to end your love connection, and you are shocked with his or her desire to do so, such a dream means that you in perpetual dread of failing someone and that you also fight to adjust to everyone in your environmentOf course, you should always be sure that such a thing is not possible, and that you can suffer immensely for that.

If you are happy that you have broken up with your lover, in a dream, such vision means that in real life, you will perform some fundamental movements and developments and that you will also be very comfortable, and you will also sense pleasure and relief, and question why sooner you have not let yourself to flourish, and to release of what has long frustrated and abused you, in professional or in the love life.

If the dream depicts you as the lover who is asking his partner not to break up with you, you are ready to beg and to do anything at your disposal to stop him from leaving you, such a dream, in reality, means that you are the weaker lover and a person who likes to be dominated, and when you feel that you are losing the ground of under your feet, you dream these types of dreams. They come to you as a reflection of your inner state of mind and heart also.

In its alternate version, this is the dream that shows how committed you are to your job, how much you invest in yourself in your progression in life, just for the purpose of leaving all those who are close to you happy, even if this is not always possible.  

If you had a dream where you are miserable because you are going through break up, such a dream implies that you are a personality who regularly presents his most dependable and attempts to accomplish all purposes. This is the dream that invites to you become much stronger then you have ever been before, and to make some of your attempts in life fruitful.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Breaking Up

But we must say that the symbolical value of the breaking up in dreams could be different, regarding the circumstances of that dream -if you are the one that broke off that relationship, in that case, such a dream symbolizes that you are frustrated or downright hostile and bitter and that you deliberately or unintentionally repressed your emotions.

But the fact is that such feelings must get out of your mind and soul, and they do it through your dream world. Even if they are not represented as the ideal and accurate depiction of what is going on in real life, they can be pretty meaningful.

If a dream that you are having depicts the situation in which you see you and your partner want to have a short break, so you can have time to think things through, such a dream surely is a positive sign.

Such a dream implies that your personal life will develop in a positive and much more beneficial direction, or you may quickly have a paramount proposal to join or start living with your lover, or have kids together. It is clear that new things that are positive are on the horizon; you just need to be more open to seeing them.

In a dream where you remember once lover who broke up with you and left you with the scar on your soul and heart, such a dream is a clear indication that you till this day have some beautiful feelings regarding that person or a certain person from your past, and that your soul wants to get back to that person.

It does not have to be your former lover, it can be someone or even something that you have long forgotten in your life, and now you want it back, by all costs, because your feelings are still strong or you have unresolved issues.

If the dream you are having depicts you as the person who wants to get back to the lover who broke up with you, such a dream carries the symbolism that you are the person who is self-efficient and work on things in its own time and place, followed by its own rules.

Once again, the symbolism of this dream is good, and it is the confirmation of your good deeds and a good life in general that you have been leading so far.

If in a dream, you see yourself as the lover who went through the breakup, but never truly made peace with such events, such a dream shows your personality, but not just that, such a dream shows who are you to the core, to the bare soul.

In fact, it depicts you like the unreasonable and determined in all your plans, and in the experience of frustration, you manage to “change” all obligations, and that you by no organization accomplish to assume that something is not operating for you.

Maybe this is the perfect time to alter something in your life and stop holding on the past so firmly for so long. Who knows what can come from that.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried in a sense that your current relationship is bad and that you are about to have a breakup; it can mean so many different things, and many of them are extremely positive for you.

But, we must say that this type of dream usually comes to those people who are in a certain stage of their lives.

This is the dream that comes to the people who are feeling completely weak and what is the actual state of activities, particularly with consideration to some particular or profession difficulties and matters.

If you want to avoid any negative aspect of your life until this moment, you must become much stronger and much less sacrificial human being, especially to those who do not deserve such treatment in life, and also in love.

Stop being the person who is at all times at the sacrifice to others and accommodating beyond any measure – it makes you exhausted of continually suffering and reasoning about others while forgetting yourself effectively.

Some say that in general dreams that are related to breaking up means that you are the person who cannot forget the mistakes that he has been made in the past, and that you are living in the past, unable to let go for what the present and future is holding for you.

Holding on to the past is never a good idea, and in this sense, you must accept one thing in all matters, and also in love – the only thing that you truly have is now, the present moment, the present feeling, and everything else could go back to dust.

In so many ways, this is the dream that could be inspiring for you to make some changes in your life, and it does not have to be love life, it can be any part of your life that is craving for the achievement and development.

What to do if I had this dream?

We are all aware that breaking up is one of the most distressing events that we can go through in life, and this is true even if that we are the ones that are breaking up with someone, it is still stressful.

In this sense, it is no wonder why breaking up appears in your dream world, in times when we are under some burden, and we do not know what to do in life next.

Sometimes these dreams are just the way our mind is reconnecting with some negativity, pain, and failure in life and these are the feelings that come to us in times when we are scared that we will fail and that we will never be loved again.

Fear of loneliness is also one of the most common reasons for this dream, so ask yourself are you lonely person, even if you are with someone in a relationship.

Whatever is the reason why you have such dreams and whatever is the feeling that you have been having while you have such dreams, one thing is certain – if you have unfinished issues in your life, you need to resolve them as soon as possible because they will pull you down.

If you are feeling sad or you have fears because you are afraid that you will never find your match in life, and that you will be alone until the rest of your life, now is the time to find love and comfort inside of yourself. Start from yourself and the things that you want and then develop further.


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