Dreams About Sand – Meaning and Symbolism

The Sand is one of the most sought out components in the world today, and it is the most exploited material. According to the United Nations program, the Sand accounts for 85 per cent of all exploited material globally.

In the Sand, regardless of how small it is, there are grains, flakes of muscovite, and subsequently of zircon, rutile, apatite, garnet, magnetite, tourmaline, and the list goes further and further.

It is commonly found in deserts and beaches and is used in almost any industry in the world, but for the most of us, it is the element that we associate to the enjoyment, summer, beaches, and Sun.

It is said the Sand has healing prosperity since it is created from numerous minerals that have beneficial properties – but on the other side of the story, there is something that is called deadly or wet Sand that could literally kill you.

Having said all of this, we must say that the Sand can be a part of the dream world, and when it appears, it has numerous meanings. Read all about this.

The Meaning of Dreams about Sand

If in a dream, you see the Sand, in some general sense, such a dream means that you trust a person who will make a fool of you in public, even if you do not expect, maybe you just the intuition.

This dream shows that it is possible that you will trust too much in a person you do not know well that will cause you to experience disappointment – but on the other hand, this is the dream that just proves that you are open-hearted human. Whether it damages you in material or another way, it will be very difficult for you to recover and create a guard against those who are truly honest.

But it is not a bad meaning when you do things from the bottom of the heart.

If in a dream you are playing with the Sand, and you are creating something from it, like Sandcastles, in that case, the dream that has the main motive the Sand means that you are not honest with yourself and that you are fooling yourself about some aspect of your life. You are not honest, and this is the attitude that will cost you a lot in the future, the time is right to be open, primarily toward yourself, and then everyone else.

If in a dream you see yourself lying on the sands and, such a dream represents an indication that you need so little for happiness; you are the type of the person who finds immense joy in small things that are seemingly insignificant to others, but not for you.

You can find joy in everything that others will see as insignificant and irrelevant – it can be a smile from a stranger or kind words from your neighbors, a nice cup of coffee in your bed, or a good song on a radio. You know how to create magic from your life.

If in a dream, you see that you are buried in the sands and, such a dream is connected to the health status, both physical and mental. You do not want others to suffer tomorrow because of your negligence, so you are a bit obsessed with your health, but you should try to keep in good shape for as long as possible so that you do not depend on anyone.

If you are looking that the Sand in your dream, but the one that is in the hourglass and it is pouring, it means your time is running fast, and that slowly but surely you are panicking that you could not be able to finish what you have started on time, and you do not realize that you are making thing even worse.

It is quite possible that in a real-life, you are the person who has set a deadline that you want to accomplish something in life, but instead of stimulating you, those determinants just pressure you. You come to the wrong conclusion that you will never achieve anything and fear that others will consider you a failure.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Sand

As usually, the symbolism of dreams that have the main motive the Sand, everything depends on all circumstances of a dream, what you are doing in a dream, are you happy, or sad, etc.

So, for example, if in a dream, you are burying yourself in Sand, such a dream symbolizes your health, as we have said, or Sand is a depiction of your health and well-being. This is the dream that has a positive symbolical value, since it depicts you as a person who is very responsible and who understands the importance of physical activity, healthy food, positive thinking, etc. You live by these rules, and the dream just comes as a confirmation that you are doing everything right, just as you should.

If in a dream, you see someone else that is “playing” or just “doing” something with the Sand, such a dream shows that you are feeling sorry for the things that you have or haven’t done, and now you are dealing with your actions in a dream world.

Such a dream shows that you are very likely the person who has previously committed sins and now they are catching up with you. Your mind does not let you free, and even if you thought that everything is great and that you have things under your control, the reality is different.

For some reason, the subconscious gets you in a dream, while in real-life such a feeling grows into remorse. This is one of the problematic aspects of this dream since it is very hard to admit that you have a problem and that you have committed some sins.

If in a dream you see yourself walking on the sands and, it does not have to be the beach (it usually is, but it can be anything, from the streets to the swamps) such a dream indicates that all of the plans that you have been having previously and that are connected to business are uncertain. You do not know what the outcome of your plans will be, and this is making you feel scared.

In fact, such a dream means that you cannot deal with that uncertainty and that you are worried about the outcome of this plan, but this does not is fruitful action, on the contrary. You must overcome such fears.

You cannot yet fully rely on your actions and stand firmly on your views, because everything is still on a lot of ‘shaky legs’ and is far from reaching the end and coming to the final goal.

If you see yourself collecting Sand, holding it in your arms, or placing it on your body, such a dream is an indication of wealth or poverty, honor or humiliation, all depending on the amount of Sand you have collected in the dream. If you have collected it a lot, in that case, the symbolism is positive, or if you barely have it, in that case, symbolism is negative.

Swallowing Sand in a dream indicates that you or someone from your environment will be saved form some problem or something that is not beneficial, while keeping Sand in your hand in a dream may create new business ventures. This implies for a dream where you are holding the Sand firmly in your arms, so it can become a firm “ball”.

Do I have to be worried?

The motive of the Sand in a dream can appear in countless different ways and places. In each of those dreams, it will have his own special symbolism that will also be diverse, and according to this you will know should you be worried or not.

Seeing Sand in a dream, and feeling sad at the same time, and if such an image does not make you feel relaxed and happy, but sad and uncomfortable, such a dream is not a good sign. It is possible that you will have a visit from a person who is not very nice to you, with whom you have no common topics and who simply do not like you – it is not a terrible meaning, but is not pleasant either.

Sometimes this is the dream that shows your real emotions, and it can be an indication that you are feeling remorse about things that you have or haven’t done, and this is the feeling that haunts you and Sand is just the manifestation of such a feeling.

On the other hand, such a dream could be a warning that you should be aware that you could be a victim of fraud in reality; you can be deceived, fooled, and everything in between. Maybe you trust someone too much and don’t feel that there is a possibility that you will be deceived, but you will be, and these frauds are the worst when they come from someone you know and trust. Open your eyes and look.

As some interpret the Sand as the motive that relates to the money, the fraud could be financial. Don’t fall for someone’s empty promises, nor do you give anyone false hope, listen to your instinct.

The Sand in the dream, but you feel great and find it enjoyable, also could imply that you refuse to accept ugly events and always tries to find an explanation for each and every one that will justify it. You look at life through pink glasses, and you don’t want to hear opinions that are different from yours. This is the way you think that you are protected from negativity and pain.

In the version of this dream where you are playing with the Sand, such a dream could indicate that you are very humble, and you never make grandiose plans because you know that they generally do not come true.

It is important for you to be in an interesting society that you consider more important than luxury objects, for example.

All in all, you do not have to be worried, maybe the best way to said it is that you should be a bit more careful, open your eyes and look for all signs that are telling you that something could be wrong.

What to do if I had this dream?

Since one of the meanings of this dream is connected to the mistrust of someone from your environment, such a dream shows that is possible that you will trust too much in a person you do not know well that will cause you to experience disappointment. It can hurt you in so many ways, not just verbally, so you better take care of yourself.

In the case where the dream of the Sand shows that you are looking at life through pink glasses, it is not a bad dream, but a bit reality should be taken into consideration so that you do not lose touch with reality.

No matter how old you are, life is still a fairy tale for you, but what will happen when problems arise? You trust all people, and you believe that all people are good. Let’s hope you’re right and that you won’t burn yourself through life with that attitude.

If the Sand in your dream makes you feel great, such a dream indicates that you are a lucky person who has very little to make life beautiful; in fact such a dream shows that you are not demanding, you are modest, you know that you value real-life values ​​and therefore do not have major problems in life, and if you do you will come out of them without any major scars.

In the case where the Sand shows your health status, it is a good sign, and you should keep up with the good work – it shows that you take great care of your physical, mental and social health and therefore have a nice and long life.


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