Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Many people read their daily horoscope just to find out more information about what the horoscope does has got to say about their love life, and there are several ways of enrolling the world of passion and love by listening to the wise words of Astrology.

You can do comparative natal charts, or you can read something general, of course, the first option is always the best. In it, you have to know all aspects that make a person horoscope, including, for example, the position of the luminaries.

Usually, Astrology will do a cross-comparison of two people’s horoscopes and then offer a full rapport about the love life – and when you know what your relations with someone you can learn much more information about yourself is. And in fact, we believe that this is the only way a person can learn about its character, by looking at his life in relation to other people.

In all of this astrologers use the position of the Sun and Moon when they want to make some comparison of the natal chart between two lovers.

Today we are looking into the life of the person who positioned luminaries in Sagittarius and Cancer signs – we will try to tackle all aspects of his life and love life in particular.

Good Traits

This is the person who likes movement in all aspects of that word, but there is one thing that he cannot get rid of the feeling that he is primarily connected to his roots and basics of his life.

This may be a problem for some people, but not for this human being who deals well with all of this – so you can imagine him as the one person who gets the best out of both worlds. He enjoys movement and new experiences, but always knows where he came from.

This is the sensitive person who has a great sense of soul, feeling, warmth, the ability for universal love, and imagination.

He is the one that always lives for romance, and he has high morale, sense of justice, and above all the highest intellect capabilities and the spirit capable of acquiring the most diverse knowledge.

The one that has luminaries in Sagittarius and Cancer sing is a great dreamer and idealist in some way, and he has an unusual way that he is subjected to interesting impressions, and we could also say that his feelings (the Moon in the Cancer) dominate the intellect and spirit (the Sun in the Sagittarius).

Of course, this is not the aspect that is constant and unchangeable, but here it is seen as a good aspect that brings another dimension to his character.

Bad Traits

There is no doubt that the imagination of this being is rich but is not always something that is real. He dreams about adventures, about the breakthrough to the new, about exploring the unknown, and even if he would sometimes like to make something crazy, but he feels better in safety, in accordance with his need for self-protection and subjective sensibility.

This is the person for who is highly recommended to avoid any illusions about himself and others. In this case, when his feelings overwhelm him, where his ration could not make the right decisions, he may be lost.

Illusion, especially in relations with other people is crucial for his problematic behavior – he can be sure in things that are unraveling only in his mind.

And even worse, this human being can attack all those who love him and who want to make him see that he is wrong – then the Sun in the Sagittarius wakes up, and the insults start.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon in Love

Love is of great importance to this person, although he can show one of the characteristics that are not basic for the typical Sagittarius that is to love consciously, and to have fear from being defeated. The feeling that he will never be able to love just like he imagined it is a painful discovery for this human being.

When truly in love this is the person who wants and strives to have a strong telepathic relationship with his lovers; and firmly believes in marriage and tends to guard his family (partner or partner and children). In this sense, we could say that this human is an amazing lover and attentive parent who takes care of his family like no one else.

It should be emphasised here that this is a very sensitive nature that often suffers from disappointments in life -he is precisely the person who can get hurt in love many times than he can count, and all because of his delusional nature.

His feelings are maximally developed and, as he is not always supported by the necessary firmness, he causes conflicts in the soul of such a person.

Also, this is the person who is quieter, shy and more sensitive than a typical Sagittarius person and before any love adventure; he would want to have a happy home and family environment.

Emotions are very strong in him, there is no doubt, and he is the one that enjoys romantic and unusual events and adventures.

Basically, he is shy and, in order to truly flourish, he needs the love and encouragement from a lover.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

All of his lovers must be aware of the fact that the one that has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Cancer sign tends to have frequent mood swings- from enthusiastic to melancholic. Because of innate insecurity, he usually withdraws from all unpleasant things that occur in his relationship.

He is susceptible to the influence of the environment and after the first encounter with “potential lovers”, and those who become his lovers are impressed with his deep feelings and need for security.

He wants this security from his lovers, but also he tries to give it to them, cause he feels that loyalty and care are the two most important aspects in any relationship.

He looks like someone who is very cautious, who takes care of his lovers and is very “protective type”, but behind it, there is a small adventurer that sleeps. Do not think even for a second that this person does not know how to have a good time when in a relationship or marriage; he has a lot of tricks in his sleeve.

At first, he simply seduces with sincere kindness, spontaneity, freshness, and later he shows other beautiful qualities – we are just saying that the person with such luminary positions is a lover worth of having in life.

 Best Match for Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon

Emotions make him stronger and more vulnerable at the same time, but he is always happy to return to his roots, to which he is proud, to strive for family harmony and peace, he loves form and customs, but as a positive adventurer, he constantly launches actions and changes.

He belongs to people who can be very capable, excellent partners, but people who will always idealise the people he loves in a special way.

The perfect lover for the one that has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Cancer signs are born in Taurus sign.

This romantic combination has a strong potential for success in love if they have a common goal, like stability in a relationship and mutual respect.

Generally, for this loving couple, it can be said that it has the potential to achieve good mutual agreement on the sensual level, while for the achievement of good compatibility and at a deeper emotional level it is necessary for both lovers to show more patience, understanding and more invested effort.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

He’s a good friend, and there is no doubt about it, and he is the one that you can be sure that he will be there for you at all times and in al kind of different situations.

This is the person who must keep doing something in her home, and home and lives of his friends. He is the one that is fixing, moving, expanding – and he gladly does this for his closest friends.

He believes that nothing is accidental, and he lives for every moment (the Sun in the Sagittarius) – he knows how to have fun and his friends appreciate this.

Even when he is serious, and he talks about his grandiose ideas he can surprise his friends with some witty jokes and invitation to do something fun.

But the Moon that is located in the emotional Cancer gives this person one more aspect – it is difficult for this person who finds it hard to forget the past, or anything that was said to him, the good and bad.


In this connection of luminaries, adaptable and wide-eyed nature is born, reserved and full of understanding, endowed with great humanism. He seems to have it all, and surely, the person with the luminaries located in Sagittarius and Cancer has equally developed his sensitive side and his intellectual side.

Also, this is the person who shows extreme resourcefulness, both in the problems of real life and in that spiritual nature – this person especially opens to countless positive or negative impressions, which he absorbs with extreme ease.

We must add that one more negative trait is contributed to this person – he can be illusional in love, and often lets his emotions rule his ratio.

We must also say that this person shows the sense of duty; he manages to maintain everything in his life in its place, then, with every action, as well as an incredible lightness to dedicate entirely to an ideal.


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