Ceres in Aries

In astrology, Ceres represents productivity. Intervene in the processes involved in the transformation of the raw material into the final product. And in the distribution of the fruits, and their food, materials, ideas, etc.

It is related to everyday, short and repetitive cycles, and professional. And in the right way also with the sensitivity (and responsibility) there is the environment.

You have to see along with the nutrition, the food. Caring for and protecting them; we nurture them, like the diosa in the law, to nourish themselves (wheat, as in myth, ideas, concepts or even emotions).

In the same way that someone sued us to teach us. Guard relationship with the pasture and the traditional. It is associated with the Earth signs Virgo and Taurus.

On the one hand, Ceres in the natal letter will give us unconditional love, care for them.

Therefore, from dependence on attachment and how we oversee separations (for example, independence from them).

Ceres in Aries Man

Ceres fosters independence in Aries man; he shows his love through physical activities, not pampering. Those with this combination may feel incompetent at times. They are very persistent and love physical activity.

They are very sensitive when it comes to their family, but they are expected to give their loved ones complete freedom, because only then are they completely happy.

It is dynamic and very restless. If you are a woman without a complex, keep in mind that his dream is to own his own harem. If something like that suggests, brave gentlemen should not hesitate – surprises can be enjoyable.

Before you try anything, be clear: Whether you just want an exciting adventure or a quiet, quiet love with no jerks. Don’t even hope for this.

This man of your heart is an extremely passionate person who will be able to carry you to the seventh heaven in the rush of his boundless love, but also smash you to the ground without a bit of pity, if you deserve it.

He is angry, quick to get angry, and is able to then tell you disgusting things that will hurt you to the bottom of your heart, but he will be angry even faster and will ask you to forget what he did not mean to say.

Ceres in Aries Woman

Do you think you are bad or evil, for example? Then you should call your inner Ceres and with their help rehabilitate your lost childlike share. It is not evil to be in the underworld if you do not exceed God’s instructions in your actions.

It plays a big role, who bears the responsibility for actions – a child is never responsible, because it cannot know and understand what is good and evil.

Some astrologers say that exciting Ceres aspects of Saturn may point to anorexia nerves and exciting aspects of Jupiter on bulimia or obesity.

Women in this astrological position can be emotional and sentimental. Their love is true and passionate, but often overbearing for some.

Ready to take action and approach the man openly. The man must be strong to tame her, but also gentle enough to calm her down.

In bed, very fiery, prone to eccentric poses, and men with poor imagination have no chance. Love foreplay is a must. He is not a little careful, because he knows how to bite – and that can hurt.

You will not be indifferent to her for a single second – you will either hate her or adore her. She is, in any case, different from most of the women you have come in contact with – most of all in that she is adamant about her intention to be first and foremost in everything, and that goes for love – don’t be surprised if she makes an appointment for you.

No matter how admirable the men of her immediate surroundings are, she will always long for one who is far away and does not respond to her charm.

Also, they will not be able to handle weak, scared and sensitive men. She puts strength and power first and will have to respect you in order to love you.

Don’t even think of pushing her into the role of a humble housewife, obedient slave, or little girl – she’s created to fight, build her career, and burn out in her strongest passions.

Good Traits

Their virtues of people under the influence of Ceres in Aries are: honesty, honor, discipline, idealism. They are great patriots and do feats for the homeland.

They are impulsive but grateful if they are forgiven for the sin done in anger.

They are proud, determined and courageous. They are not afraid of danger, and there may be heroes among them.

People born under these conjunctions can be really hard workers and they put in massive effort into everything they do.

The only negative side might be their multifunctioning, which can be both a bad but also a good thing, if they operate on demanding jobs.

This is why they are often considered to be great leaders and manages. They are good at telling people when and how to do something.

Bad Traits

Aries is impatient and abrupt, and ‘hits the wall’ with his head. He likes to command and dictate, has no sense of compromise, runs out of his mind, and the danger of not being able to evaluate, that is, and is usually an understatement.

It does not take care of the interests of others, there is no compassion.

He cares about his career and when he takes up his position he is a real bureaucrat. He is not insulting, he is holy, and he is vain and tactless.

In his fanatic work he constantly rushes forward, and happens that he does not reach the goal because he falls from fatigue before the end.

Ceres in Aries – General Info

Ceres is one of the new planets. There are still some heated discussions in the astrological community about how and where Ceres can be classified.

In traditional astrology we only find Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have only been added since the 18th century.

But since astrology is a science that goes back well over 4000 years, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, which we take for granted today, have not been in use for long.

Traditionally, each planet represents two signs and two houses, except the moon and the sun, each of which has been assigned the sign Cancer and Leo and the 4th and 5th houses.

Then, after a long observation, it was decided that Uranus, in the expression of his energies, corresponded to the sign Aquarius, which was formerly dominated by Saturn.

In Aries the intellect does not have some width. He is one-sided, one-way, and predominantly subjective.

He always fanatically defends only one truth. For all this he does not come to new discoveries, he is neither a novice nor a reformer.

But this is why Aries is usually a great worker, and the ideas that others have created, develops and expands to the limit. And in learning, mastering knowledge, and in every business, he works sacrificially, to the utmost.

He is capable of gathering from all sides what he needs, to arrange it well into one system, from which he will derive his desired result and life. It is also characterized by intolerance.

He does not tolerate someone else’s opinion and does not like being taught.

With Aries, it is almost impossible to have an academic conversation.

Otherwise, births in this sign are unusually fair, simple, but judgment and decisions are easy to make, and therefore often make fatal mistakes.


The sign in which one meets Ceres in the natal card indicates how we develop in our daily activities and in what kind of profession and work capacity we have.

The house from which to find Ceres in the natal card is the area of ​​life where the person may be more productive.

The sector where it will prove to be the most protective with the others.

For which the sacrifice to which will be dedicated will be sacrificed.


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