Capricorn Woman – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

In this piece, we encounter one lady that is considered to be an alpha “female”, a woman who is incredibly ambitious, and disciplined, and she will make her way to the top, believe us that she will make her own way, and you will stay wondering how she even makes it.

All of this is Capricorn lady – the one lady that belongs to the earthly signs who stands firm on earth and is not prone to dreams, but lives in reality and takes the most from her as she can. Because of its unwavering ambition and the urge to constantly go ahead, it often leaves everyone behind and turns it off from the road that it has set for itself is not easy.

But we have to wonder, how can we describe such an ambitious and strong woman in love? Does she have all of these traits or she is fragile and emotional and can be hurt easily in love relations?

Read all about this topic and make your own conclusion.

Best Traits

A woman who is born in Capricorn is a person of a strong spirit, someone who is very firm and who is really sufficient for a good achievement.

She is the one lady that does all things in order, and there cannot be any missteps, she is organised, patient, responsible, entrepreneurial, and practical.

The Capricorn woman can be seen from the side of others, like the one lady that is even fearless, and more importantly, the one that is focused on the goal and happy only when it comes to it.

In this respect, she can be very successful in many areas, especially when it comes up with management capabilities – she is the woman that can manage home or firm with the same intensity and joy even.

Success is the one thing that makes this lady happy, especially if she is motivated to give a selfless contribution to it, and even more, if she can motivate the team she is in (it can be family or real co-workers).

In every sense the Capricorn woman is innovative; she carries a certain transformation power that allows her to handle almost every situation.

She is not prone to be concerned at longer time intervals, because somehow always manage to find a way to bring herself out of the bad situations in which she finds herself.

After all, she can be very flexible, especially if there is some kind of interest in the question, if not she will remain rigid. This lady can be most successful in areas where she can verbally show her abilities, or when she can practically do something.

Unbelievably strong, a Capricorn woman overcomes all life’s misfortunes, and whatever the problem may be, she will manage to stay patent and calm, so she will immediately start looking for a solution.

We are looking here at one true winner in life – even if it may seem that she is cold and reserved, but below this surface is a woman with a great sense of humor who likes to relax with her friends. Part of her ambitions is ready to sacrifice only for one – family, as the one true value in her life that she puts in front of everything else.

Worst Traits

The Capricorn woman can be a great pessimist, she would see herself as a realist, but in fact, she does not expect anything good, but luckily the moments when she is thinking so very rare.

When she feels like it, she would provoke people and want to enter a conflict; and undoubtedly she is intelligent, but sometimes she can be a little narrow-minded.

Occasionally she can be a strenuous person, and in this process, she can irritate all others that are in her environment. She is the one lady that likes to work slowly and without panic, but at times she can enter in stages when things are not going in the desired direction, and she can put enormous pressure on herself and other also.

Capricorn Woman in Love

Many people see the Capricorn woman as the lady that is cold and passive in love, but this is not true, when she truly loves, she can be flexible and filled with understanding.

A Capricorn woman who is in an emotional relationship through which instability is instigated can truly turn into something that she is not toward her man – and this is the stage where she becomes very demanding. When disappointed in love, the lady Capricorn can even become vindictive.

Little advice for all those who would like to date a Capricorn woman – you can pull her attention if you give her tiny signs of attention at longer intervals. In general, she is not too demanding when in love, but you have to get them out so that she knows that you as her lover are happy that she is your woman.

This woman enjoys lovers who have the wit and charm – those who have this have a significant advantage.

But one relevant thing needs to be clear here, the Capricorn woman is a loving woman, but neither the one that will ever fall in love at first glance, nor she will ever allow herself to lose time on a senseless flirt that she knows is not leading anywhere serious. And, as you know love for this lady is a serious matter, there cannot be any jokes about it, and she is the woman that wants to be taken seriously in love, and in everywhere else.

Love is a serious matter for her, and if she likes it, she will not let her destiny do her work, but will, always aware of her abilities, take things into her own hands and make sure she gets the man she wants.

Capricorn Woman in a Relationship

The Capricorn woman likes to take care for her lover, which may seem like a subject of her work, but in fact, she will never lose her innate independence, and will not depend on her partner. This is one thing that needs to be clear when it comes to her relationships.

She is the woman that wants to be equal in life with her life companion and will stand with him and be his support in the most difficult moments -until death do them part, as they say. She seeks someone who will love the same as she likes, so she is the perfect bond for her, a blend of love, security and success.

The Capricorn woman does not have any problem in searching for someone who will succeed as much as she likes, so he is the perfect link for her love, safety and successful combination.

As far as sensual pleasures go, this woman is a passionate mistress who is willing to experiment in bed.

Best Match for Capricorn Woman

This is the woman that will never allow herself to have anything less than perfect, or at least something close to this. She needs a lover who will be interesting to her and someone who is quite similar, and who can agree on goals and general attitudes in life. Rarely you will see this woman being in love with someone who is not her match, and similar to her.

She does not have any problem in meeting her lover in some social gatherings, and even then she wants to make a lasting impression and is very thoughtful about everything she does.

In the end, she would enjoy the most with someone who can make her feel relaxed and safe when they are together. Ideal partners will be someone who will know how to penetrate her heart and discover its warm and gentle core, and someone who will fully satisfy her emotional needs.

In this sense these could be a Virgo lover – these two could be a well-suited couple; they would share attitude in life, general lifestyle, and serve as an example of a successful and a good couple. Between them, there is a strong physical and spiritual attraction, and additionally brings them similar attitudes toward the family and material values.

The only thing they could bring in a break in the relationship is the mutual tendency to worry too much, along with the need to control everything. This could be a deal-breaker in this love story that besides all the good stuff they share could be the one thing that cannot work.

The other lover that could be a perfect match for our lady Capricorn is the Scorpio lover – as partners, they will have the opportunity not only to enjoy a gentle and quality relationship but also to mature as individuals. These two are able to push one another to become better human beings in general, and people who will maybe, in the end, learn to love better.

One thing needs to be mentioned here -at first, the Capricorn woman will be a little scary when getting in touch with the Scorpio lover, so they will not develop complete trust immediately. However, it will very quickly feel a strong connection based on deep understanding. This is truly one perfect combination.

In the end, we would like to mention one more pair that is maybe not as perfect as the previous one but is quite solid. We are talking about the Pisces lover and Capricorn woman – these two, as partners, attract each other and understand each other, so they quickly get into a love affair (quickly after the meet). The Pisces lover is amazed by the Capricorn woman solid even firm character and sense of responsibility, and Capricorn woman is a little envious of the adaptability that Pisces have in almost every living situation.

In addition to achieving a quality relationship, these two could, potentially, when their relationship does not work, become the best friends.

Capricorn Woman as a Friend

Since she is a natural leader, a Capricorn woman is often in charge and among her friends that respect her organising skills and her ability to lead a large team. This lady likes to have her own loyal group in which new members are difficult to enter, but when you understand how the group works, it will accept you as equal to yourself.

Everything she does must have some order, and the same case is when her friendships are in question.

According to friends, she behaves almost maternally to them, she takes care of her crowd, so you can always ask her for advice and help, and just as her mother do and do for their children, she is inclined to make plans for her friends whom they do not even know.

When she planned everything, she would briefly inform her friends about their plans, and of course, there cannot be any negotiation about what will they do, of course, her plans and ideas must be respected. If not she will be angry.

In fact, this is one woman that knows how to love her friends, and she likes to give, she is very loyal to her friends and always gives them the knowledge that they can lean on her and rely on her.

Many of her friends belong to sensible or unstable people, and she puts herself in the role of a helper and caregiver to them.

Capricorn Woman as a Mother

It is very clear that the Capricorn woman is a responsible and organised person who has clear goals and knows where she is going in life, and the same case is the moment when she needs to decide another. She will behave in the same way when she becomes a mother.

So the Capricorn mother will primarily teach her children how to have autonomy in their lives and to be independent. She will teach her children about responsibility, effort, work and perseverance- everything that she has done in her life; she will try to pass on her kids.

She will teach them to use a strong sense of responsibility and the need to find a life purpose; she will impose on them obligations even if her kids are still small, this mother will engage them in small tasks in order to prepare them for the larger ones.

The Capricorn mother is not particularly gentle, and often she is unable to show her tender emotions, she is strict, and overly demanding because she wants her children to succeed in life and become important and successful people who will have their profession and money and be autonomous and independent. This is her ultimate parenting goal, and she will teach children very early to evaluate work and renunciation for a particular lasting success and have a set goal in front of them, and that ambition is the purpose and purpose of life.

There is no doubt that the Capricorn mother will be strict, all in order to create capable individuals who will not depend on others in any sense – material, emotional, and existential. This woman will do anything that is in her power to assure them that they resolve their material status is in the first place and everything else after. She believes that without security, saving and constant work and setting new goals there is no purpose in life.


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