Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Some say that the luminaries that we observe in our natal charts can help in determining our personality, and it can help us understand that this aspect signifies that people who are born in the same horoscope sign have, in fact, different temperament, have different preferences, characteristics, desires and ambitions.

They can be completely different, and precisely these differences is what makes us unique, and it is because all of us have different planets (including luminaries) aligned in our lives.

The Luminaries are essential not only because they complement the meaning of every other aspect that creates your personal horoscope, and because it is without a precisely crafted sign, we cannot produce the exact natal horoscope.

Today we are dealing with the personality of the human being who has Sun located in the Leo sign and the Moon in the Aquarius sign. What does this combination means and how it affects a person who has such a combination in its chart? Can things that are not good become better, or he is stuck with the things as they are. Read all about this topic.

Good Traits

This person is dedicated to the search of the individualism that is in his case elevated to the maximum – this is one of the most apparent features of this combination. He sees himself as one and only, one unique character that he truly is when we look at things realistically.

He is incredibly secure in his personality, skills and abilities, and he has an enormous self-awareness – he is not the person who will easily change, he is the one that will follow his ideals and visions to the end.

Even if the whole world is against him, he will make everything to make things according to his ideas, and will never give up on them, even if he is the only person who believes in them.

And often it happens just that, that he is the only person who believes in his ideas since they can be so extravagant and futuristic that is incomprehensible for others.

Certainly, this is a person of extremely advanced views of life; a person who will not remain unnoticed because it has an extraordinary sense of law, science, there always goes a little ahead of others, a publicly friendly person who will be very impressive in public and to trigger changes of others.

For the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Leo and Aquarius sign, it is most important to impose himself and his ideas on others, ignoring a lot of others’ opinions, because he is perfectly aware of his own “good reasons”.

Deep inside he believes that he is doing everything for the benefit of the society, and this is the reason why everyone has to listen to what he has to say and do.

Bad Traits

There is no doubt that this is the person who knows how to achieve his goals, and that he will work on them until the end. But, this also means that for the achievement of his goals consists in finding and maintaining the most bonds, which leave no effect, due to a strong internal closure, which can sometimes be too cruel, making this person ruthless and untenable, deprived of consideration towards others.

Having said all this, it does not mean that the one that has luminaries located in the Leo and Aquarius signs is a bad person, but sometimes he can act so badly that other qualities fall under the radar.

He is very honest, straightforward, and does not like that something is not clear to him, then he becomes a rebel, and even he makes a situation where he comes to the point of not being “bored”, making a mess and problems.

But that is just the way he wants to make things interesting – interesting and funny for him, a catastrophe for his environment.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love

For the understanding of the person who has luminaries located in the Leo and Aquarius sign in love is that love for this person has this feeling toward the world. He is the one that is all about the social ideal that guides him to understand others, to try to alleviate conflicts of thought and calm the problems in everyday life.

This is a little bit unrealistic, but he does not easily turn away from his own defense, defending interests when he is in danger and rising to look at the more humane and coherent society.

The other part of the love area when it comes to this human being is his relations with his lovers – he is a friendly guy who spontaneously approaches everyone, the one that does not like a boundary. This means that in a certain part of his life, he can be seen as a cheater, but in fact, he sees himself as the person who is just free and untamed from anything (and at this moment it could be his lover).

He loves life, along with its sensual pleasures, and even more, he knows how to enjoy, not just that he wants to experience. In him, there is an important need to be loved and understood.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon in a Relationship

The best relationship (not just interpersonal, but we specifically mean on romantic love) this person has when he reaches maturity, but he is, right up till that moment confident in love, and his own powers in this area.

He likes people who are different and carry a certain pride with his individualism – his lovers can be even ugly, but interesting. His lovers must have that special energy that will intellectually intrigue him in the first place, and then in a sensual for example.

Knowing that he meets his persona through relations with others, he is able to look at his life, concluding and without bitterness realistically, so in a way, he can complete himself by looking his communication with his lover.

Otherwise, he is a very durable, smart, great friend who has a new contact wherever he appears, but he is the one who can follow emotional affairs, ongoing events, where it’s not unusual that his love will happen to more people or where he will be able to offer more offers.

Best Match for Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

He does not mind if he is the target of someone in a romantic sense, or he is the one that will seduce his potential candidates – the more, the better, and his choice is usually connected to the many different people who can become his lovers. And he only follows his feeling nothing else.

But he needs a person who is dominant, strong, powerful, and successful – interesting in the first place, different, the one that can stimulate him intellectually and emotionally.

So, who can this be – it could be a Sagittarius lover, and we could say that this pair belongs to one of the best couples in the Zodiac system of signs. Sagittarius and a person who has luminaries located in the Sun and Moon are compatible, and above all, they understood and respected each other. This is a healthy basis for any love relationship to work, and if they try and succeed with the compromises, they can reach a stable, long-term relationship.

All this gives good results in the area of love, and they can continue to do so, as time passes they are getting closer and closer, so the beautiful future is smiling to them. Both are adventurers; they are free and dream of ideal love that connects them, in fact, happens.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon as a Friend

When it comes to friendships, this is the person who is dedicated more to society than to a smaller group of his friends. He often dedicates himself to the big projects that bring it into close relationships with society.

He is very generous when he loves, very unselfish, enthusiastic to the ideas he is reviving and trying to cover as many people as imaginable. But his friends, just like lovers, must follow his lead and blindly believe in his ideas.

His dynamism helps to convince people and impose their role on them -all people who want to be his friends need to be aware of this fact. As an intermediary between one and many, he is a real illustration of the fact that an individual can do much for the group, provided, usually, that he pays attention to the life of that group.

He is a person and a friend who is engrossed in his freedom and independence, but at the same time, he is no less engaged in the group for which he associates his destiny, fighting simultaneously against the average, fatalism, anarchy and monotony. He usually has higher goals in his life, and some of them include his friends.


The relationship between these two signs represents a deep contrast – from one side, and there is the Sun in the fiery Leo and the Moon in the airy Aquarius. One wants to enforce his law while the other respects the freedom of his neighbor.

All of this gives this person an unusual mixture of a cool human being and sanguine temperament, strong and capricious will and ambition, exotic views and prophetic visions.

Thanks to these traits in his character, he will have an interest in everything – he loves freedom, new things, believes in a happy tomorrow, loves to make contacts and multiplies his experiences. Ideas, plans that this person has are not always been fulfilled in his head are blooming, but he does not seem to hold it as he likes surprises and challenges.


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