Dream of Missing a Flight – Meaning and Symbolism

A world of Dreams could be a comforting world, but it also can be the world where your darkest fears come to “life”, and in this sense, this is some kind of a metaphor for life, and it can help us find out so many things that are troubling for us, and we can find the best comfort that we might need in life.

We must say that the dreams where the primary motive is the airplane are one of the most common dreams a person can have, and depending on the other circumstances in a dream, it can offer us many different dreams.

Most commonly, this is the dream that is associated with the process in your life where all worries need to go away, where there are numerous changes that are waiting for you, and maybe the process in life where you should take the advice from people who are wiser then you are.

The two most common dreams that are connected to the airplanes are those in which that plane is falling on the ground, and another is the one in which you are missing a flight.

In the sections below we will help you find out what the dream where you are missing a flight means and how can you use all the information that you acquire from that dream could be used for benefiting your life in the future. Read all about it.

Meaning of a Dream of Missing a Flight

To start right from the core of this dream where you dream that you are missing a flight, such a dream means that you are a human being who is so responsible of all things in his life that he is stressed out about all small things in his life, so that he cannot relax even for a second.

Such a tendency is translated into a dream world, where you show your worry of all things that surround you in everyday life.

The fact is that you must realize as soon as possible that you are a human being with flaws and that you are making your life even worse when you worry about everything that is in your life, not everything is so important that you have to worry.

Many meanings indicated that this dream where you see yourself missing a flight that you have a feeling (that you cannot get rid of) that you are weak and caught in a situation from which you cannot get out, and you feel that you are going deeper and deeper into the problem.

This dreams also means that you are a lost person who is often puzzled by some phase of life – job, connections, or associations with other people, or simply with plans that are troubling you in some way; you are worried will you be able to make them real.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Missing a Flight

If we want to speak more of the symbolical value of this dream, we will say that the dream in which you testify that you are a passenger who is late for a scheduled flight is connected to the symbolism of not being ready for the important steps in your life, and you are not able to move forward when you should.

In fact, it symbolizes that you are not ready to enter the next phase in which you must move in a different direction than ever before.

Maybe for you, this dream is a wake-up call to become properly prepared, especially in these troubled times, when you feel that you cannot move one, and you feel like you are stuck in the place.

This is a dream that always occurs in a time when you are stopped from moving on, it can be a boss or a coworker at your job, or it can be a family member that does not understand who you are and what you want to do in life.

But, we must say that this symbolism speaks of one more thing that is positive – even if you are stuck in the time being, you are in fact able to move on, you are on the correct route to reach your intentions but have fixed some last-minute blunders.

And there has been a few in your life, and this dream comes from your deep mind, as a way or a warning to move on and take a step further to correct those mistake that you have made in the past, in whatever part of your life, job or personal relations.

Do I have to be worried?

Yes, you do, you can be worried about the certain extent, but you cannot become a fearful person who cannot move on and make some bold moves in your life.

This is definitely a warning dram that sets itself as an important symbolical sign that you must take very seriously, because it can set your next moves in life, and determine your destiny.

Now, of course, every dream, and even if it is concrete as this one, carries its own symbolic, but depending on the circumstances of the dream, the purpose may have different interests, but they all can be sum up to one common thing – you are under the burden of your organizational skills, and you are too responsible human being who cannot deal with the enormous stress in his life, so your mind is sending you signals to change something in your everyday perception of life.

Try to remember all the details that surrounded this dream – how you felt emotionally, were you scared or just alarmed? Whether you were delighted or fearful has the most important role in understanding the meaning of a dream of a missing a flight.

But, if you understand this dream from the perspective that you can change your life as you see fit, such a dream can present you with numerous chances to change your life for better, you can start a new love affair, or you can find the job of your dreams, everything is possible in this sense, just try to take this dream as a warning to change something.

The big findings in everyday life are going to be possible, and that your tendency to be stressed out and then make a numerous mistakes now can end, you can find the strength to change whatever challenge you may have in your life, and resolve a difficulty in a relationship, delays, unexpected risks and threats, and the possible failure and damage you may face.

What to do if I had this dream

Depending on what was going on in the dream with the plane and what you were doing, the interpretation of the dream also depends, and in that sense, you can decide what you will do next in your every day, wake life, where many decisions must be brought to life.

So, if you had a dream where you are missing a flight it is usually a dream that indicates our personal fear of failing in life and making the wrong choices all together – such dream is often in the minds of the people who had various adventures on the road, but in this sense, it is the road of life, and it can tackle various aspects of human life.

Ti sum up all that we know of this dream, so that you can make a decision what will you do; you must be aware of the fact that this dream has come to you since you feel very frustrated, if not really scared by your everyday life and obligations that you have, and you fear that you cannot make them work as you want them.

Some claim that this dream means that you are in fear of losing something that is important to you, like some documents or something similar.

Maybe you have a fear that something important will start without you, and you are not feeling good about it, on the contrary, you feel bad, and you want to do everything that is in your power to change that, so you can become a part of that “important event”.

Such a dream can signify that you will truly become a strong person who is able to master some of the restrictions that you currently meet in life.

This dream means that you will be able to rise above the conditions and overcome your current status and position in the community. In some deeper analyses, this dream can help you find the higher phase of awareness; create a new sort of freedom and more prominent awareness.

What you have to do is to change some views in your life, and to make your perspective become much wider in life, so you can see the bigger picture.

Any transportation when appears in a dream shows the experiences that people have in life, and other circumstances that surround that dream represent your relationship and feelings about that experience in life.

It is said that bigger the transportations, like an aero plane, symbolize the choice of some means – organizations, businesses, churches – that serve to experience some aspect of life. Choosing a vehicle will tell you what kind of experience it is.

The usual meaning of this type of dream is that you have missed out on an opportunity in your waking life, too late to make a connection. You need to get yourself together to make the connection you want.

Ask yourself a few questions – what exactly do you see and do in your sleep when you have a dream where you are missing a flight?

Why are you going there, where should you take off with that plane? What is it that gives you the feeling of being late? What are you currently trying to accomplish in your waking life and what has been a stepping stone in that case? All of these questions are equally important to answer.

What is missing to do the job right or to get where you are going, then things will be much clearer, and you will be able to make the right turn into the direction that is the best for you?


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