Spiritual Meaning of Doors

When we look at the world around us we could see, feel and know that symbols accompany us in a dream and also in real life, in communication with other people, in everything created by man and nature, in our attempts to express ourselves through thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Often times it is easier to express yourself through symbols, and in this sense, we could see symbols in everyday objects; whatever that it may be, something trivial can have a symbolical meaning, and it can show us the spiritual meaning that we never thought it could have.

But they do, and the symbolical value does not have to do anything to do with, for example, some external aspects of that object.

Symbols are hidden in words, thoughts, feelings and actions or themes through which we try to convey something cease to be sufficient.

Today we are looking into the spiritual meaning of Doors, and you will be surprised with it; this everyday object hides a lot of meanings, and the spiritual meaning is one of the most interesting.

In short, it speaks of the limit, of the Universal boundary, of the Cosmic principle that divides our world and it is not possible to function without it, it is created in this way, and it is given.

General Characteristics

First of all, we must say that Doors are an everyday object, but the one that is important and meaningful for everyday life – it is our entrance and exit; the way in and the way out. Every object where people stay in has Doors, even religious and every other.

Since the dawn of time, when the first man has created his first home, he put the Door on them, and from that moment, the Doors became imperative.

Now, the Doors have something more to it, it is one of the commonly used symbols by which one wanted to emphasize his inner aspiration to achieve the perfect balance between the spiritual and material worlds – and the Doors are the boundary between the two words; it is our exit point, or the entrance, depending on what side you are.

The fact is that no other symbol in portrays the famous philosophical concept of two worlds that exist in our Universe so faithfully and that Doors represents the clearest picture of eternal life. You die, and then you go through the Light Door and go into that other world, for example ( if you are going to heaven you are going up to the Door, or you are going down to hell). This is just one explanation, but you see what we try to depict here.

Finally, the Doors is one of the symbols used in almost every religion, and in every part of the world to mark the boundary between two oppositions, like day and night, heaven and Earth, etc. Even here we find a picture of the perfection of nature – the transition point between the dark and the bright times of the year – from whatever side you look at this symbol you can see that it shows the way.

Also, some say that the secret Doors that exist as a spiritual symbol is a time/space when the god of light overcomes his brother – the god of darkness and at the same time announce the arrival of change.

In some way, when you enter through the Doors it means that you are starting something new, and you are leaving something else from behind – it symbolizes a new beginning, a new stage of life, it is tied to the return of joy and joy, just as such stage puts unfinished business in the forefront, resolving family problems, but also calming down unreasonable anger.

You shut the Door, and you leave everything that has been troubling you behind, and this is the healthiest way to achieve something bigger in life.

Spiritual Meaning of Doors

As you were able to see in the previous section, the Doors are important for human beings both in a regular, everyday way and in some deeper way, the spiritual way.

When you look at this object in a spiritual way, you can see the exit and entrance, and these two represent the two opposite directions at the same time, at simultaneously, clearly associated with the double-flow of cosmic energy, the rotation of the world seen from one pole and the other.

Some say that it is the representation of the cosmic principle, where two opposite sides of the world are connected into one, and the Doors are in the center. And the Cosmic Principle means that the day cannot without night, light cannot exist without darkness, warm cannot without cold, the sky cannot live without Earth – opposites are all around us, and there is always that one line that separates the two and the symbol of that line are Doors!

In other words, two completely opposite processes are taking place on our planet at any moment, two seemingly incompatible forces of nature that complement each other, and when you look at the Doors, then you can go from one side to another, or you can hide in the light, while the darkness stays outside, and in this sense the Doors are your protector and they are giving you care that you are desperate might need.

Also, they can give you time to take care of things that are urgent, so that you can, later on, deal with something that5 is darker, for example.

Good or Bad Sign

There cannot be that kind of classification when it comes to the Doors as the symbol in a spiritual sense, and they just are – it is no wonder then that it can often be heard that the Doors actually portrays the so-called dance of life.

It speaks of the changes that come in our lives, and the positions that we take in life; in it, we see the awakening of energy as well as the natural cycles such as birth and death, or the creation and destruction of already existing ones. If you burn down the house, then besides the foundations, the Doors are those that are going to burn the last, and this is no wonder; there is a reason.

You must go through them at some moment so that you collect all that is coming from that other side, depending on where you are at that moment, from which side you are in. And there is no wrong answer in this sense, and we can only talk of the point where something ends is in fact just the point where something else begins and vice versa.

As we have said, all things in the Universe must have that boundary so that we “choose” our sides in life; the good or the bad.

And most important of all – when we are born we must come through one door, and we ended on the other side of the world, so the Doors are in some way, a part of our DNA, the part of our creation in life.

In support of this, they (the Doors) speak of the Universal Doors that we can open with our minds and enter into the places that we never knew existed (to depict this we will say that is nor wonder why in some physiological tests there is always one in which you are obligated to choose one Door and based on the choice you reveal something about yourself).

It is even said that the Doors are those boundaries in the intersecting spiral galaxy.


Every home has a Door, even if they are not pretty they have their purpose of fulfilling, they are a representation of our homes, they are the boundary between us and another side, and for that matter, they are our protection that is present to keep us from all negativity that exits in life.

The path of the Doors is ​​clear and is reminiscent of the evolution of humanity, both collectively and individually – as humanity progressed, then the Doors become more and more important.

Like them, there are two “threads” in each of us: the first that leads to the tangible, the naked eye visible, the material, and which places emphasis on our Ego (our home is the representation of our home), our personality that is accessible to the whole world.

The other, however, remains visible only to a small number of people, symbolizing our inner being, our soul, our most personal seal and the path that leads to self-realization.

This is plausible since the Doors exist in our lives as something that is necessary, as for example the part of the house, the object we live in, but in a symbolical sense, this importance is even greater.

If you are able to live on the boundary, to stray on it as long as you are able to so that you can choose the good, the light. Or you can find what the light is for you personally, and let the darkness behind the Doors, somewhere outside.


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