Dream of Home Invasion – Meaning and Symbolism

When you think of your home, you think of the place of peace and comfort, and it is the symbol of our everyday life, a bond and love between man and woman, and children, it speaks a sanctuary and a safe place.

Our home is our temple, is the center that brings creatures closer together with warmth and light, and also a place where food is prepared, the hearth is the source of life, its center, the life that is provided, supported and expanded.

In all societies, the hearth is respected and celebrated, and the feeling that someone or something is going to jeopardize our home is terrible, and it scares us to the core.

We do not want to feel this way, and this is a feeling that we want to miss out if we can, we do not want to sacrifice our sanctuary.

But, this event sometimes occurs, and in that sense, we will do everything to protect our homes from whatever “enemy” that could ever come to our path.

But, what happens when the invasion of your home appears as a motive in a dream? What does it mean? Are your home and family in danger, or such a dream has something to do with you? Read all about this dream symbolism.

Meaning of a Dream of Home Invasion

If you had such a dream, you must feel awful, since such a dream is not pleasurable to have, oftentimes it is on the borderline with a nightmare. But, leave those scary feelings on a side, and ask yourself what such a dream means and how can you use all information to learn something about yourself and your life.

In the beginning, we must say that such a dream is connected to your subconscious – it speaks of you in many different ways, and in its small part it is connected to the idea that something bad is going to happen (but it does not mean that you are about to be invaded).

So, to dream of the house invasion means that something will come out of your mind, and the fact that such idea came out from you in the form of a dream, just means that you are suppressing something. You deny some of your aspects, maybe some of your traits that are not likeable.

In addition, the dream of the home invasion may also be about a current relationship or a situation that makes you uncomfortable – you are not ready to give some of your personality, personal space, or whatever to the person who is with you in a relationship, and this is really hard to accept.

Some say that such a dream means that you are burdened by the feeling that you are about to lose your own identity or space.

But there is one alteration to this dream – the one in which you see yourself (you are the invader of someone else home), and this motive has an interesting meaning.

In this case, such a dream means that you are the person who is in constant search for the answers and that you want to dedicate your life to learning and to find out as much as you can about the world around you.

Such a dream is also a symbol for self-exploration and expansion of the mind. In addition, the dream indicates that you are ashamed of something and that you are trying to hide it in the worse possible ways, but you are doing yourself a bad and unusual favor.

One more version of this dream we are obligated to mention – if you had a dream that some other object/subject tried to invade your home, like birds for example (this version of this dream is unusually common); in that case such a dream indicates that you are not following the desired life path.

Others interfere with your life and interfere with your life path, and you do not know how to deal with such pressure, and this is manifested in your dream world.

Alternation to such a dream suggests that your plans do not go the way you intended, and you feel and want to change something about it, but you are not able to do so, so you feel invaded. It is not the question are your goals and plans are realistic and well developed, but that you are not able to accept that things are not going in the right direction, the one that you have imagined.

The Symbolism of Dream of Home Invasion

This dream is incredibly stressful, borderline nightmare, but still, it provides enough information so that you can change your life because there are definitely some aspects of your life that is not very good, and that is not taking you.

So, the symbolism of a dream in which you see someone is invading your home, in that case, such a dream implies that you will avoid an accident that will come so close to you that is unbelievable that you will be able to miss it out.

You are likely to get away from a situation that seemed suspicious from the start, but no one took your warnings seriously, sometimes this is the dream that speaks of the negligence of your mind and warning signs that you see, but you do not follow.

Once again, your intuition will prove to be infallible, and many will regret not having done the same thing as you – in this way you should not become so protective over your life and what you do in it, sometimes it is ok to share.

If for example, you see the invasion of your home, and you confront the invader – such a dream could be connected to your love life, and it symbolizes that you should be cautious of new love. You may be misjudged and bound more than you wanted – you just entered into one affair and waited for things to change, but you did not feel comfortable at all. You won’t even notice the moment you will need it, and it turns out that he was only interested in a passing relationship.

So love life, your identity are always a part of the dream of invasion of your home, as it is the center of your life, it is your soul – invasion is everything that may come to your path, but the enemy could be you.

Think well what does your mind is telling you, and what you have been surprising for a long time because now it has found its way out.

Do I have to be worried?

So, as you were able to see for yourself, in a dream world you are the home, it is the representation of your identity, but you must think of you and the bad feelings that you may have, be aware of it, it cannot bring you anything good, and you must watch who are invaders in your dream, and what is that that you are hiding and protecting, and more importantly way.

Sometimes this is the dream that comes to the people who are very trustful and who want to solve many problems without difficulty, but is afraid in some way, so the aspect that you want to protect is your mind and the process of thinking -change it so it can give good life.

You should think about what you do in life and start making positive changes in life – in any case, and you must let go of the fear that we are having and that is stopping us from growth, new love, a better job, etc.

Do not worry when you have such a dream, in a sense that your home as a material house is in jeopardy, but you as a human being is, and for this matter, it is truly important to pay attention to such dream if not act in a certain direction.

What to do if I had this dream?

According to popular belief, a home is a place where house spirits reside and where ancestors gather – maybe such a description is just a metaphor, but it shows what the home means for all of us, as we have said in the first section – it is our sanctuary and the place where we think we are safe.

The home is your heart, and we all think that we could never be extinguished; otherwise, it is losing its creative and vital power.

And anyone who comes close to our home with the purpose to invade it, it causes us to fear and anxiety – such a dream is not a good thing, but it does not have to be terrible; it can be just a warning sign.

It is said that such a dream comes to the people who are the gullible persons who believe that everything will work out, without your involvement, and this attitude will only do you harm.

The basic line here is that you are afraid that someone or something will “invade” or interfere with something that is you, your identity –  try to think a little about your views in life, try to correct them, and then you will see what changes will happen! You could be the one that is invading your home – you are sabotaging yourself.

Others say that such a dream is an amazing sign and that can help you wake up from your sleep where you believe that everything is great in your life.

It could mean that you will make a profit, but at the same time, you must beware.


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