Mercury Sextile Neptune

With their passage through the Zodiac, all planets are continually switching their relationship to one another, they never stay still, and this is the beauty of Zodiac and Astrology in general.

They can accord, they can go side by side, and they can be at some length as represented by degrees of the circle. When you learn about these aspects, you can learn of an important area of the natal chart.

It is also important in which field of horoscope they take place, to which the event of that field can be utilized, whether it will be shown in the outside or inside world of the character; and whether that personality has the potential for self-control or the capacity to take benefit of the perspective or get over it.

What good can come from the mixture of the planets Mercury and Neptune, when we know that the first one is the symbol of the rational mind, the process of thinking and discussion, the transfer of information and travel as a way of stimulating, and the other one is the representation of the ideas, and the beginning of something completely new, what comes quickly and suddenly?

We will tell you right away that many good things can come from this planetary aspect and it is good to know that the sextile is that connection that merges the analogy of the same polarity and allows them to support one another.

This is an aspect of stimulating and polishing by discovering new passageways. These new methods are, as a rule, quite distinct from those previously installed, established and confirmed.

General Characteristics

In this case, Mercury relates its logic to Neptune, which gives Mercury ideas that he can elaborate and make a plan for their realization in material reality.

Here we can meet an amazing and very functional mutual cooperation that is able to speeds up the way of movement, so it contributes to finding faster, easier and more efficient ways to get to your target, whatever that may be, it can be a literal destination, but it can also be some goal.

People who are affected by this position in their natal charts are dealing amazing well with information, and they are able to pass the necessary information more easily and faster.

What this sextile does is that it allows people to spot some detail that would in many other situations simply miss and, on that basis, make a different plan, move in a new and different direction from the one already established, and thus perfects his journey to the destination.

Some of the famous people who are blessed with this aspect are Brad Pitt, Princess Aiko, Pablo Escobar, Claudia Schiffer, John Cleese, Sarah Schulman, Margaret Thatcher, Jimi Hendrix and Steven Spielberg. Here, we can see everything -beauty, talent, but also problematic systems of value.

Good Traits

The planet Neptune here acts as a flash of lightning and illuminates for the moment Mercury all that it needs to improve the planning and organization necessary for a more efficient and advanced realization of the goal.

This means that people blessed with this aspect have that inner light that is incredibly very strong, and that is enough to bring Mercury’s attention to something new that he would not have been able to notice under normal circumstances and conditions.

These are the people who can see what others cannot and can pass that information further, where it is necessary to go – where this information or the idea will go, is in their case, usually for some ideal or a greater good.

It almost seems as if a new idea of ​​something in their consciousness comes to light, and what can be vividly described in any known image depicting the moment when the light comes.

But not just that, these people have planet Mercury in their sextile, and here it can focus on elaborating that idea, it will not remain just in the domain of phantasy (that is so typical for the Neptune people).

Bad Traits

Since Mercury is present here, many will say that they are confused with the speed of their thoughts, since they want to do as much and in the fastest time possible, they are always new ​​ways to combine the resources or facts available to it into a logical and easily cohesive whole.

But, the Neptune that is also present sometimes draws attention to the phantasy world, and he is the one that hesitates, so they can have trouble in perceiving the information they need.

They do not like to waste any time on unnecessary and detailed explanations when they know that they can explain everything quickly and easily – but there is always a lingering question why do, not others do things just in the way they want it? This is the point where there are a lot of misunderstandings, especially in the work circles in their lives.

One more thing we must mention here – all of this may be reminiscent of haste and impatience (these are also traits that are part of their personalities), but sextile here draws the best even out of this situation, is there is no (excessive) impatience here, but this combination of a very practical mind that strives for simplicity and efficiency in everything.

But the problem is when he cannot wait for the results to become obvious.

Love Matters

You will recognize these people because of their very interesting look, and their ability to dream and love deeply, but at the same time to enjoy life and make changes that are as fast as lightning.

They are always open to anything new and contemporary and what is special about them – they have a sense of the present, of being in the “here and now.”

This is the reason why they are driven toward a life where they have a problem in settling down, because they live for the moment, and they do not suffer too much, they are not inclined to live in the past.

What can be problematic for their lovers is the fact that those who are under the impact of Mercury and Neptune in a sextile position adore mind games and word games because it is a great tool to keep their minds in good shape.

They like to make fun, to play hard to get, just for the fun of the entire experience.

It is not that they believe in this game, they are not inaccessible in this communication, on the contrary, they can be reached, or they are the ones that are making the first contact (even when they leave something deep inside), but the game is mandatory in seducing.

They are social in nature and have many acquaintances, but they are always special, on their own and above average, and people who are in love or in a relationship with them must accept this and take them as such, not trying to change them.

Work Matters

When it comes to work and the choice of their profession, people with the sextile between Mercury and Neptune are skilled to make a plan for its realization and clearly see new ways they can use it.

They are able to develop something that is often brand new, and the main thing is that they have complete certainty in their vision and do not have a shred of doubt about its realization, which ultimately leads to a positive or desired outcome.

In some way, they are individualists who do not like fitting into teams and teamwork, but if it is necessary they will usually do it successfully and become respected members are a variety of scientific, social or charitable associations and organizations.

They will always come on the surface since this sextile allows them to find and create shortcuts in everything and use them freely and very often.

In this way, it shortens the time and speeds up all processes that are necessary for the progress.


The verdict is clear, the sextile that develops between these two planets makes us able to develop a new idea, and in the process when planning and Mercury accelerate it, so we begin to think faster and easier, connect the facts available, shorten the paths of merging and integrating the necessary factors to accomplish the plan.

Use this aspect whenever he is active or whenever you find out that you have it in your personal chart.

Now you know that you are a fast-paced individual who is adept at science and problem-solving, who are innovative, inventive, and always full of practical ideas that come to fruition.

This sextile is also an aspect of rapid movement (all thanks to the planet Mercury that is incredibly fast and active), and those who have this aspect in their natal horoscope are very resourceful, their reactions are fast, and their mind is fast enough to detect and avoid any potential danger.

This does not exclude the part of their persona that is drawn to the dream, phantasy and vivid imagination.

These individuals are aware of their needs and desires and are able to fulfill them, unlike some others who are not able to leave their “sleep phase”.

Having said all of this, try in the future to put you in some different position, maybe in the modern environment, where there are some scientific and technical innovations.

The best usage of this aspect could be used for the purpose of taking part in the creative activities and for the purpose of perfecting your life; here finally, your ideas are able to become a reality.

Not just in any way, this journey will be the shortest and the most efficient ever.


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