Virgo Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

We can all agree that the Sun, as the position in the natal chart represents the most significant planetary body, the one that affects the conscious part of the human psyche. The Sun is the big light, and the Moon is the smaller light, but the equally important one.

The Sun represents the constant movement of energy that allows the continuation and development of all forms of life that exists on the planet Earth.

Some Astrologers even say that the Sun is the immutable flow of spiritual energy that moulds individual consciousness – it is our sign, the position of the Sun at the time of our birth.

Today we are looking deeply into the life of the person who has Sun positioned in the Virgo sign, and the Moon in the Gemini Zodiac sign. What does this mean when we look at his entire life and his interpersonal relations?

Good Traits

In the person who has this position of the luminaries we could say that in him, the intelligence is the one that rules, with all those fascinating things that this person can do with his life.

In this human being, his mind is the critical one, and everything that he does must be rational and logical, but in some other way this is the person who can be very strange to others that are present in his life.

In him, there is a strong desire for knowledge is very developed, but it is knowledge of a set of facts that are difficult to develop thoughts and deep penetration into the problem. He likes to deal with many issues that are for others difficult or incomprehensive, or they just do not want to deal with them.

In the end, this is the person who has luminaries located in the Virgo/Gemini connection has the speed of thought and the necessary flexibility – in his actions there is a strong tendency to accuracy and order, method and precision, even toward perfection and detail.

Bad Traits

Having said all this, in the section where we spoke about the virtues, we must say that in this person there is a certain risk – he is able to find himself in a life that is fulfilled in material and intellectual terms, but it can, therefore, be poor in terms of the necessary contributions that give heart and feelings.

Or, in simpler words, his love life could be bad -this state does not have to last very long, but he can go through hard times and have trouble in dealing with his issues.

This person has a cold and very temperate nature and is almost always the master of the situation, in which the source of his problems is hidden. There is no doubt that he is an intellectual inspiration for others, and in him, there is a strong desire for communication, and on the other hand, he has problems just because of these things.

You cannot always be the master of the situation and at the same time be a person who is kind and loving, and has a tender heart -some things require a little more flexibility and understanding that things are not going as we think they should.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon in Love

In love, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Gemini signs is serious, and without any tendency toward romance and adventure, he likes more long-lasting relationships (which of course also depend on some lives circumstances).

We are not saying that this person avoids any experimenting in love (still, he has the Moon located in the Gemini Zodiac sign, and this implies that he love sensual adventures), but afterwards he feels empty and has the need for something completely else.

He wants something stable so that he could lean on, and if he feels like it, he can be involved in something “adventurous”.

His mind is telling him that he is the one that should be in a happy marriage, and he is like that, he takes his love life very seriously along with the obligations and planning. It can be a very caring lover, but also the one that seeks a certain discipline and order in that love affair – there cannot be chaos and misunderstanding, things must be clear and open at all times.

He is the one that is always slightly closed to the environment, but as years pas he may become more tolerant for years, especially in emotional relationships. Often he has fears and anxieties that occasionally disturb its complete personal relaxation.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon in a Relationship

So you can see how much this combination of the luminaries brings serious even in the aspects that should have that touch of fun or optimism. He has the gift of speaking and the natural ability of coordination – and most of his lovers fall on his words.

He often hides his emotions and even true intentions in love, even though his heart can act just like a time bomb. This means that his heart, somewhere deep inside, just wants to be loved, but he struggles in revealing his most tender emotions – one part because he is afraid that someone will abuse his feelings, and another part because he sometimes just don’t know how to open.

In the choice of his lovers, this is the person who can be versatile, but he has to learn to concentrate without being impulsive – his lovers would mind such behavior.

This is the person that must be sure that he never wastes energy while doing multiple things at the same time – juggling his career, love life, and family.

In the end, we must say that this person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Gemini combination, above all things, in life and love, must have security, support, and comfort.

He is not the person who likes to be alone, and is constantly seeking those who are similar to him and with whom he will be able to cooperate well – he needs contacts, but also his own space, where no one will disturb you. There always must be a balance at all times and all aspects of his life, and his lovers must be aware of this fact.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Gemini Moon

A perfect match for person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Gemini combination is with someone who is emotional, intuitive, and understands deeply his needs and desires, especially those who he tries to hide (he does this all the time and only someone who can dig deeper inside of his mind, will know the truth).

This is the person who enjoys the small gifts and a lot of attention. He falls in love with people based on the small work, not something big. Who can be this person that will deal with all of this?

This place belongs to the Libra person – his sensual zone is his mind. He is the one that likes communication both in everyday activity and in bed. Visual stimulation is also important to him, and we feel like this could be a match made in heaven.

He is the one that will always give the best advice, who always has the perfect solution for all your problems and responsible for every question that you can think of.

But, the dreams will still have to be accomplished on his own, despite all of his charms that he has, his rational analysis of dreams will not meet expectations of the person with the Sun and Moon in the Virgo and Gemini combination.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon as a Friend

This person hates to burden others with his personal problems and always relies on himself. He is one very curious person, and nothing leaves him indifferent – and in this sense, he likes to know what his friends are doing, thinking, etc.

In conflicts, this human can use words skillfully, and is able to defend ideas and impose himself in the environment he is in. This line of character can be used in a good and constructive way (he can help his friends), or it could be used to hurt people.

One more ability that his friends love – he can quickly decide on how to get the best out of others and practically apply his skills. Otherwise, he may be inclined to manipulate others – and this is one aspect of his persona that his friends hate.

One advice for a person who has luminaries located in the Virgo and Gemini combination – he must take care of his verbal aggressiveness, and the volcanic temperament that can hurt his closest people.

In the end, this is a person who likes to take care of others, from where there is certain instability in the sentimental plane.


In this case, where we deal with the person who has Sun located in the Virgo, and the Moon in the Gemini Zodiac sign, we speak of the person where earth and air are united, and this could be a good thing.

What is common to both of these signs (Virgo and Gemini) is the way of thinking deprived sentimentality, although most commonly correct.

So, to conclude this piece – here we encounter one person who is an intelligent person who wants knowledge, subconscious attention, but is very oriented towards the details, the little things that mean life, and the gathering of useful ones.

Increased self-criticism, especially in the field of personal appearance, as well as a constant quest for control, will be important to this person.


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