Pallas in Cancer

This asteroid bears the strongest symbolism of everything between Jupiter and Mars.

Therefore, Palas is certainly the most significant of all the asteroids in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, for it carries within it the story of the wisdom inherited from Jupiter and the need to fight possessed by Mars.

Palas is a beautiful goddess, but she who is smart and smart, who knows what she wants, is ambitious and prone to every fight. It’s the archetype of Lara Kroft’s woman, she’s in that vibe.

She is much more a picture of the aspect of Venus / Uranus – an independent woman who strives for activities, she is never a woman of characteristics like Ceres, who is primarily a mother.

If a man has an aspect with Palas in his natal, he is looking for a right partner, an equal, ambitious woman who will support him, in all battles he will be a straight partner, who is certainly very beautiful but in a different way from the classic one.

She least chooses to stay married if something is wrong, she has no conscience about her children, her partner or any of the above would keep her if she decides to divorce.

Pallas in Cancer Man

Paladin Athena by positioning the Palas asteroid through the 4th house, she expresses her creativity through home and family, expressing her artistic preferences both through furnishing her apartment and through culinary skills.

She is also the headquarters and guardian of home and family. She is very sensitive and intuitive.

Palas in Cancer describes a person who perceives the world with the help of his feelings. It heals by creating a healthy living environment, providing comfort, comfort, warmth and home security.

He expresses his creative talents through homework skills.

In politics as well as in the home, these persons are the guardians of their country, sincere patriots, who also stand for the powerless, the elderly, the poor and the vulnerable.

The wisdom of this Athens rests in her compassion for protecting the vulnerable.

Pallas in Cancer Woman

The character of a cancer is the least clear of all the signs of the zodiac. A cancer can be from shy and boring to bright and famous.

Cancer is conservative and they love the safety and warmth of their home.

In fact for men cancer, their home is like a nest, a refuge where to go when the stress of their work is too much. A Cancer’s house tends to be your personal refuge rather than a showcase to dazzle others.

A cancer understands that there are times to be sociable and other moments to be lonely. This is one of the contradictions in its character.

From the outside they seem determined, resistant, stubborn, tenacious, energetic, wise and intuitive.

However, those who know them from the intimacy can see a totally different type of person – someone sensitive especially to the people he loves.

Cancer can identify with the situation of others because of their great imaginative capacity.

Sometimes they are too fanciful and pretend to build their life according to a romantic ideal. They like art, music and literature and, above all, drama and action.

Cancer has a considerable literary or artistic talent. Your personal challenge is to reconcile your internal conflict.

On the one hand they love being outgoing, on the other they have a tendency to withdraw. If they manage to reconcile both sides, they are able to inspire a whole generation, especially young people, with their ideas.

Good Traits

Paddles in Cancer is very compassionate. Theirs are first and the skin would be left because nothing is missing.

He is a born protector and his efforts are oriented towards common welfare.

Here the emotional world and subjectivity can play bad passes to the rational, cold and objective thought of Pallas, although in any case it is one of the positions where, without repressing emotions, they allow them to express themselves in a measured and clearer way than other planetary positions here.

Palas’ sense of strategy and practical and concrete thinking are geared towards the achievement of family or local well-being.

They can be good local or community politicians. Wisdom that allows you to be a fundamental prop of your community or family.

Bad Traits

Emotional and susceptible, the crab does not conceive to live without the company of another. Affection is your mood food and it is difficult for you to feel fulfilled until you find the ideal partner.

They love the tranquility of the home above all things and that is why they build their future without haste.

Pallas in Cancer – General Info

Palas Athens in Cancer sees through emotions. They provide basic necessities for life and comfort. They can be skilled in the home and play host.

They defend the family and the home to death, take care of children, the elderly and those in need.

They are full of empathy. They are able to solve emotional problems and many with Cancer Palace are excellent therapists or caregivers. Hospitality is a key part of their personality. Emotional support is their strength.

Each start of the season represents the entrance to a new stage and occurs when the Sun enters a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

In the sign of Cancer, it represents the gateway to the world of feelings, since it is the Cardinal sign of Water, an element related to the world of emotions, feelings and perceptions.

After passing through the sign of Gemini, aerial and thinking, this stage of the Sun transiting Cancer invites us to dive into our emotions, to feel and flow.

Cancer, fourth sign of the Zodiac, cardinal, and first of the Water element, represents the feminine, the fruitful and is governed by the emotions of the Moon.

It is the sign of the home, of the roots, the mother.

His natives have great emotional sensitivity and deep faith. Guided by their powerful intuition, they know when to play and when to retire on time in moments of risk.

Its symbol is the crab and its movement has been interpreted as a source of permanent rebirth.

The sensitive imagination and the predominance of the emotional world are the most characteristic features of the sign, but, as they are channeled, they can be a positive force or a point of weakness and vulnerability.

Loyal, emotional, constant, protective, traditional, sensual, intuitive, and sweet, this Water sign is associated with the need for security.

In the crab that identifies it, that hard shell represents an introverted nature with armor that is difficult to penetrate since they have a need for self-protection.

It is the sign that most security needs of all and will always be waiting for a hug or demonstration of affection, which they do not hesitate to express.


Propitious path towards reunion with their own roots.

Palas facilitates, in Cancer, a better rational understanding of feelings, which are, in any case, subject to more or less thorough criticism and analysis.

The interests are oriented towards the past, the historical and family roots, which may very well condition the idea of the domestic environment (classical or “old” decoration; family heritage house, artistic-intellectual environment in the home,)

Here empathic and perceptive sensory abilities are combined with “harmonizing” physical powers and it is not uncommon to find, for example, masseuses (to which the sign of Cancer is shown so given) with this position.


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