Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning and Symbolism

Most people dream seven times during the night without even realizing it and not many dreams left stuck in our minds, and even if they do, we forgot the details of that dream.

In any case, this does not detract from the fact that it is true. Too often, people claim that they never dream without realizing that statistically, this is not realistic.

You probably remember some and maybe most of your dreams, too, it is possible that a good part of them involves the person you are in love with, and the person you are currently with and want to go serious.

Now, we come to the centre of this piece where we will try to look at as many details that surround the dream that is connected to the marriage proposal  -what does this mean, and how such a dream is translated to the real life. All of this you can read in sections below.

Meaning of a Dream of Marriage Proposal

You must wonder what such a dream means since in real life this is the event that is one of the most desired and loved, this is one event that the most of us wait for our entire lives.

So, as the most significant dates in the lives of two people, by which they commit themselves to each other for faithfulness in the next act that follows, the secret and holy marriage (that these two people will enjoy preferably until the rest of their days).

If we want to tackle what this dream means, we will say that it indicates that you will soon come to love joy, and it does not have to be a marriage proposal, cause this is the dream that also people who are single dream, but it could be the annunciation that you will have a better and more loving life from now on.

Everything is possible in a dream world, and it is just that the meaning of a dream is not what we have expected.

Also, there is one more version regarding this dream – it is possible that you and your loved one will start making plans regarding your life together and your future together. So such a dream may come as a reflection of current events in your life.

If you are alone, you will soon meet a person with whom you will have a great understanding, which will soon formalize your relationship.

In most of the cases, when you cannot remember other details of this dream, and when they are not relevant, then you can be relaxed, because many good events are coming your way.

If you refuse a marriage proposal in your dream, it symbolizes honesty that you nurture in your life. It is quite possible that you see that the person you consider a friend and who you do not feel that type of emotions with.

Since you will not want to hurt that person, you will tell that person that no time is wasted on you that at first it will be badly accepted, but later you will be grateful.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Marriage Proposal

So, the meaning and also the symbolical value of this dream of a marriage proposal is very high, and this dream means that you will certainly have a good future ahead of you, especially when it comes to relationships with an emotional partner; in some way, everything will fall on its place, and you will find happiness.

Such dream can come as confirmation that you have found the right person for yourself and want to get married and start a family – or alternative it can mean that you will get the offer that you cannot refuse, in a sense that one part of your life will be arranged in a way you wanted it to look like. Work on it, and it is possible that you will soon be able to do this after a dream.

One version must be explained – when you see others having a marriage proposal, then it signifies numerous expenses that are waiting for you in public, in any part of your life, and you should be ready for such event.

It is possible that you will really have some kind of celebration in reality, and therefore you will wear yourself out, while on the other hand, and be sure to take care of your finances in public. So, in this case, such a dream is not connected to the love part of your life, but still, it is interesting to look at.

Some people dream that they are being proposed, but those they escape from that situation, and if this is your version, then it implies that in a real-life you will hurt someone from your environment badly. It may be that you will allow someone to have false hopes and not tell that person how things are for fear of being left alone.

However, as soon as the person that interests you appears, you will not think much but will abandon everything because of that person.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried, in any of these versions of this dream, but some symbolical dream systems claim that if this dream was dreamt by a person who is very young; it can be an indication that that person will not have many fans in public, and that person will make some wrong choices in his/her life, that will translate in unhappy events in the future.

But, one notion to all those young readers here – this also should not be such a big concern, because young people’s time is just coming and it certainly brings lots of love connections, as successful as and there is always a time to learn and to start over.

You can show a bit worry in a version of this dream, where you see yourself being indecisive when being proposed, and this means that you are undecided in your real life, and probably the important life decision you are trying to postpone is ahead of you.

Since you don’t even know what you want, you’re constantly thinking about its good and bad sides, comforting yourself that it’s never too late to go back if you bypass it now.

This is very important for one human being to overcome before it makes some terrible decisions in life.

What to do if I had this dream

The engagement is considered to be one of the happiest dates in the lives of all of us in our reality. But what happens if you have experienced or seen it in your sleep?

The dream symbolism interprets the betrothal in different ways, depending on whether it was yours or you saw someone else’s betrothal, whether you saw the brides or you might have broken the same.

How can we sum up all that we know of this dream; how can we sum up when this is a dream that revolves around the most loved events in the life of one human being. All of us want to belong to a certain group, to have family and to be loved.

If in a dream, you have accepted the marriage proposal, then such a dream surely indicates a good choice for your partner, you know who you are dealing with in your love life.

Such a dream often comes to the people who had changed their perspective in love life, before they were people who are previously blinded in love and passion.

As neither of these relationships ended famously, you realized that you had to choose a different type of person and give someone a chance to feel safe and loved. And the best part is that you succeed in that intention and you are now on the right track, so such a dream comes as a confirmation of such choice.

But, according to some, this dream can be a symbol of difficulties and changes in the realm of your life; it implies that you will be fighting for a partner.

Your motto is that “in love and war everything is allowed” which is why you show your loved one in all possible ways that you care and that you are the best for him/her.

You often just think about your feelings without taking seriously the other side that needs more time to figure out what he wants.


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