Dream of Losing Wallet – Meaning and Symbolism

All of us have dreams in which we see ourselves losing something that is very valuable to us, it can be something that does not have any monetary value, or it can have both monetary and sentimental value. The matter of fact is that “thing” that we have lost is important to us.

Often, we dream that we lost our purse or wallet, and in that wallet, you have your personal ID, someone’s picture that for you have its sentimental value, and you also have money and credit cards. You are in fear of losing all of this, and you wonder how you can be so careless that you lost that valuable thing, so you might think it was stolen.

So, we must say that the dream where you lose your wallet is a very common dream, primarily because the wallet is something that all of us use on a daily basis, it belongs to personal items that are used on a daily basis, and the symbolism of dreams depends on whether one has lost or found the wallet, whether or not there is money in it, whether his or her wallet has been stolen.

And these most common dreams and interpretations will either be further elaborated or explained and analyzed in greater detail because in this case, we are looking into the meaning of the dream of losing a wallet.

What this means and how you can use the information for your personal progress, read in the following sections.

Meaning of a Dream of Losing Wallet

First of all, you know that this dream is very common among people, because the wallet is an item that you use in your everyday life, and as such, it carries importance for the person who carries that wallet.

Now, when you have a dream where you are losing your wallet, it can mean that you are feeling uneasy regarding some important issues in your life, you are uncomfortable and forget how you can resolve a certain situation.

You may be late for an important meeting, leaving you with a very bad first impression, all of this is translated to your dream world, and it gives birth to such a dream of losing something important, in this case, a wallet.

But, this dream reveals one more thing- it shows your attempts to repeat the bad and negative things that surround you, all that is causing you to feel stressed out, and it shows your intentions to do anything you can do to repair it, but many will look at you with a dose of mistrust that you are guilty of. And you are guilty, but this sense of quilt is making you feel like you are worth nothing; you are losing your identity, and feel lost.

Such a dream, and we could not emphasize this enough, has the ability to help you, and you should look at its meaning and symbolical value in this way – such a dream and its information will assist you in restoring a lasting sense of confidence and the ability to show others how much you value.

This is all about the process of coming back in the place where it all has begun, you need to go back to the place where you “think” you lost your wallet, and this means that you will go back the same path to find something you have lost, it is worth re-thinking your situation and looking at a more complete picture.

What we are trying to say here is this, it is all about you and instead of blaming others for your situation use that change to open up new opportunities.

The best way to feel invaluable again is to be your own. Don’t try to amaze others; focus on what you value most with yourself.

Be focused on you, and the things that are important to you, so you will be able to find the answer to why you had such a dream.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Losing Wallet

If you dreamed that you had lost your wallet somewhere and could not find it, it has the connotation that you are completely scattered, depressed, will less, depressed and unrealized, and that you have either the desire or the need to achieve a better and more social position and advancement in business.

But what we try to find out here is why you had it, and it goes for the same reason you do not succeed because you are insufficiently focused or indecisive, and easily give up and you and/or quickly quit, or retreat in the face of any obstacle or problem you encounter in work.

It is all up to you, in a dream, the wallet is you in the sense of what is truly important to you, like your identity.

You know deep down that you are worth it, but being upset that you can’t pay something because you don’t have a wallet or purse reflects your frustration that others don’t recognize how much you are worth.

If you are dreaming about lost IDs, it indicates that your lack of confidence prevents you from engaging in activities you really knew how to enjoy.

In dream symbolism, there can be one alteration to this dream, and it revolves around the idea that this wallet is stolen from you, and that you may never be able to find it. This belief that you have been stolen shows that you think that others have denied you some future opportunities and those they are therefore responsible for the loss of your confidence and position.

However, you have the greatest responsibility for maintaining your self-esteem by showing others that you are well worth it.

Do I have to be worried?

We would not use the word worry, as it will never bring you any good to think in this way, but this dream is important as it directs you to think of your life and identity. We would rather say that such a dream carries great importance for you, since it tackles you and your inner being, your true essence.

To dream that you have lost something worthwhile means that you think about how much you value yourself and how much you feel valued in real life. The loss of valuable items shows that you unconsciously feel that you are somehow impaired and that you are not sure how to restore your previous level of healthy self-esteem.

The valuable item, in this case, is the wallet – and we could not think the more valuable item (in a material sense).

It is very important to know that such misgivings are usually triggered by a change in life circumstances that makes you feel that your value is no longer recognized or valued as before.

Often this can happen because of a changed financial situation or loss of support and loyalty of a loved one – this is the moment when you feel so lost and could not find your path, and you “miss out” on all important things in your life that can cause you a headache in the future.

So the wallet as the symbol of what is important in your life, and the loss is the fear of what might happen if you lose of what is dear to you, comes as a warning – to be more careful.

What to do if I had this dream?

All in all, this is one amazing dream that is making you think and observe your life, what is that aspect that most concerns you; it also carries one deeper message, and this is the aspect that you must take into the consideration.

You need to pay more attention to your life to all obligations that you have, and to be more concerned about the material part of your life, to take better care of your financial status, you cannot be the careless person who does not know where he puts his belongings.

Responsibility is the lesson in this case, and it certainly translates to all aspects of life, not just about the money. Money can be one part of it, but it is not the only one, the symbolism of this dream is wider, and in its core, it hides the idea of personal identity.

Some say that the dream in which you are losing your wallet means that you are in a deep fear that you will lose part of your identity and that you struggle with knowing who you are and where you are going next in your life; because of such fears this is the dream that comes into your life.

You are scared and filled with anxiety, and you want to find your true being as soon as possible, and any difficulty and uncertainty scare you.

You must become stable and aware of all the things that surround you, and then you will be able to get to know you, and your inner being, your true essence.


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