Dream of Earrings – Meaning and Symbolism

For centuries, people, especially women, have worn jewellery to decorate themselves and to set themselves apart from other people – and based on the jewellery a woman has worn, you could tell her social status, position in the society, and a lot about her background, etc.

In ancient times, jewellery was created from stones, shells, jade, seeds of various plants, and nowadays jewellery production is so advanced that it is made in many forms and materials.

But still today, the jewellery remains an important part of human culture, and today even you can tell a lot about the person if you take a look at the jewellery that he or she is wearing.

Research conducted by psychologists shows that based on jewellery that one wears, we can judge his preferences and character.

Earrings are a mandatory part of the jewellery collection of every woman (and why not men also, and for them it also have a meaning) and in this sense, they truly represent something important in our lives, and in this contexts, it is reasonable to wonder what does it mean when such a motive appears in a dream. Do you have any guess?

Meaning of a Dream of Earrings

The true meaning and symbolical value changes regarding the circumstances in a dream, for example, were you the one who is wearing an earring, or you look at them on someone else, what kind of material they are created, and what is their shape and form and of course what kind of feeling you had when you look at then/worn them.

So, for example, if you are the one who wears earrings in a dream, then such a dream means that you are about to experience many interesting and beautiful times in your life, especially if you have waited for a long time for them. You are the person who strives to feel great, to feel comfortable and to have many amazing days in life – all that is coming your way.

In some general sense, earrings that you see in your dream are the symbol of progress in life, especially in the business part of life; you are the person who will gain, very soon great success and wealth, as well as a very high social standing and respect.

If the earrings that you see in a dream are made out of gold, in that case, such a dream means that you will receive some material gain (it does not have to be money, but it is something that is valuable in the monetary sense) very soon, but that is very smart to save it for bad days when you will need them more.

But if for example, the earrings that you see in your dream are pearl earrings, in that case, such a dream is a clear sign that you will get some news or very valuable information from someone that will assist you to accomplish some purposes or deliver great business profit.

If you feel happy while you are wearing or just looking at the pair of earrings, in that case, such a dream value is this – you are the person who likes to give his or her attention to things that are beautiful, and in the meantime you forget all about the core of things – change this as soon as possible, and you will be able to validate yourself.

If the earrings in your dream are clearly very expensive or controlled somewhere in the expensive store, behind the glass, in that case, such a dream could be a signal of many difficult stages that will come into your life, very soon.

There can be numerous problems, quarrels, conflicts and unpleasant situations, whether in business or in private – and such a dream can come as a warning of such events.

If for example, you see yourself looking for and searching the lost pair of earrings, and if you are very shaken and persistent, such a dream is a symbol of great disappointment, betrayal or some kind of insult that you will quite unexpectedly experience from people who are very dear to you.

Once again, such a dream may be an indication that it is the time for a change in attitude regarding people who are close to you.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Earrings

In a symbolical way, a pair of earrings are the representation of the persons beauty, prestige, wealth or social reputation, and have long been a decoration on women’s ears, which had a different reflection depending on their size, as well as whether they were made of gold or silver and some materials that are not at all “noble”.

On the other hand, in some religions and cultures, “ear-piercing” and putting earrings on children for baptism, is a symbol of the pain or suffering.

In some tribes around the world, earrings are put on the ears and men as a symbol of their maturity or willingness to become leaders or warriors, while women, symbolize that they belong and are either ready for marriage.

But what about the earrings that can appear in your dream in various forms, are they also vary from a mark of social status or is it a sign of pain? Such a symbolism largely depends on who is the person who is wearing the earrings, what they are like (gold, diamond, silver, pearls, or made from some other material), and whether you liked them or not.

In any case, they are the symbol of something that is the representation of an aspect in your life that you want to show others, or you value very much so you would like to hide from the outside world, and only you like to keep it and know its value.

If in a dream, you see the other person having, holding or wearing a pair of earrings that you desire to have, such a dream symbolizes that in the mind of a person will take credit for your hard work, your efforts and hard work and that you will be manipulated and very ruthlessly betrayed by persons whom you have boundless confidence and for which you have never doubted for a moment.

When you received earrings as a gift in your dream, in a real-life such a dream symbolizes that you are a person who has or has many good deeds in his or her life, and based on that work that has been recognized, you have been awarded, so you have every reason to be happy with yourself and your actions in life.

Do I have to be worried?

You can be in some ways, and for this matter is really important to make some introspection of your life – for example in the case of this dream where you see a pair of earrings that you like very much, and you wanted to steal them, to have them by any cost.

In this sense, you show that you can be angry, or resentful and distrustful, and this is surely an aspect in your life that you must change before it is too late!

But, in some cases, the dream of the earrings is not a bad sign, on the contrary, it can be a manifestation that your sensual life is going to alter; for example, you will meet a new lover, or you could start something that is brand new and exciting.

So, instead of a worry, try to be happy and to show your joy, and excitement for the better life that is going to come.

In any case, such an amazing dream is the representation of secret desires that you have, and it is often connected to the big variations in your life that may come sooner than you have expected.

What to do if I had this dream?

What can we say – first of all, think what earrings mean for you in real life, and what kind of jewellery you like to wear?

Then, when such a dream comes to you, you will know what does it mean – it can be a sign that you are a very curious and inquisitive person who interferes with someone else’s privacy and lives, and that you will be able to find out a great secret that you will tell everyone indiscreetly, and that you will find yourself in a very bad and awkward position and injure and annoy someone.

But, such a dream can also be annunciation that something great is about to happen in your life very soon, or that your life in an emotional sense is going to change, for the better of course.

Special attention must be directed to the dream in which you are searching for a favorite pair of earrings; in that case, the dream is warning you to be extremely aware that you might get hurt. Question yourself whether you have done something wrong and whether you deserve such betrayal; depending on this answer, you will know what to do next.


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