Dreams About Aliens – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams could often appear bizarre and inexplicable to us, especially when we dream about things that are not of this world.

However, our brain has the amazing ability to create imagery we’ve never saw in our actual life. It might be something we think or heard of.

Although dreams might seem quite enigmatic and often confusing, there are logical explanations for some cases. There are different theories that try to dig deeper into the science and enigma of dreams.

Our dreams may reflect things we are preoccupied with in our wakeful life. Those might be things or emotions we unconsciously suppress.

Those may occur in the form of beings, phenomenon and situations we would normally never encounter with.

Aliens’ symbolism

The fascination about supernatural beings and other dimensions lasts for millenniums. Numerous fictional and scientific stories deal with the everlasting question about life in other galaxies.

Something that is unreachable to human beings keeps intriguing us and our imagination flourishes.

Popular culture beliefs about aliens are at least amazing, interesting and they make us wonder if there really is something over there.

Books, movies, series, documentaries and numerous researches still try to find out if there is life on other planets, but the knowledge of it still slips through our hands.

Popular depiction of aliens as big-headed grey or green skin fellows with big, cat-like shaped eyes, is one of the most common representations of supernatural inhabitants of far galaxies.

Alleged encounter with aliens on Earth are fascinating and controversial stories that make us wonder if they’ve really visited us or not.

Things we are unable to explain keep fascinate humans and inspire us to produce all sorts of stories, in order to explain the inexplicable.

Jungian psychology theory sees aliens and UFOs as another form of modern man’s projections of his inner state.

Some theorists claim aliens symbolize modern people’s fears of segmented, estranged world and cyber culture.

Others see the ambivalent feelings towards aliens’ theories and popular culture stories as a sense of constant threat and fear of things beyond an individual’s control, such as hidden and obscure contemporary political issues.

Aliens are often seen through the prism of conspiracy theories about the world’s management and rule.

According to these theories, aliens in modern pop culture are a projection of contemporary man’s anxieties.

Aliens in dreams

Aliens represent things that are beyond our explanation and control.

If your dream is about aliens, it may suggest you are about to dive deeper to your inner self and discover parts of your personality you’ve not known before.

Since aliens are associated with fiction and fantasy, dreaming about them may reflect your creativity and rich, wild imagination.

It may suggest you are restless and wanderlust, ready to experience events or adventures ‘out of this world’.

On the other hand, alien in your dream may suggest you feel stuck in your current situation and try to escape the situation.

It may signify your utter dissatisfaction with the current life position that makes you want to run from reality to realms of imagination and desires.

Specific dreams about aliens interpretation

If you dream aliens attack you or invade your home may signify you are afraid to change old ways o surroundings in your life.

If you dream you are abducted by aliens that may reflect your real fear of leaving your home and loved ones or losing them.

You may also associate this type of dream with the sense of threatened or violated privacy or intimacy.

Dreams about aliens my also reflect your dissatisfaction with new surroundings and new acquaintances.

Maybe you are feeling unwanted, unaccepted or just not adjusted to new work position or new place of living.

Dreaming you’re having sex with an alien may reflect your wild and curious side of character. It may suggest you are about to try something completely new and even risky.

It may suggest you are ready to enter a new phase of your life. It may be specifically associated with your sex life.

Dreaming aliens could be connected with the sense of feeling disconnected or misunderstood. Think of your actual relations to certain people. Maybe you have difficulties to find a common language with someone or you struggle to get accepted.

Maybe you are stuck in a situation out of your ability to handle. Seeing aliens in your dreams may also signify you are in a struggle with your own self. You’re possibly about to deal with some part of your own personality you’ve neglected or was afraid of so far.

Aliens in dreams usually reflect concerns we find difficult to deal with in reality. It may include unfamiliar relations, situations and our own personality traits we find hard to deal with.

If you’ve had a dream about aliens, you might rethink your own emotions, both about yourself and for people around you.

Try to find out what disturbs you in your wakeful life and work on solving the situation.


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