Dream of Childhood Home – Meaning and Symbolism

There are certain events and certain people that make us feel a certain way, but there are only a few events and places in our lives that are so special and emotional, that they press that one button that makes us cry like babies. For many of us, that feeling is the one feeling that we get when we think of the family home, and we think of the times we spent there are children.

Often times, we felt free and unburdened with the worries that come from grown life, and when we are in pain, we often want to go back to that place where we were protected and loved, and our only worry was where we are going to play that day.

But, we are asking one question here, put in the context that the childhood home has a deep and pronounced meaning for all of us, for some maybe in a negative way; what does it mean when a childhood home appears as a dream symbol?

Does in that context, the dream speaks to something that we forgot and that we should remember, or is this speaks of something that is much more important?

In the next few sections read all about the meaning and symbolical value of such a dream, and we assure you that is not what you presume.

Meaning of a Dream of Childhood Home

It is said, that the dream of Childhood home could come to you at the moment when you felt like you are on the breaking point in your life, and like you need come on one way or the other and set your destiny for the future.

Such a dream can be a manifestation of your feelings if you are dealing with the ruin of your marriage, perhaps a split between friends or the acquisition of wealth after poverty.

Every sad or unexpected moment that shakes you to the core could be a cause of such a dream, and the things can get even worse, if someone it that house that you are dreaming of is crying, in that case, you could be surrounded by the evil, and you instinctively know what is going on, but you are not aware of it.

If someone’s cry appears in their native land, you are surrounded by evil.

But, if you have such a dream, and you feel like everything is great, and you are just visiting your childhood home, but you want to return to your regular home, then such a dream could be a sign that you are nostalgic and that you can restore relationships and contacts with the people who associate you with the place.

If the home from your childhood is broken, or flooded, in that case, such a dream have some interesting meanings – it means that you are hurt and disappointed by some close people and that you are unhappy with your current situation. Or such a dream could mean that you are increasingly overwhelmed by emotions towards someone or something.

You cannot deal with such emotions, and you are struggling to get out of that current situation, but this is the process that takes time, just take one day by day, and things will become to repair (you can rescue your childhood home, and save it if you want to speak metaphorically)

The Symbolism of a Dream of Childhood Home

So as you could see, such a dream could carry both good and bad symbolical value, depending on circumstances that are present in your dream, but if feelings are more or less positive, then such a dream is good one.

In most of the cases, and from whatever the reason, such a dream of a childhood home certainly signifies that you are a very nostalgic person who wants to rebuild relationships with people from your hometown, because you either miss them, or you are not happy with the current friends you have (you do not feel like they complete in the right way, and they do not have to be evil, it is just not the perfect fit).

So, in a general sense, to have a dream that concerns your childhood home symbolizes your mental state and the way you see your current situation. The meaning of the dream of the< childhood home depends on how you see the house, whether the house is yours or someone else’s, but also many other details.

So if you see your childhood home beautifully and tidy, then such a dream could be a sign that you, in your current life, in your current home, with your current friends and lovers fee great. The fact is that you are perfectly happy with your life how it is right now and that you come to peace with your past life – you just love it, but you do not miss it. This is the healthiest versions of such a dream.

But on the others side of the story, if your home is messy and terrible looking, in that case, such a dream symbolizes that you are in a hard mental state, and that you are struggling with many important issues in your life; you have neglected your life, and now you want to take back the time, but you cannot do it.

If the childhood home from your dream is empty, and it is not like you have remembered it, in that case, such a dream is a clear indication that in your wake life you are extremely lonely, even if there are numerous people who are around you, and you are seemingly living one life that is perfect and fulfilled.

If you have a dream where you see your childhood home and is filled with the people you do not know, but it is packed, and in that sense, you do not feel like comfortable by that, such a dream is an indication that the environment is putting too much pressure on you and that you have no time for yourself.

If a childhood home that you have seen in your dream world is not the true house from your childhood, it looks new and completely different, and then in such case, a dream of a childhood home is a sign that you are ready to start a new phase in your life and that you have become emotionally mature.

You have overcome many bad situations in your life, and now you can look from a positive perspective, things that are maybe not so perfect when you look at things from a realistic point of view. But who carries, what matters are the place on which you are now, at the current moment.

Do I have to be worried?

As always it all depends on other circumstances of your dream – if the house is beautiful, in that case, you are ok with the life you are leading right now, you feel great and that you are happy with yourself and your life. There is nothing that could damage your peace and happiness.

But if the house that you were lived in, in your childhood is neglected house – it means you are mentally in chaos and have no control over your current situation, you are basically stuck in the problem, and you are constantly stressed and do not know how to get out of a bad situation.

Such a dream could be a wake-up call, and you can think and revalue your life, and make it worth living, it is all up to you when you look at things.

Additionally, if you are cleaning the dirty childhood home in your dream, such a dream symbolizes, you want to get rid of all the bad thoughts that are plaguing you. And truth to be told, it is one thing that is perfectly healthy to do, so go for it, and do not worry, the results are going to be amazing, and you are going to feel better, much better.

If the childhood home is abandoned the house, and the house look left behind but is not ruined in a physical sense, then such a dream means that you are truly ready to leave the past behind and move forward – preferably to a better time and place in your life, especially if your childhood memories are dark, and you want to forget them.

What to do if I had this dream?

Most often we have fond memories of his birthplace and remember him with nostalgia- and in this sense, such a dream could be an invitation that you should talk to your old friends, and to find out what they are doing now, maybe you just miss them. It’s a pleasant task, so hurry up to find old friends. You will see, it will bring you immense pleasure and a sense of calm!

But in some other versions of such a dream, where the childhood home is empty, and you are feeling empty – such a dream indicates that you not emotionally fulfilled. You are longing to meet someone who will bring joy and warmth into your life, and the house is just the representation of loneliness and sorrow, even if you are successful in your life, even if you have some people close to you, etc.

In some other versions of a dream where your childhood home is packed with people, and you do not like it, such a dream is a clear sign that you must take some time for yourself and that you must become more directed to yourself and what you want in life, not what others want or are pushing you to do.

In any case, such a dream always leave an amazing feeling after we wake up, we all love to see that childhood home, or at least the majority of us, and even if we have bad feelings related to that place, it could be a sign that you are, in real life are harboring certain emotions and fears that you may not yet face.

You repress certain aspects of your personality and are afraid to face yourself – but, you have the opportunity to move on and to make something good out of your life.


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