Sun Sextile Jupiter

We all want to know more about ourselves, and the future that is somewhere “written”; or at least to have a chance to change it. Maybe a natal chart and the position of planets could help us.

What kind of angle between the planets will be is determined by its light and visibility, viewed from Earth, and in this sense, you must know that just like the Moon, all planets have a “young” and “full” phase, as well as phases between those phases.

The manifestation of a planet in our lives will not only depend on the position of the planet in sign but also on its geometric position with respect to the Sun, as a reference point.

So, as you could see the Sun is very important when looked in the natal chart – if we want to speak more about the connection between the Jupiter and the Sun, we must start from the sextile position of these two.

General Characteristics

In this particular way, we could say that this position shows the maximum materialization of Jupiter’s symbolism.

It is said that this is the aspect that ensures for the people who have it, great results and successes in the growth phase, so Jupiter now beginning to discover and manifest its potentials.

Like the Moon, all planets have a geometric connection to the Sun. The angular relationship of the Sun and some planet is determined by its light and visibility, viewed from Earth. And just like the Moon, all planets have a “young” and “full” phase, as well as phases between.

The manifestation of a planet in our lives will not only depend on the position of the planet in a sign but also on its geometric position relative to the Sun itself, as a point of reference.

So as you could see, the Sun is truly important for our natal chart, and as such, it is truly important to know with what planet this celestial body is in a positive aspect.

Here, it is the Jupiter, it is a far planet that comes around in 12 years, and it is important for you to know that it does not bring for all of us the same, and for many, this impact could be bad for others very positive.

This is the combination of two planets that you can see the first results and successes in the growth phase after you start beginning to discover and manifest its potentials.

This is the most important aspect – this is the position that helps you show your potentials, and in combination with the Sun, the planet Jupiter on the rise, it is the right time for our spiritual growth, that is, the need to acquire new teachings, skills and knowledge have increased. Another word often associated with Jupiter is “wealth.”

But wealth can be both material and spiritual. And in combination with the Sun, it truly brings both of these kinds, and the only test of time is the one that speaks of your patience and durability to wait what is about to come and when.

To look deeper into this aspect, you can take a look at some celebrities that have this position in their natal chart.

They are Albert Camus, Lorde, Nancy Reagan, Claudia Schiffer,  Vivien Leigh, Debra Winger, Isaac Newton, Greta Scacchi, Helmut Kohl, Elvis Presley, Courtney Love, River Phoenix and Hugh Hefner.

Good Traits

When we speak of only good traits that come from this aspect Sun sextile Jupiter, then we could say that people who have this aspect in their natal charts, that they will during life, increase capital.

Many of them will travel endlessly, and what is even more important is that they will be able to travel and exploration to new cultures. Most of them find an interesting job that is related to travel, and in this sense, they are wide open people who like to have many people around them.

But, we must say that this aspect of certain happiness does not have to come in the shape or form that you have expected, but for some, it could bring a good mood, for others well-being, and for some others, it will bring immense bravery and optimism.

Here, we would like to say that the options are endless, and these people could feel that this Sun/Jupiter energy goes towards “merit” or in other words, depends on their natal horoscope, or in some way, their other aspects.

Bad Traits

Bad Traits come hand in hand with bad traits, and this is for the majority of planetary aspect, and it is because you cannot know will you use some opportunity, there is only the idea and the opportunity that you will have it, during your life.

The Sextile between Sun and Jupiter does not bring anyone to this wealth since some of them are known to use these opportunities and to use them in the end, because they do not know how to handle with such power in their lives. It is true, unfortunately, that not every one of us will use all that his potential that is in his chart.

So, not everyone who has this aspect will feel the beneficial impact of this aspect.

Above all of this, we must say that these people could be natural-born pessimists by character and they will have a harder time feeling this aspect – this could be seen the best in the impact of how these people organize their lives.

This aspect is the best seen in their work, for example, and in the general organization of their lives – Sun sextile with Jupiter is related to plans, goals, decisions.

Some of these people are not able to deal with these and similar issues and they often ruin the potential that has been given to them.

Love Matters

These people are undeniably attractive, and they have the courage to take their life, and their love life in their own hands, since this aspect brings optimism, the ability to see the world and the environment in a different way.

It is no wonder why their lovers are often very different, and in some way they are not a cup of tea – they love more broadly and with more enthusiasm than some other people, and this is the reason why they deserve immense respect from all of us.

Not many people could deal with love in this or similar way, to love bravely and to have their choices in love, just like that in the front of all others, regardless of what the environment say about them.

Some say that it is very hard and even toxic to love these people because they can be overwhelming and form some they could be seen as ego-centric. And they are like that, there is nothing to hide, but we would not say that this is the bad thing; it is just a part of their personality and their “charm”.

In return, these people can offer so much to the world, and those who can be with them in their worst versions, they would be amazed at what they get after that pain, and that shell goes away.

Work Matters

The best-case scenario in the case of the people who have Sun in connection with the planet Jupiter in the sextile position is to work something that inspires them and where they could lead a main “word”. They do not like authorities, and they do not like to be bossed around, and the other way is also problematic, they can be terrible bosses.

They must do something that puts them in the front light, and they must receive recognition about their work, of course, it is expected to have a wealth after all that hard work.

So, life can be beautiful with this aspect, and they know how to enjoy it, especially in cases when they are able to make their hobby their work. Then they could truly become millionaires.

It is good to have in mind that this is the aspect that in general, and also on the personal level brings good health, joy, sociability, satisfaction, better finances, better material opportunities and chances, fewer gifts, good for conversations with superiors, those in power, and representing the state.

They can be connected to politics, and have in mind that this is the good aspect that may be on a general level, lasts short, but in the same way, this is the aspect that brings so many “sweet” things in life, and if you want to look at things from this perspective, if they want they can do wonder for the environment and society in general.

They do by their feeling, and this is a good thing, nothing more could be said to describe their future success in something they do or want to do. The fact is that they could do everything they want, only if they feel like it.

One more thing must be said here is this – sometimes their ambitions truly lead them to over-optimism. Many will want more than life, and the fact is that this could potentially lead to disasters in work life.


If you have this aspect in your natal chart, or you know someone who also has them, there is a story to be told to you, since you need to be very cautious about the choices you make in life.

Have always one thought in your mind – Life is beautiful, no matter what, and all those who can see it must know how to deal with the craziness of this world around us, no matter the hatred that goes over your faith.

These people are sometimes not aware of it, and it would be good if this aspect of how much whatever the short duration, it tells some people that life is one and that it is worthwhile. Do not let others interfere with your relationships since you should always listen to one voice, and that voice belongs to you, and no one knows what is good for you and what is bad.

Dedicate your life to the process of finding your way in solving some ongoing problems, easier to deal with any problem.

Older people, people in positions can give you good advice, or they can help you in any way – so even if you listen to your inner voice, be aware that you must follow your lead, but take advice from someone else, at some times.

You do not know everything, and you are not the expert for every topic in this world, even if you would want it to be.

In the end, whenever you hear that this position is currently in the night sky, think about your life and all perspectives that you have in it your life, what can you do with them, and how you can make your life worth living?


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