Dreams About Someone Stealing From You – Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about stealing are common dreams. Most of us had this dream at least once in our life. They are very stressful dreams to have because we are usually unable to do anything about the fact we got robbed.

Dreams like this can suggest a lot of things, but they are mostly linked to some kind of injustice we have suffered from recently. They indicate we had something taken away from us, in waking life, that wasn’t supposed to be taken away.

However, dreams about robbery can have others meanings as well, especially when we take the way we behaved in this dream, into consideration.

Dream about someone stealing from you

Dream about someone stealing from us suggests we experienced some kind of injustice in the real world. Someone took something that wasn’t his to take, and left us feeling betrayed and disappointed.

Dream about someone stealing from you can also represent a heart-break you went through recently, that caused a lot of sadness and pain. The way we behaved after getting robbed is very important for the interpretation as well as the fact who stole something from us.

These small details can completely change the course of the dream interpretation and help us understand our thoughts and feelings better.

Dream about your partner stealing from you

If you had a dream about your partner stealing from you, then you are disappointed by your partner’s actions in real life. Something he or she did wasn’t respectful and you feel betrayed by your partner’s actions.

The best thing you can do is to talk with your partner and explain your feelings. Perhaps there is a good explanation behind these actions, and you shouldn’t overreact. The fact that you had a dream about your partner stealing from you is stressful enough, and it means you definitely have some issues you need to straighten up with your partner.

Dream about your parents stealing from you

When you had a dream about parents stealing from you, this means you can expect some problems in your personal life.

These problems will be related to issues you have been neglecting, which now escalated to a completely new level. Try to sort out these problems with people in your life and avoid using harsh words you might regret later on.

This dream also indicates problems will appear in your life, because of someone’s behavior and attitude.

Pay close attention to your family member’s behavior and talk to them if you notice anything strange. Perhaps they have problems but they are too ashamed to tell you that.

Dream about your children stealing from you

This dream indicates you are disappointed in your children’s actions and you feel underappreciated for your efforts.

Something they did is completely unacceptable and you don’t know what to do about it.

This dream also indicates you children of family members might have problems and they need your help.

Try talking to your children or family members and find out what is really the cause of their behavior.

Dream about someone stealing money from you

If thief in your dream stole money from you, then you have to be careful about your investments. This dream indicates money problems, for both you past and future projects.

It is better for you to lay low for a while and stop all money investments until this period passes. Try focusing on something else and wait for a better period to come along.

Dream about someone stealing a watch from you

If someone stole a watch from you, in a dream, this means you are afraid the passing time. You feel like there is not enough time to achieve everything you dreamed about, and that makes you feel depressed and unhappy.

This dream can also suggest you are under stress because of a project you are working on. This project is time limited and you feel like there is not enough time to complete it. Because it is very important for you, you want this job to be done properly and the bare thought of not making it on time, gives you anxiety.

Dream about someone stealing groceries from you

When someone stole groceries from you, in a dream, then you can expect a very profitable period ahead of you.

Contrary to what happened in your dream, you will be able to close some very good business deals and form valuable business connections in the near future.

This dream also suggests you will be able to get your relationship on a new level.

Overall, this dream is a very positive one to have. Everything you decide to do in the period ahead of you will be successful, so use this period wisely to improve all areas of your life.

Dream about someone stealing a partner from you

When you had a dream about your partner getting stole by someone else, this means you are afraid of your partner leaving you.

This dream suggests that you have a very big problem with trust in your relationship, and you afraid that your emotions will be used in the wrong way.

You are afraid because you have bared your emotions to your partner and you don’t know how he or she will react to them.

It is always better to show your love than to hide it. Whatever your partner does, relax and enjoy your relationship. It is always better to be honest than to lie to yourself and others.

Dream about someone stealing a job position from you

This dream suggests you need to be very careful about your actions and words. People around you want to use you and destroy your reputation. Something you have done in the past made these people very mad and they now want revenge for it.

This dream can also indicate you have envious working colleagues who don’t like your success and the amount of popularity you enjoy in your work place.

Be careful not to share any valuable information with your co-workers, which they can use to make your life a living hell. Avoid spending time with those who are extremely suspicious and who are your known enemies.

Dream about someone stealing a bag from you

If someone stole a bag in your dream, then you have to be careful about the decisions you make. You are faced with an important decision in your life and you need to take everything into consideration before you make the decision.

Consult people who are close to you and who want you well before you decide. Perhaps you are missing out on some important detail and they can open up your eyes to it.

Dream about someone stealing gold from you

When someone stole gold from you, in a dream, this indicates that you will lose respect in the near future because of something you will do.

This dream is warning you about the period that is ahead and about your behavior. Be extra cautious and don’t do anything you might regret in the future.

Dream about someone stealing a book from you

Dreaming about someone stealing a book from you indicates you will hear news about someone you know well. The news will definitely be intriguing and you will have to decide what to do with the news you have received.


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