Dreams About Pigs – Interpretation and Meaning

Pigs are animals we see on TV or products every day. They have a wide variety of uses and they have been feeding people for centuries.

Even though their existence might be considered only as a food source to some people, pigs also have a strong symbolic value in many cultures and nations.

We will talk a little bit more about the symbolic meaning of a pig in a dream, and what dreams about pigs actually represent.

Dream about a pig in general

If you had a dream about pigs or you have seen a pig in your dream, then this means you are going to experience some misfortune in your life.

Problems you are going to face are not going to be major, but make sure you deal with them on time.

You should also avoid gambling and playing the lottery after having this dream, because you won’t have too much luck. It is best to lay low for a while and wait for better times.

Dream about a pig in mud

This dream represents relationship with your partner. perhaps you feel like your partner is not respecting you and appreciating you enough, and you don’t know how to tell him or her that.

You sometimes feel like there are no mutual emotions between you and you are scared about the future relationship.

It is best to talk to your partner about it and explain to him or her, your true feelings.

Perhaps they are scared to admit certain things and express their emotions.

Dream about a pig standing far away

If you had a dream about a pig standing far away from you, then this means you are going to experience something extremely pleasant.

You will perhaps meet someone new or do something you have never done before.

This experience will make your life richer and you will definitely feel like a new person after it.

Dream about several pigs

If you had a dream about several pigs, then this dream means you are going to gain an unpleasant reputation.

Be careful about your actions and words, because some people might use them to hurt you, you should also be aware that certain things from your past could emerge and make your life miserable.

Dream about feeding a pig

If you had a dream about feeding a pig, then this dream means you are going to succumb to a behavior that is not common for you in order to satisfy your financial problems.

Maybe you are going to become thrifty in order to provide enough for your family or you are simply going to start doing things you are not used to.

Dream about killing a pig

If you killed a pig in your dream, then this represents you are going to gain a substantial amount of wealth in the upcoming period.

Perhaps you are going to win the lottery or simply inherit something from a distant relative.

This dream could also be linked to your career, so maybe you are going to get a promotion at work or get a raise from your boss, for doing good work.

Dream about a wild pig

If the pig in your dream was wild, then this dream represents that you are going to experience some negativity in your life.

This negativity could come from your personal life or career, but in any case you are not going to be happy about it.

Dream about a pig and piglets

If you see a pig in your dream with piglets by her side, then this means you are going to increase your material possessions.

This is the right moment to play the lottery or simply ask for a raise from your boss.

Money will simply fall into your hands from every side and you will be more than pleased with that outcome.

Dream about a pig running around

If the pig was running around in your dream, then this means you have been rude to certain people in your life.

You haven’t treated them with respect, even though they deserved the best.

You should apologize to them and make up for your behavior before it is too late, and watch your actions and words in the future.


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