Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

“The Luminaries” is the word that is used when astrologers describe the two astrological objects/planets; as the brightest and substantial objects in the sky – they are the Sun and the Moon. The Luminary suggests that something is an origin of light.

These two are the most abundant sources of light to the life in the Earth, and when we speak in the astrological terms, these two are observed separately from the planets.

So, in this sense, the luminaries are connected to the spiritual consciousness in human, while the planetary influences operate through the physical mechanism.

Today we are looking into the world of the human who has located Sun in the Cancer sign and the Moon in the Scorpio sign. What does this mean in his life, and how these aspects are reflected in relations in his life; and above all can this person find a true purpose in life.

Good Traits

The power of two natures in this combination reveals to others the unrest of the soul of the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Scorpio. Such a person is mysterious and precious at the same time; he can think clearly, and to remain dreamy and it is not easy to outwit.

He will trick you in a matter of seconds, and you will never even notice, so do not even attempt to fool this human – he has pronounced intuition and can just look at you and know what you are thinking. So be careful with him.

He is the person who is intuitive and discerning, constantly analyses herself, examining the others and making his own judgments. In the depths of his hearts, there is a latently a temptation for something remote, and inconceivable.

He has a radiant personality with increased magnetism, he is mysterious, and difficult to get to know, and is prone to constant escape from reality.

The Moon that is located in the Scorpio gives a very mysterious, sensitive and unconcerned person who is usually very ambitious. He gets his status and power in life, no matter what; and the Sun in the Cancer points to a person who is sensitive to the emotions of other people, and they quickly assess the behavior and intent of a person.

It’s not easy to get to know him, because much lies hidden under the surface of this person. He is the one that often acts as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows to the public.

Also, when we are talking about the quality of this person we will say that he is the one that is blessed with the strong will, maybe a little reserved in communicating with others. He is respectful to others and inclined to look at things in their entirety, to the very bottom.

Bad Traits

When it comes to the negative aspects of his character, he has a restless nature, but the one that is overwhelmed by dreams, confronted with apparent contradictions of the real and imagined, torn between the rejection of superiority and the desire to rise to the summit, this person is entrusted with strong feelings that can sometimes cause him pain.

But there is one catastrophic possibility – if this person lets his aggressive at will, he is wondering if it’s wise and has a tendency to retreat; if he tries to control others, he is hiding his concerns.

But again, if he leaves the intuition, he fears that he does not take too much if he until he is lost – this is a person who will regularly make mistakes when he decides to listen to his environment, and neglect his inner voice.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

In the love life of this person, his loving nature pushes him to the strong, emotional relations, and he knows what he wants in love, just by using his intuitive nature. With him, there cannot be anything half-way; and wherever he shows his face, his presence is felt.

His potential lovers feel his strong erotic charge, magnetism and secrecy – he the one that is truly fascinated by the opposite sex. When in love, the human who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer/Scorpio combination has a desire to make progress, to overcome his own limitations.

This attitude can be seen in all aspects of his life, and it is particularly interesting to watch in his love life, and we are wondering what are those limitations in love that he wants to overcome? Only his imagination will tell you the answer that you want.

The inner life and metaphysical meaning for him are of great importance – he wants to connect with his lovers on this, higher level, if possible. What attracts him is – power, search for it, whatever he does – and inside of his heart, this may cause a problem since the high emotionality can torment him and need to dominate his lovers(these two do not go together well).

He must, however, continually guard his sarcastic language, which can distract other people from his good intentions.

He can be brutally honest with all people, no matter how close or distant they are; he treats them all in the same way. And you can imagine how brutal he can be with his lovers; he will treat them like “hell”, but he does this from a loving place in his heart. Maybe the way is a little questionable, but the intentions are honest.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

This tendency to ruin his relationship with his “big mouth” that is filled with the sarcastic remarks is something that he needs to be aware all the time, and his lovers must be ready for such treatment, regardless how much love he shows in a relationship.

So, this is the person that needs to take care of his masochistic behavior in love or seek to self-destruct if he encounters unbearable conflicts-like you like tangled situations. Since he is prone to depression and paranoia in love (at times), he needs a lover who will help him look at things and events on the positive side.

Only if he ultimately gives in to the impulses of his subconscious, he can achieve the knowledge of his persona, and he can do this with the help from his lovers, who will understand him deeply.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

When in love, and we are talking about that specific time when this person finds out that he feels something more about a certain lover, he needs some time to settle.

Although he often hides a very romantic feeling inside of his soul, he is strong enough not to let his partner lead the relationship, but he needs to be in command. Only if he manages to overcome his psychological problems, he can hope to get great things from his lover.

So, having said all of this, one thing is certain – a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer/Scorpio combination is passionate, strong, brave and unambiguous. He needs to be admired, and in return, he will fulfill this need for his lover. But who is this perfect partner?

We think this could be a Leo lover because it can express passion for a partner, and this is an aspect that is wanted in this story. In return for that love and care, the loyalty of Leo, which is very important to this person, his heart will be won. This could be an ideal connection – they understand the needs of each other. Since they are both passionate, they sometimes get into possessiveness.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

When it comes to other interpersonal relations, like friendships, this person can show a certain amount of aggression that is neither direct nor visible, so he can try to control his emotions in reactions – this is important, because he can see how many his friendships are valuable.

He is suspicious by nature, and his worst fear is their betrayal; and often times, just because of this fear, he does not get into deeper emotional relationships. His friends love him because he is analytical and capable; he knows when to use the opportunity or person to his advantage.

Sometimes, he can be unsure of others actions, but he will never openly say. And one negative trait that his friends hate is his tendency to shift guilt to other people. He feels best when he can control the situation when he is not emotionally dependent and trusting a friend.

In the end, he is loved in society because of his intense emotions, often beautiful dreams that can motivate others to make something special out of their lives.


In the person who has luminaries located in the Cancer and Scorpio and it points to the tendency towards introspection, towards a conscious study of the inner labyrinths, but it can give prosperous life that will have success in many stages of life.

His life and fate develop depending on relationships in his life – he loves to rule, own, manage, and at the same time, he is the one that often doubts his life and his actions, and does not know where to go and what his purpose in life is.

Others can see him as a person who is more than often cunning, but tough when needed. Most of the time, because of the Sun’s location in the emotional sign Cancer, he is most of the time an introvert person, who is nevertheless able always to find new ways to fight for success, unless he drowns in its inner sufferings.


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