Dreams about Mice, Mouse – Interpretation and Meaning

Mice are animals that are not very popular among people. They are usually considered as pests and nobody is really happy to see a mouse in their home or anywhere near them. Fear of mice is very irrational when you think about it.

They are a lot smaller than us and they can’t really do something harmful to hurt us, like perhaps cats or dogs can do. They can’t bite us too hard and also they are very frightened of us (probably even more than we are of them).

Some say that fear of mice comes from the fact that they are connected to a not very healthy environment and that they are carriers of various sorts of diseases and infections. They usually roam around trash and garbage in search for food and shelter.

This is why most of us are scared of them and we overreact when we see them. Mice have a long history in symbolism and they were often seen as cunning, very adaptable, strong and surprisingly intelligent animals. Rats are considered highly intelligent and their brain capabilities are much higher than we imagine them to be.

But what about mice in our dreams? Are there myths about mice and dreams, and what they actually represent when we dream about them? Here are few common dream interpretations.

Dream about a small mouse

Dream about a small mouse has a very logical explanation in reality. Small mouse represents your vision of yourself.

So, you might portray yourself to be very shy and focused on your family, rather than being extrovert and outgoing. Maybe you see yourself as a humble person who feels best when its around familiar faces.

Dream about a dead mouse

Dream about a dead mouse represents that you are not ready to let a certain situation ruin your mood or ruin your life. it can be something small or meaningless and you are ready to let that go, and leave it behind you in order to have a nice life.

This dream can also represent that you have ignored something important in your life for too long and you are now finally seeing it. This can relate to something or someone you overlooked in the past that has now come back to you in the present and you finally realize it as existent.

Dreams about catching and killing a mouse

This dream is not a very pleasant one, except you are a very cruel person or you really don’t like mice. This dream represents that other people are making a big deal about something in your life and you can’t understand why they are doing that.

Killing mice in your dream can also represent your will to remove all the bad people from your life and live without all of the ones who are burdening you in any way.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you might hear something bad from your friend. It can be bad news about something or someone and you won’t take it very well. Overall, this dream represents that you are feeling overwhelmed by negativity and your will to let go of it for good.

Dream about mouse that is running away

When you dream about a mouse that is running away then this means you feel betrayed by people close to you. This can represent a friend, partner or family member who has done or said something that hurt deeply and now you feel sad and left behind.

This dream can also represent that you feel overwhelmed by your job and that you need more relaxation time to lift you up. Perhaps you feel like you need some more independence and freedom in your life, and that your current life state is making you feel very trapped.

Dream about a mouse trap

Dreams about mouse traps are not very common but they can occur. These dreams represent rumors and especially rumors connected to your business. Maybe someone told something bad about you to your boss or your words have been badly interpreted by other people.

You feel misunderstood and entrapped by your own words and actions without any intention for that to happen.

This can also mean that you need to be more careful about documents you are signing so that you don’t get involved in something you don’t want to. Be careful when handling money and make sure to check every step you make twice, before you go ahead and take it.

Dreams about a mouse hole

If you dream about a mouse hole then you might feel like peeking inside your hidden part of character. Maybe you feel like you have something, a secret, that nobody knows of and you want to keep it secret as long as possible.

This dream can also represent a problem you have been hiding from others and even from yourself, that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Mouse hole can represent a trouble you will have to face and stop avoiding because it won’t go by itself.

Dreams about fighting a mouse

If you are attacked by a mouse or mice in your dream, then this means you have a trouble communicating with other people and that you need to work on that side of you, so that you can lead an easier life.

Often confrontation with others might be represented by this dream and you feel like you are misunderstood by others.

Dream about a mouse that is eating

A mouse or mice that are eating bring good luck. This means you will have financial luck. You might win something big on the lottery or maybe your investments might finally pay off.

Dream about mice

If you see a group of mice then this means that you will have a lot of misfortune and that you might even feel failure in every part of your life.

Mice are often connected to sexual energy so you might experience big problems in that area of your life that will follow you around for a while.

Dreams about a white mouse

White mice are not very common but if you had a dream about them then this symbolizes that you will have a happy marriage and that you will have good luck in your love life. Dreams where you see a white and a black mouse represent bright and dark aspects of your personality that collide.

White mouse can also represent long life and eternity. So you will have good health and overall luck will follow you everywhere you go.

Dreams about a mouse inside your house

If you see a mouse running around your home then this is actually a good sign, even though you might think it is not. Mouse is very close to his pack and this is why it is a good sign to see a mouse in your house.

They usually travel in groups and overall family is something that has often been linked to mice. Dreams like this represent peace and harmony in your home and in family.

Dreams about a mouse being chased by a cat

This dream is very interesting. It doesn’t happen very often but if it does happen here is what it can symbolize. Seeing a cat chasing a mouse around you means that you should prevent others from interfering with your personal life.

Maybe you feel like others have too much influence on your life and that you are too exposed to others around you. You feel like chasing them out of your life for good and making your life more peaceful without any intrusions from others.

Dreams about being scared of a mouse

This dream is very common. Your instinctive reaction when you see a mouse is probably fear, so it is no wonder you can feel it in your dreams as well.

This dream represents social embarrassment and that you are currently feeling or you might feel ashamed because of something. Being scared of such a small creature is embarrassing by itself so this is the way your brain reflects it in your dreams.

Overall, mice can be both good and bad signs depending on other aspects of your dream. Contrary to popular belief that they are useless and filthy, mice are actually very intelligent and also very dedicated to their families so keep that in mind when you see mice in your dream, because maybe they can tell you more about your inner thoughts and feelings.


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