Cancer Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

If you are taking the baby steps in knowing the science of Astrology, the first thing that you will find out what exactly symbolises the position of our Sun in the natal horoscope. You should know right away the Sun is the heart of the personal horoscope, the heart of the human, our temperament, our dignity, our ego and our will.

On the other side, you need to know what the Moon represents in the same natal chart – it expresses an instinctive part that every human has, but sometimes this aspect is hidden.

The Moon shows human reactions and tendencies which do not depend entirely on our conscious mind. It directs to the hidden desires and needs that are essential in order to make the person feel safe.

Today we are looking into the life and interpersonal relations of the person who has Sun located in the Cancer Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Libra sign, and you must be wondering if this combination compatible or not? Read all about this topic.

Good Traits

This is one person who has luminaries located in the Cancer and Libra signs, has many qualities and often finds a difficult to tolerate the aggressiveness of the people who are around him, and often time he hates being the average of its surroundings.

Fortunately, the strength of the spiritual balance that the Moon in Libra possesses, it succeeds in delivering stability to the changing spirit of the Sun in the Cancer, and thus shapes a person capable of perceiving that feelings can be expressed. In him, the love for beauty can be expressed, and that it can be influenced by its intimacy and benevolent sweetness that radiates – he can finally found balance.

Because you need to know one important thing, all people who have the Moon located in the Libra Zodiac sign are often directing their activities in the direction that will eventually bring them equilibrium.

This blend of different characters produces a creative and harmonious nature that recognises every value in life and every action it reveals its inner qualities

Often times he can be very successful in all aspects of his life, and the most important value in his life is to achieve balance and harmony primarily in an emotional sense. This is one thing that cannot be replaced in his life, and fortunately, he has all virtues that are necessary to do that.

Bad Traits

This is the person who has to work hard to resist temptation in the face of illusion, and when his narcissism is upset by a sudden desire to show elegance, he feels difficult to put himself in a relationship with others, to define varieties of his character.

He often finds himself in behavior on different occasions without knowing the truth what to show first: his being or his appearance. He would gladly drop the mask behind which hides her excessive sensitivity, but this does not allow her fear of showing how vulnerable he is.

He is in constant fear of making a mistake if he shows some sign of vulnerability, and often times he will miss out many amazing opportunities because of this fear.

It takes a lot of work to overcome this, and every time he will try to do with indecisiveness. This is such trait that defines Libras – this is one of their most prominent flaws in life that enables them to move one, from any situation.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon in Love

But, when things come to love, a person who has luminaries located in the Zodiac combination Cancer and Libra is tactful and peaceful and has a peace of mind, he will tell you what he means, a sense of justice and the development of relationships with other people.

It’s hard to resist his charm – this is so specific for the people who have Moon in the Libra sign; his charm is spreading even though he does not see it as something special and does not bother him at all.

In everything that is related to the emotions, he is able to see everything that is positive and negative, so it is difficult for him to take a position in love; therefore he sometimes acts indecisively – sometimes he takes really long time to realise what he wants from love. He can wander in this sense and be really problematic when choosing a lover.

Of course, we have to say, that this is the person who, in everything, but also when he chooses a lover has a great sense of aesthetics and fine taste – he could make the most of your creative imagination, he can really get that love that he fantasizes of. He would not date with a person who does not fulfil his conditions, at least in its appearance.

But, we must also add that he does not seek just beautiful people, conventionally, but something more.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon in a Relationship

To really get something done, this is the person who desperately needs a partnership. Above all, he loves a harmonious atmosphere; he is incapable of living alone and has to be constantly confident before others.

He is not created to lead a tough battle, nor he has a competitive spirit – you will never see this person fighting for the “hand” of his loved one, he hates this and will always pull himself back from that race.

He also hates when his lovers compare him to some other (god forbid previous lovers!) partner, and he will back off and see this as a one of a kind offence. This human will never tolerate this and similar behavior.

This is the person who has diplomacy that comes from a Libra sign and emotions that come from a Cancer sign – he seduces his lovers with his charm, he always tries to balance things both mentally and emotionally in some way – which can be a great advantage when combined with his natural gift of perception.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Libra Moon

Elegant and sophisticated, this is, without a doubt a person who likes to9 be surrounded by beautiful things and beauty in general. He can even be overrated sentimentality and cultivation of hopeless emotional relationships – but no one can deny that he is a romantic idealist, and often the victim of his own hypersensitivity.

This is the person who is influenced by the forces that come from the outside, but the good thing is that he is very adaptable so that he can deal with many different lovers; and with all of them, he has a great wish to create a beautiful and peaceful world.

Who can be a lover that will make a perfect whole with this human who is very complex and emotional? We think a Sagittarius lover is the one – this could be a wonderful romantic unification in which there can be everything, philosophical conversations, travel, experience, crazed experiences, etc.

Both lovers in this combination have a lively and restless nature, and they really enjoy this dynamic relationship regardless of whether it is a marriage or something that will be a short-lived connection.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

This is one person who has varied moods but is a generally cheerful person – all of his lovers love this about him and enjoy his company. He often relies on his closest friends because he is very indecisive. It is imperative for him to consider all the angles before making a decision, and his friends will come in handy in this way for him.

One more thing that all people who are close to him are used to he is the one friend that likes to debate and to win in debates. He has a sense of organisation, and often great ideas, but it’s easier for him to inspire his closest people to work for them or to do it together.

His emotions are visible, and when he does not feel good, he will show it. By nature, he is not aggressive, and he is not prone to making any scenes if things are not going as he has imagined it.

This is a type of person who will try to resolve all issues that he has with friends by talking, trying to understand that others side, and make some kind of compromise.


Divided between love for family and intimacy, and sensual comfort along with the sentimental stability, and love for social relationships, games of risk and love, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer-Libra signs, wants to live simultaneously in society or profession and to preserve a tranquil world of relaxation and dreaming. Such an ideal balance is difficult, but he will try to achieve it anyway.

A person endowed with this rich and controversial nature is hard to calm the need for a strong inner life and the desire to open up to the world. His will is no stronger side, and frequent indecision leads him to fail to pursue goals that determine him.

For him, one of the most important things in life is closeness and emotional connection with his partners. From a good side, he is very diplomatic and will often silence many things only so as not to disrupt the consistency of the relationship.

It’s hard for him to stay alone and often can be emotionally dependent on his lovers, and maybe for such an emotional person, this is not a bad idea. Regularly he has some artistic talent and is friendly and flexible. He quickly adapts to another person and often behaves the way the other person likes it.


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