Rhinoceros – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Rhinos are large mammals that live on the African continent. These real-life unicorns mesmerize us with their size and appearance.

Rhino symbolism was predominantly created by civilizations that lived on the African continent because the rest of the world wasn’t able to see this beautiful creature.

Rhinoceros traits and characteristics

Strength – It is needless to say that these animals are extremely strong. Rhinoceros can grow up to several feet in height and length.

They also weigh several hundred pounds, which makes them one of the strongest animals on the planet.

Herbivorous – If rhinos weren’t herbivorous, then we would be in big trouble.

They mostly feed of leaves and plants, which makes them less aggressive to other animals but towards people as well.

Rhinoceros as a totem

As a totem, this real-life unicorn represents deceptiveness, agility, unconventional behavior, peacefulness and stamina.

Everyone protected by this totem is extremely strong both physically and mentally. It is hard to make these people cry or hurt them in any way, but once you do, it is better to run away.

People protected by this totem are also very goal-oriented and agile. They are prepared for every risk that might come along the way, so nothing can scare them away from reaching success.

Being this strong can sometimes be interpreted as cold, but that is simply the way these people are.

Behind a very calms surface, there is a gentle but strong heart. They are open to everyone and no person will be neglected or rejected by “rhino” people, but also no one will be able to mess with them either.

Rhinoceros totem is a symbol of unconventional behavior. This behavior can be represented in many ways but it usually represents unconventional ways of thinking.

People protected by the strength of this totem are more likely to give you an unusual advice, one that you won’t hear from anybody else.

They will get involved into your problem deeply and think about it before they offer you help. This is something very unique to people born under this totem, which makes them great friends and partners for life.

You always know you have a friend for life who isn’t only listening and saying whatever pops up in his head.

Rhinoceros as a symbol in a dream

As symbols in dreams, rhinos can be both positive and negative symbols. When we interpret dreams, it is important to remember all of the other symbols in the dream because they are usually connected.

If you had a dream about a rhinoceros, then you might have an enemy in your life that is out to get you. This person hates the way things go smoothly in your world and would rather see you fail. Be careful around others and don’t let them get to close to you.

If rhinoceros in your dream was rushing at you or attacking you, then you might encounter a big problem in the upcoming period.

Things could get out of control really fast, so you need to be prepared for the worse.

If rhino in your dream was hurt or dying, then you could prosper from a business offer you made recently. Luck will definitely be on your side when it comes to business and finances, so use this period wisely.

And, if there was more than one rhino in your dream you could be surrounded by people who don’t understand you. Also, your surroundings might be negative and you could use a bit of a change.

Rhinoceros as a symbol in different cultures

Rhinoceros inhabit the African continent and some parts of Southern Asia.

Before they were introduced to the rest of the world, the only people who knew about their existence were people from the African tribes.

This is why rhino symbolism is predominantly created in Africa.

Rhinos symbolize gentle but also strong nature. They lived next to people for centuries, but a true connection with this animal was never made.

However, there is one thing (or body part) on a rhino, that was, and still is, valuable to people. And that is his horn.

Rhino horns were used to make ornaments for the tribe leaders but also everyday objects that were used by the people. Some ancient artifacts even prove that rhino’s precious horn was used to make hair ornaments or pots.

Because of their appearance, rhinos are seen as real-life dinosaurs. There are many drawings in caves all around Europe, that depict these real-life unicorns.

People who travelled to far places, were mesmerized by rhino’s appearance so they painted it to show it to others who have never seen such a unique animal.

It is believed by many cultures that, rhino’s power and strength is in its horn. That is why this part of his body was often so wanted, and many rhinos were killed by people who only wanted to gain that power.

Today, rhinos are still hunted for their horns that, due to its rarity, is very expensive. So, instead of being worshipped, this beautiful animal was sadly only used a way to gain profit.


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