Sagittarius Man – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

When it comes to the male Sagittarius, we could say that he is one of the most superior Zodiac signs – he is the one man that knows exactly what his goal is and how he will come to it, and he is guided by planning and intuition simultaneously. He is one man that is very open and has a very wide view, but also he has deep feelings that can move the mountains.

This man is under the impact of the planet Jupiter – it brings some positive features: the Sagittarius is optimistic, honest and versatile. Negative attributes in this man – he can be ruthless, boastful and angry.

We will add that this man is specific in every sense, and you can read and see to which extent, and other characteristics.

Best Traits

The Sagittarius man is a person who wants to progress and he’s always struggling to be at the top, but his potential and skills are in a way could not be understood in an ideal way by the environment. His ambition is excellent, and he can work well whatever he chooses.

Since he is an optimistic and honest person, this attitude can help him understand what you want and encourage you to believe that everything is possible. He just needs to take care of one thing – to never allow to become overwhelmed by too much optimism. The Sagittarius man can cultivate the life he has always wanted, but must actively try to use his positive vibrations to get the best out of positive thinking.

This gentleman has one of the best skills of transformation in the business, so he will always be able to find some way to do everything in the best order, when it’s a job and earnings, even though he will change his profession many times in his life. Mister Sagittarius can listen very well the pulse of the market at any time, in business terms, he thinks modern, but he is also a man who is a great visionary. He can even have a private business or work in the way of consulting others where to find the most significant profit.

The Sagittarius man is a person of a visual spirit; he is hungry for education and is one of a kind man who has a great knowledge of many things and is very cultural and educated. This man is always facing the future; his views are directed towards overcoming all negativity, suffering and trauma that accompany any man, woman or children, etc. He is provided with planning obstacles and a visionary view of possible obstacles, and he is a regular winner in every battle.

We could also say that this man is noble -this is the trait that could be seen on his face, and he has such a believable face that everyone believes him, which helps him a lot in life. The Sagittarius man is a wide-eyed man, and wherever he appears, he brings a great expansion and progress in any environment he shows up.

At the end of this section where we deal with the good traits of this man, we could say that this man is accessible and generous human beings that always stand out in the crowd.  He achieves its success regularly with its knowledge, planning, faith, self-confidence, its openness, sharp criticism and an irrefutable sense of truth.

Worst Traits

In some way, people like to be around the Sagittarius man and to work with him, but it can be a cause of frustration for them since they are not high-quality workers and capable as he is. But this is not the problem by itself, and the problem occurs when Sagittarius man exaggerates his criticism because he cannot understand how certain jobs, opinions and activities are not understandable and feasible for others as they are for him.

Also, because this man is very successful and because of this, he has a lot of enemies. In some other introspective, this man can be seen as a real freak, especially if he is not able to express himself adequately and explain his actions. That’s why he can simply be unhappy with his environment and have the need to change it.

This is the person who hates reluctance and disorder, hastiness, a disorder of things and he shows this resentment openly.

Sagittarius Man in Love

In love, this is the man who knows what is more difficult and rare when they deviate from his path – he is the one that needs to be followed. He is the one that is certainly striving for stability, and he can achieve it alone, but in fact, he is never alone, even at a moment when he does not have a very serious relationship, the Sagittarius man will try to achieve balance by using flirt, but also some adventure if possible.

If you are about to seduce this man or you have plans to do so, you have to think about some things that you need to do before you engage in such a mission. You must be very generous, resourceful and explicate him that you are a reliable person with a strong personality – this is what he likes in love.

Sagittarius man wants to enjoy everything he does, and he knows a lot of things to do – he is talented for sport, for art, although, when deciding to develop the artistic gift, this gentleman will make this trait a weapon for seduction. So a lady who would like to be involved with this man must have a thing for art. Also, when it comes to this man, ladies should keep in mind that not all those who like to wander are lost – the Sagittarius man is a traveler and he has a wandering soul.

Although it’s not always just fun and a game in question when it comes to love in his Sagittarius man – this man seeks the truth, beauty and wisdom in his lover and the only way to find these ideals is to travel, meet others, and be cuddly. This is love for him, and the perfect partner is the one who can meet these conditions.

Sagittarius Man in a Relationship

When it comes to the love game and relationships in general, the Sagittarius man is known to be a man who never misses his love target. The Sagittarius man is playful, likes to flirt, keep the game moving, and not every girl can handle this behavior anyways, and also in love.

His open mind and the eternal curiosity of the spirit imply that for a Sagittarius male love affair is never the same, and it differs greatly from partner to partner.

A male Sagittarius must first understand what love is before he accepts it in his life in the way that he should. A male Sagittarius can sometimes show two sides of his character when in a relationship – at one point this beautiful man will flirt, irresistibly seducing, and in the other, he is already behaving as a long time married man.

Which side of the Sagittarius man personality is the right one, and more important question is which side of the Sagittarius gentleman you are going to get? This man only tries to understand the essence of love itself and all those states that include passion and a lot of emotions; this is the man that lives for the butterflies in the stomach when it is only in love, the fire and the passion of the love itself, but also the one who resists time and lasts. Maybe this sounds like a too much to ask in one lifetime, in one relationship, but this is true for this megalomaniacal man who always wants the most and the best from everything in life, and especially from his own relationship.

The Sagittarius man is looking for a partner who will be ready to share with him his passion for everything new and different – this human being does not like to be a long time in just one place. He wants his lover to be a friend to travel with him everywhere and explore new places and landscapes, either real or imaginative, but at the same time a partner who will be close to him when things are rough in life. On top of this his partner needs to be ready to provide for the family when needed and someone who will take care of the house.

All of those who get in close to this interesting man must have in mind that the Sagittarius man is the one that is very impulsive and unpredictable and in a relationship with him, everything is possible – from the coffee conversation to the distant and meaningful even things that are not clear to him, but he will give you his opinion.

Best Match for Sagittarius Man

The person who will be in the heart of the Sagittarius man must never hinder his need for freedom, and it needs to have an independent spirit so that they are on the same page in love.

Also, the Sagittarius man will expect from his lovers and partners or friends, to be equally secure and independent as he is, and a person who is not free, open and independent does not stand even the smallest chance in the life of this man. Man Sagittarius is neither jealous nor possessive and deals with these issues in a good way. So, who can fit into this picture perfectly, which Zodiac sign is a perfect match to the Sagittarius man?

The first partner that comes to our minds is the representative of the Aries Zodiac sign – this emotional relationship is bounded up with a strong physical and emotional connection and common interests, and a competitive spirit can cause the problem.

They both are competitive, and this could cause many problems in a relation, but both of them could fit perfectly, cause they share so many common things, and this would be one of those couples who are very similar and last long.

Another partner that can suit well to the Sagittarius man can be the Leo woman. This relationship could really work well, since these two are bounded with mutual respect and loyalty, so there are great chances for a stable marriage.

They are also similar in their lives, often share common interests; they love attention, they like nice things and to enjoy.

In the end, we have to Zodiac signs that make solid lovers to the Sagittarius man – these two are Libra lover and Aquarius lover. With the Libra lover, the Sagittarius man, they can find deep understanding, and with mutual effort, their relationship can be an example to others.

The Aquarius partner will calm the Sagittarius man; he is the one that is lead by passion, but the Aquarius lover can be the factor that will make him lose his confidence.

Sagittarius Man as a Friend

The Sagittarius man is one gentleman that is known for his enthusiastic behavior, incredible will and humor that can move everyone who is close to him. Usually, the Sagittarius man is focused on some goal and does not like to lose his precious time with just about anyone, so we could say that this man chooses his friends wisely, and maybe he has many acquaintances, but a few true friends.

Because this man acts forcefully and creatively, he likes to be surrounded by the same kind of people who are vivid, acting and have a lot of energy that could be used for many different things, for him, anyone passive is not a good match, not in love area nor in friendship. He hates when people are too serious, and even in the situations where he should be serious, he will try to make things better – by making jokes and looking at everything from a positive side.

Some astrologers go as far as saying that the Sagittarius man is the best friend in the Zodiac, but his close friends can be imposed on him, precisely because they share their mentality “they are not interested in me”, in which they will be perfectly understood and mutually supportive in life plans. This is kind of friendship you get with the Sagittarius man, and one thing will add here is the fact that this gentleman is the one companion that you can call in the middle of the night to demand aid, and he will be there. He will never forget the things that are important to his friends, and above all, he will show how much he loves you.

Sagittarius Man as a Father

At the moment when the Sagittarius man is becoming a father, many of his goals will fall, because of the part of his personality that never grows into the surface. Some claim that this father needs time to “love” his children and this is especially true when kids are small – the Sagittarius man cannot bear the monotony of everyday obligations around them. And maybe, in the beginning, he will avoid these obligations, but once again we will add that this does not mean that this father has no emotions toward his children.

Sometimes he can even fall into some kind of depression because he cannot understand that it is normal that they are not able to understand what the baby wants. He cannot deal that his life is not the same anymore and that he cannot live as freely as he uses to live, but this is a learning process, and this man is capable of learning. If he only listens to his partner, he would understand that this process is not painless and that it can be dramatic.

However, as his children get bigger, things change, and the Sagittarius man starts playing the role of a dedicated father, he is involved with his kid. As the child grows up, so is the father Sagittarius is adapting, so it could be said that in some strange way they are growing up and becoming more serious.

In the end, this man firmly believes that nature is the best place for his child to grow up, so he will raise his child in nature, with a lot of sports, and love of course. The good thing is that this father can learn, and is willing to learn, so many things in fatherhood he can make better each day.


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