Dreams About Protecting a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

In our lives, regardless of our personal traits, or social background, all of us have one soft spot that we would hate if someone messed around with – we do love and fear for our kids.

There is nothing in this world that is more important than their safety – we worry if they are ok, sick, are they are coming home on time, are they are well dressed and fed, etc.

The list of worries never ends, and the majority of parents take these worries in the bed with them, and these fears are reflected in our dream world.

Among dream motives, children are very common among them, and the dream about protecting the child is very common, even if you do not have kids yourself, and even if you are not the one who has this kind of feeling (yet), these dreams truly represent something meaningful, and therefore they need to be investigated.

In this piece, we want to discover, what does it mean when a person (parent or not) has a dream about protecting a child. Read all about this.

Meaning of Dreams about Protecting a Child

As we have said such dreams are very common, and they are usually just a reflection of some of our worries during the day, especially if it was a stressful day – it does not have to be connected to the children.

First of all, we must speak of the children motive in a dream, regardless of the circumstances – kids are the representation of many different inner aspects of one human being, often they are connected to goals that person wants to achieve in life, especially the ones that date from their childhood.

In some cases, these dreams show the lack of strength in people, and their need to be taken care of, by someone else in their lives, because they feel that they cannot do it for themselves, for whatever the reason.

When it comes to the dream where a person dreams that he or she is protecting some child, even if that person does not have a child, such a dream shows the necessity for the person to develop and convert into more stable and autonomous.

Often kids in dreams expose our inexperienced or lighthearted energy or emotion, and the fear that we may lose it in some way, so we exhibit this fear in a way that we are “protecting” it.

These dreams are very interesting, cause the protecting a child in a dream could be understood as a process of protection of your talents, thoughts or goals.

In this way, the child that appears in your dream is the representation of some aspect of you that is “weak”, and that needs to be taken care of so that it can grow.

But things are not as bad as they may seem – it shows that you have a desire to stand up for yourself, for your life, and to overcome obstacles that you have been facing.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Protecting a Child

If you had a dream that you are protecting the child in a way that you see saving that kid from some kind of a threat, such a dream symbolizes your endeavors to defend and save your integrity and your genuine character.

The fact is that you are showing to the environment that you are strong and that you will take care of yourself.

If in a dream, you see yourself protecting the child in a way that you are holding that child from falling, this is the dream that shows genuine concerns that you have regarding your family, it does not have to be your child.

If in a dream, you see yourself protecting a child that is constantly crying and shaking, and it is stressful, such a dream exposes your genuine concerns for your child’s security.

In some alternate version, this is the dream that shows your struggle to save some plans and purposes you believe in, but other people view them as incompetent. This is the dream that could show how strong you truly are.

But, in the version where you see yourself that you are not in a position to save your kid, even if you truly want to do it, such a dream could be seen as the one with the bad symbolical value.

It represents the bothersome varieties or the lack of something very valuable, especially if in a dream, you could not save your kid from sure death.

In a version of a dream where you see yourself holding a child in hands, with an intention to save it from some harm, in that case, such a dream signifies your true nature that deeply loves nature. It is the symbol of your inner nature, your ability to work in a selfless way, and you are the person who is able to sacrifice for others.

In this sense, it just shows your purpose in life – it could be anything that is connected to the humanitarian work, or charity in any way.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to worry, and this is not the dream that shows that your child or any other from your environment is in danger; it shows that something about you needs to be taken care of.

These dreams show that you are in such a state of mind where you need for maintenance and support to overcome the barriers you are facing.

In other times, this is the dream that carries the indication that you are not capable of conquering the restrictions you are suffering, and the idea that you are protecting the child in a dream just shows your inner tenderness in some circumstances.

It is not an uncommon thing to have a dream that has the main motive a child with the accent on its protection – many people have this protecting need that they show not just towards their offspring, but to the entire world, especially those who are helpless and insecure for some reason.

But when you look at things from the perspective that that child in a dream is you, and that you are the one that needs protection, in that case, this dream comes as an encouraging tool to help you feel stronger, and to fight thins that are upsetting you, for some reason.

What to do if I had this dream?

For parents, their kids are the most inestimable beings in life, and they would do anything to defend them from any harm that may come from whatever direction; most of us despair continually about the wellbeing of their kids, even if they are near them, and you can imagine the amount of worry if they are not close to them.

In this sense, it is no wonder why people have such dreams, but as you were able to see, these dreams hide something much deeper then you could imagine. It is not just about the kids, and the parenting needs to protect them.

Dreams of protecting a kid from some wrong usually reveal the person’s responsibility and attention about someone’s security and happiness in life – it is the aspect of your life that you do not want to be in any danger, or what is even more, you want it to be safe and guarded forever.

But these dreams show one amazing thing about the dreamer- it shows that you are the person who is loving and compassionate and what is more you’re the person who will save someone from trouble.

These and similar dreams show that there is some serious condition in your life that you necessitate to take care of, and such a dream is a signal from your sub consciousness to begin taking steps to conclude that state that is not beneficial for you.

If we want to dig deeper into this dream, we must say that it shows your need to protect the parts of yourself and your life that you feel are under some danger; it is related to your inner nature.

Maybe the harshness of survival in real life is growing to you and molding you into a disturbing and bitter person, modifying the primary caring and compassionate view. Subconsciousness is recommending you to try to protect that piece of you and don’t let outer elements ruin it.

In some instances, a dream about shielding a kid could imply your charge for some part of your life, and it could be a person or some job.

It could be anything in your life that is important to you – and the main idea is to think what this is for you, and be honest when you answer this question. It could be your pet, or it could be your project that you want to become a real job, or it can be your favorite car that you have been investing money in, and you do not want anyone to steal it from you.

Only, in that case, you will know what the “child” from a dream that you have been trying to protect is.


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